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Gormin first officer planet 9, in pursuit of serial murderers uses his skill and cunning To track them down. In this short story we pick up where Gormin showing his one man army mind-set tracks his quarry to the drug invested KANAK nightclub

Science fiction Interdit aux moins de 18 ans. © Dcr(c)2021

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Kanaks the club

The evening light fades, cold to the bone Vanic Gormin first officer tactical planet 9 watches the fresh rain speckle the rusted main walkway.

Collar pulled up and seeing the neon sign of KANAKS the club fizzle into life he heads into the shadows towards the bleak run down nightclub.

The walkway comes to an end and Gormin steps onto the beamed laser bridge, Which moves him safely across the buildings devide, stepping down onto the metal walkway, it sounds a dull clang which fades away.

Moving quickly drops of rain splashing his face, music getting louder the clubbers going into the club, showing red cards to hard nosed bouncers.

The rain now pelting down dazzling the neon lights around like thousands of tiny mirrors.

Gormin now a hundred feet from the bouncers reaches in for his XL 374 laser guided stemp automatic.

The bouncers see Gormin in the distance, the club dwellers have all entered the KANAK.

Gormin picks up the pace, splashing puddles water his boots, the bouncers react stoic resolution in their faces.

Gormin brings up the rifle, the bouncers reach for there sidearms in less than a blinking eye the bouncers lifeless corpses, splash onto the ground.

First officer Gormin twenty years on the job, tired-angry-deadman eyes goes through the door, Sitting at the entrance lounge unaware of the carnage is litz tenger.

Gormin( shouting )," Tenger you die, "Litz dropping her planet 9 cocktail glass, stares as the bullets put her lights out, screaming clubbers run for the exits.

Gormin steps into the main lounge, the phump phump phump of the bass, keyboards hypnotic vocals.

He sees denisen, harper and mercer they open fire noise of the bullets cutting out the drum beats to the club hit.

Gormin running forward, stepping on and over dead clubbers fires from the hip.

Mercer and harper disintegrate in a hail of laser locked bullets, there bodies spewing over tables and chairs blood spattering terrified clubbers trying to escape.

Denisen shocked by the death of his sidekicks grabs a fleeing waitress, "Fuck youGormin", "No Fuck you" , he shoots the waitress bullets cutting through her plastic and metal shell her ai system shutting down, denisens scream ends as his torn apart.

The lights from the club whirl round kaleidoscope patterns pulse with the music.

Planet 9 medics attend the stricken clubbers, they walk them by the covered remains.

Commander Renton stands near Gormin, (laughing) ,"what the hell I,m surprised anyone is left alive."

Gormin his head shaking stares at Renton, 'Section 185 in pursuit of known killers,'' "alright Gormin, make a report out, see you in a week and see the medic for an all clear,"

The morning came with sounds of birds a rare, sound now, most animals had long disappeared. Earth died the lessons had never been learned.

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