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It's a story of 8 children living in Pyrgos, Greece who are werewolves which they don't know they are. They fight with zombies.

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Werewolves VS Zombies

28 may, 2023, Pyrgos, Greece.

(School Classroom scene)

"So, students now submit your assignments which I gave you last month, I hope you've completed it." Teacher said.

Everyone submitted their assignments.

"Oh Shit, I have not completed my assignment. Did you completed your assignment Felix?" Abigail asked.

"Yeah, I've completed." Felix said

"Did you Levi?" Abigail asked.

"Nope." Levi replied.

"And you Kezia?" Abby asked.

"Yeah." Kezia replied.

"Abigail, Kezia, Levi and Martha, where are your assignments?" Teacher asked.

"Ma'am I've submitted. See it carefully." Kezia said.

Teacher checks the files and found Kezia's file.

"okay, sorry and yours? Abigail, Levi and Martha?" Teacher asked.

"Ma'am, Um..... We haven't completed it yet." Abby said.

"Who we?" Teacher asked..

" Me and Levi." Abby said.

"What the hell, I gave you this a month ago and you haven't completed it yet?" Teacher exclaimed. "Go,... Get out of my class." Teacher screamed.

Both went out of the class.

"And yours? Martha?" Teacher asked.

"Ma'am I'm new student so I didn't knew about the assignment." Martha said.

"Okay." Teacher said.

It was the last period of the class. Bell rang.

"Students who haven't submitted their assignments please submit it or you will go to principal. Have a nice day." Teacher said.

"Abby and Levi. You really haven't completed your assignment?" Felix asked.

"Honestly we haven't started it yet." Abby said and laughed.

"What? You haven't started it yet?" Kezia asked.

"Yep." Levi replied.

"Oh My Gosh." Felix and Kezia exclaimed.

Then they were passing through a park. They saw that their younger brothers and sisters were in trouble. Something was pulling 'em inside.

"Gabby! Nathan! Anna! Reuben!" All four screamed.

"Abby, Felix help us..." Anna and Gabby exclaimed.

They started pulling 'em outside.

Suddenly a white light came and it saved them.

"Wha... What was that?" Nathan asked.

"I don't know." Felix said.

Nathan and Felix had a good bonding.

Suddenly a voice said, "You eight children are special, this speciality will save Pyrgos. And the thing that make you special is WEREWOLVES. You all eight are WEREWOLVES. And you'll save Pyrgos from an apocalypse." and voice faded.

"What kind of Apocalypse?" Reuben asked.

But voice didn't answered.

"Wha..... What kind of apocalypse it was talking about?" Nathan asked.

"I don't know. But we have to believe it." Felix said.

"How? How can we believe it?" Abigail asked.

"We have to believe it." Felix said.

A year later,

All children were playing in the garden. Suddenly they heard a ringing sound.

"Ah..... Hey guys! Are you too hearing that ringing?" Abigail asked.

"Yes." All children groans.

"Ah......" all children screamed.

"Hey kids, what's happening to you?" Candace (Felix's mother) asked.

"We don't know." Felix said.

Suddenly they became Werewolves.

*Werewolves roars.*

"This is your First mission. You have to save two girls in the woods." The voice said and faded.

They went to woods.

(Men screams and groans.) (werewolves roars).

Again they became normal.

"We killed ten men and ate their hearts! Ew...." Gabby exclaimed.

"Yeah, Ew...." Nathan said.

They all vomited.

Next morning,

They were going to schools and colleges.

"Guys, don't tell anyone that we're Werewolves, Okay?" Felix asked.

"Okay." All said.

They again heard that ringing.

"N... No.... Not again...." Nathan stammered.

"Hey! What's happening to you all?" Woody asked.

They became normal.

"No.... Nothing." Felix said.

"Why were you all grunting?" Woody asked.

"Woody! Our stomach is paining. Can you please tell our teachers that we can't come to school and college today?" Kezia said.

"Um..... Okay..... I'll do it. But you'll help me when I want you. Okay?" Woody said.

"Okay." all said.

Woody went from there.

"Why did you told that we'll not come to school and college today?" Levi asked.

"I'll tell you. Just come with me." Kezia said.

