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I walked in through the door and all you can hear is my parents fighting and screaming again. I walked to my room as sad as it might be I knew it I knew deep down it's my fault...

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All my fault

I walked into my house all I could hear was my parents fighting. I quickly walk to my room to making sure they didn't here me. As I sat in my room I knew it, I knew deep down it was all my fault they were fighting because of m me.

"Jenny, Jenny ,wake Up" my best friend Scarlett shouted as she as she roughly tryed to wake me up. "what is it " I groaned "it's time to get of the bus, idiot" Scarlett mocked I rolled my eyes " you didn't have to ..." " you wouldn't have woken up " Scarlett interrupted looking annoyed. Scarlett might come of as well... intimidating with her big green eyes and her long scarlett red hair I guess thats where her name comes from . Unlike me with shoulder length hair and hazel eyes with freckles she looks like a model. I really don't know why she wanted to be my friend but she said I'm more fun to talk too then the popular girls but I don't know about that . I waved bye to her and I started to walk home . When I got to my dirty house with an overgrown yard and glass beer and wine bottles everywhere you could clearly here my parents arguing . Its 15:36 and I'm still in my room I think I fell asleep at some point because I woke up to my Mom sha me up and said her and dad needed to talk to me I glanced at my clock at 4:54 in the morning but she ignored me and grabbed my arm. As we entered the dining room my dad was sitting at the table." listen Jenny you know we want the best for you," he started " and you do know we are thight on money I have met a nice couple who would love to take you in and they have a nice son. . ." ,"and their parents are kind enough to pay us enough that we are set for life if you marry him. . ." mom chimed in . "I can't I just can't believe you , you are selling me of to strangers ?" I yelled. Dad snaped " shut up you ungrateful brat do you know how hard it has been and... " but I didn't even stay to hear him finished I ran, as fast as I could I didn't know where I was going, where else to turn too between the quiet street and dogs barking I was crying... then I saw it bright lights, the sound of a car honk before I knew it, it hit me the car. All I could hear was screaming all I could think was it would be better if I died now— and then everything went black.

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