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Leonie Looby loo Davies

 A poem just for you for when you feel blue just so you no I'll always love you written by yours truly Leonie Looby . We have been together since when I remember and stuck with each other through the bad times  we've had. together where stronger together we pull through even though We've argued, bickered and made each other sad sometimes we even make each other mad.  then we both no that we regret it so as we no that it makes us feel bad. I want you to no that this  poem is to show that am sorry for times I made you feel sad I no it didn't show but I did feel bad  and I don't mean what I say q am mad. If you weren't my sister don't no what I would do because I can't imagine life with out you.  We've cried till we laughed and laughed till we've cried then together we put the bad things behind. When your not with me our bond is still strong Because we both know when something is wrong. We've whispered our secrets only twin sisters  share. I love you my sister I'll always be there and I hope you no I really do care.  whether where together or apart your in my heart you're my sister my friend and I will love you until the end. Love u Kirsty with all my heart hope that we will never be apart. loads of love and kisses.  Looby loo

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