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This short crime story of a man named Eric and Detective Sagan, much more is beneath the surface than what is projected to the world. What happens when a serial killer operates in your city? Detective Sagan will work tirelessly until he can catch what he can only describe as a Grim Reaper.. Catharsis is a sneak peak of a series coming soon! **18+ GRAPHIC**

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Slowly working each pin in the lock of the front door Eric quietly worked the front door of a large beautiful home in an upper middle class neighborhood. He had already been watching these two for weeks, feeling as if driven by insatiable bloodlust. Only crickets were audible that summer night with a sky of stars and no moon, the slight smell of rain filled the area as distant clouds began rolling into the valley.

Eventually, the Tension wrench being used spun in the lock, he was in the home creeping with the silence of the Grim Reaper. Eric stood in the hallway in front of the master bedroom, so close he can feel his heartbeat inside his ears. Powers of life and death lay within in hands. With one swift kick the door shatters to the floor, once in the bedroom the couple shoot out of bed and the wife lets out a shriek. "You don't have to do this!" she begged seeing the knife.

Eric ordered the wife into the corner of the room, making sure the husband stayed right where he was on the bed. She sat in the corner crying profusely. Driven by the urge, Feeling it rise through the chest boiling into pure hatred "Just Stab!" "Stab!" "Stab!" he lunged forward driving the knife into the man's throat. His wife screamed while he rolled off the bed gurgling, "Your next bitch!" Eric turned quickly to the woman. The room filled with the smell of iron, so strong that the wife began to get ill as she cowered in the corner.

Eric's eyes had turned into nothing but massive black holes into a soul with no remorse. Like a demon he stood over the dying man, inside the room it had gone quiet. Now the only sound in the room was like a faucet of blood at full power spraying onto the floor. "Just kill me" she wept in the corner as Eric approached he laughed before stabbing her once straight through the lung.

"Y-you, won't get aw—" She collapsed on the floor, the sound could only be described as someone with wet meat in their throat frantically to cough it out, her eyes as wide and the clear look of sheer terror frozen on her face and she tried to force air into her lungs but only blood was pouring from her mouth. This continued until the agonal breathing subsided, Eric left them in the room and washed his blade in the bathroom sink at the end of the hall. Taking the exact way out he came in, Eric left locking the front door behind him and calmly left the residence, it was clear to him now that this one time was only the beginning.

"What do we got sir?" detective Sagan asked. Officer Garcia who was stationed to the front door got a solem look on his face. "Sir it's the worst one i've ever seen, looks like it's been about a week since they were killed." The officer motioned the detective into the home. Flies, flies everywhere, the smell was nothing short of putrid only describable as iron mixed into a bed of rotten meat, onions, and feces. "Jesus Christ!" Detective Sagan took a minute to compose himself for the horror that lay dead upstairs.

Faint clicking from cameras could be heard upstairs from the investigators, as Sagan approached the smell only got worse and he dawned a mask. "Fuck, this doesn't do anything." he grunted through the mask. Walking through what used to be a door frame he scanned the crime scene, one of the investigators on the scene noticed him walk in and briefed Sagan. "Pretty brutal sir, one on the floor has an artery severed, one over in the corner had one stab wound upper torso." She looked through a notepad and ripped a page out for Sagan, "Thanks lynn, Griffin and Julie Walker last contact b—" He read the note aloud before Officer Garcia shouted through the house for Sagan. "Sir, words out." Garcia had a look of worry as two news vans pulled up to the house, A young reporter stepped out with a cameraman and began approaching the house. "I'm going to need you to stay off the property sir." Garcia firmly commanded the reporter who was beginning to attempt to approach the home.

Sagan went down through the home and removed his mask before leaving the front door and approaching the young man. "Sir, we need you to leave at this time it's an open investigation and I cannot say more" Sagan motioned for him to get into the van. "Can you give any details as to the occupants inside the home?" As the reporter pushed for more info the detective clearly becoming bothered by the barrage of questions in direct defiance of his orders. "Garcia, please escort them away from the home if he does not leave I want you to detain him." Sagan then pulled him closer as to not let the reporter que into the conversation. "This was not comitted by someone who is only going to do this once, there's going to be more and we can't let it get out or whoever did this is going to want a name.." Sagan patted him on the back and Garcia then coerced the reporter crew to leave the premesis and went back to the door.

Sagan went to the end of the driveway and took a minute to collect his thoughts before getting into his unmarked car and working on the paperwork needed before starting his vehicle and driving back through town to the station to begin working piece by piece to solve the mystery of the beginnings of a serial killer. All the while Eric had new targets already in sight and he was preparing again to strike.

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