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Was the move to a small town a good idea for Tessa and her family

Fantaisie Vampires Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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The move

Tessa my mother yelled at me from the front seat..leave your little sister alone. well she started it I told her.tell her to quit trying to look at my phone. now Tessa it's been along drive and we're all tired but please. for the sake of all of are sanity just stop. I knew i wouldn't get anywhere my sister Megan was the baby and always got her way. I turned my phone off and put my forehead against the window and looked out.nothing but corn fields for the last three hours. I still didn't understand why we had to move freaking states away from our home. The only answer I could get out of my mom and dad was that it was your grandparents home and your father thinks it's a good idea for all of us to have a fresh start. Are we getting close I ask. It felt like we had been in the car for years but in reality it had only been 4 days. look my dad said were coming in to the town . there in front of my eyes was a green sing that read now entering cave in rock.what kind of hillbilly place is this town. great a small town with nothing it how fun will this be. my father looks at me in the review mirror . please give it a chance . as we drive through town I'm hoping any minute we will pull in to a driveway . but no we hit a gravel road and drive for another 10 minutes until we pulled on to a smaller gravel road .in my head I was praying please don't let this be the drive way please .we drove a little farther and the trees.opened up to a big field with a old 2 store white house that point my heart sunk. all my hope was lost. I opened the car door and stepped out .and my heart sank even more the old was was so old and need alot of work. my mother seen the look on my face Tessa I know it looks rough but we're going to fix it up and make it look new again. Mom we're talking about a house not a dog .it's gonna take a hope and a Prayer to get this house looking I made my way up to the front porch I noticed a freaking cemetery over in the next field .Great just what I wanted next to my house.The longer I looked at the more it creeper me out. I finally picked up my suit case and made my way the house.The door made a horrible noise as when I opened it up. I dropped my suit case and stared when I got in. this house was huge but lord was it old .the what use to be flower wallpaper was now brown and was falling off the wall . the carpet was black and I don't think that was the color it was supposed to be. I looked around with my phone for a light switch finally finding one and turning it on.As the room filled with light horror came across my face. dust and dirt everywhere and the smell alone would knock you down. my parents where making there way in . Is this really where we are gonna live .it looks like a house that needs condemned. now Tessa my mother said as she gave me that please shut up look . with time and patience this house will be amazing. amazingly horrible I mumbled under my breath. That earned me another look but this look I knew it was shut up before you got your self in bigger trouble .It's late.take your sister and go find your rooms. we have your names on the doors. I grabbed Megan's hand and took her up stairs. when I reached the top of the stairs I knew this was gonna kill me being her. we found our rooms I told Megan good night and don't let the bedbugs bite. this time I meant it. lord knows there were bugs lurking waiting to just sink there little teeth in to me.i opened my door to my room and just started. my room was pretty big it had a big bay window that over looked the field .my bed was already here I just needed to make .I set to work on that hoping if I fell asleep I would wake up in the morning and this would all be a dream. as I changed in to my shorts and a tank I made my way over to the window to look out and to my horror it over looked the cemetery. just my freaking luck . this is just a nightmare. I layed in my bed waiting for sleep to take I drifted of to sleep I hoped this would all be a dream.

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