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Adventures of Mourin Siblings. Topic 1: The Delightful Morning.

(Offstage) Birds Chirping.

Ella: Good Morning birds! (Yarns).

She looks at the clock in her pink coloured beautiful room.

Ella (to herself): Oh! It is 6'o clock. Now it is the time to wake.

Ella sings a delightful song.

'It is the time to wake, it is the time to drink the milk shake. It is the time to bath. It is the time to brush, no need to fush. It is the time to dress up and it the time to drink a milk cup.'

Ella finishes her all morning activities while she sings the song.

After singing the delightful song, Ella now feels hungry. She exits her lavishly decorated rooms and rushes down the stairs. She enters the dinning hall and to her surprise there was no one.

Ella: Good Morning... Is anyone here? Hello?

'Ella Mourin! What are you doing here?' Ella hears a strange voice.

Ella: Who is there?

'Mam, what are you doing here?' Ella now hears her maid's voice.

Ella: Isn't my time to wake Miss Anderlin?

Maid: Mam but it is just 3'o clock.

Ella rushes up the stairs. Miss Anderlin (maid) follows her.

Miss Anderlin: Mam, what happened?

Ella: But my room clock shows it is 6'o clock. Look the time is ... 3'o clock.

Miss Anderlin: Mam, I suggest you to sleep this time.

Ella: Okay Miss Anderlin. Sorry for disturbing you.

Miss Anderlin: It is okay mam. I will be there on time to wake you up.

Ella: Fine.

Miss Anderlin exits Ella's room and Ella wears her night suit. She goes to her bed. Ella is really confused about the chirping of birds, the time of the wall clock and the strange voice that she heard.

Ella's delightful morning became a nightmare for her.

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