She took them to the park where that voice first heard.

"Hey! Why are you doing all this with us? Huh? Tell us!" Kezia yelled.

"Yes tell us! Who are you?" Felix exclaimed.

"I'm Zordon, the Werewolf king." Zordon said.

"If yo... You are a king then why ar... Are... Aren't you coming to us? Why we are not able to see you?" Nathan stammered.

Zordon became angry.

"Oh, so you want to see me.... Then see...." Zordon yelled.

A big scary werewolf came in front of them. A large vibration occurred. Everyone came out of their houses after feeling vibrated.

"Ahhhhhh......" Everyone screamed.

"I thought you'll believe me. I thought you're a world saver. But you're not." Zordon said.

"We believed you that we're werewolves.... But why are you doing this to us? Huh? Why only we?" Felix asked.

"Because only you eight kids are special not everyone. And you'll save Pyrgos from an apocalypse." Zordon said.

"What kind of Apocalypse?" Anna asked.

"A Zombie Apocalypse." Zordon said.

Everyone became shocked.

Crowd started murmuring.

"How can we b.... Be.... Believe you th.... That we'll save Pyrgos from a Zo.... Zombie Apocalypse?" Nathan stammered.

"We aaj trust him..... 'cause he said we're Werewolves and we are. So we believe you King Zordon." Felix said.

"If Felix is saying then we be.... Be.... Believe you Zordon." Nathan stammered.

"My blessings are always with you...." Zordon said.

"Enjoyed the drama? Now go to your houses." Reuben said to the crowd.

"Zordon can you tell us who'll spread it and when will it come?" Anna asked.

"It will come after 6 months i,e, 28th Feb 2025 and The Frontman Biotech will spread this." Zordon answered and went.

"The Frontman Biotech means Woody's Dad's Company?" Abigail asked.

"Yeah." Felix said.

Everyone became tensed. They were at Abby's house.

(Basement Scene)

"Hey Guys!" Bethany and Asher (parents of Abby and Anna.) enters.

"Hey!" everyone said.

"Kids listen, we know that you have a lot of responsibilities but please don't take tension. Tension is not for kids." Bethany said.

"Mom, first, we're not kids anymore and second, we're in very big problem." Anna said.

"Listen you'll always be kids for your parents." Asher said.

"Mr and Mrs Jones, we have to save Pyrgos from Zombie Apocalypse." Felix said.

"Zombie, what?" Bethany asked.

"Zombie Apocalypse." Felix said.

Nathan told them the whole story.

"Oh my god, 28th Feb 2025 means after 6 months?" Bethany asked.

"Yes." Nathan said.

"Why will Frontman Biotech spread this Apocalypse?" Asher asked.

"Um..... We don't know..... We only have 6 months to get prepared." Felix said.

They lived in a colony of four house. Four houses of eight children. They called an immediate meeting.

"Hey everyone, this is to inform you about a serious thing that will happen after 6 months.

As you know, we're Werewolves. So our king King Zordon told us that there will be an apocalypse, Zombie Apocalypse. Which will happen on 28th February 2025." Felix said.

" Can we tell this to all the citizens? " Candace asked.

"No, if tell everyone then the future will be changed which will affect our future." Kezia said.

"Please buy every essential item on 27th February. And don't go out of your houses, okay?" Felix said

"Okay." Everyone said.

"We can't tell every citizen but we can tell our relatives and friends, please inform them." Anna said.

Everyone thought that they will warn them before a month.

Five months later,

"I think you all have warned your friends and family, haven't you?" Kezia asked.

"No, we haven't." All said.

"What? Why?" Abby exclaimed.

"We're thinking that if we tell our friends and relatives, then our future will be affected." Orpah (Levi and Nathan's mother) said.

"Yeah, you're right Mrs Borges." Anna said.

Felix and Nathan were feeling weird.

"Felix, Nathan, what happened?" Kezia asked.

"I'm feeling like something is not good. "Felix said.

"Like, the apo..... Ap..... Apocalypse will happen before time." Nathan stammered.

"Yeah." Felix said.

"Attention Everybody! Nathan want to say something." Kezia announced.

"Hey everyone, I have a re.... Re.... Request, please buy each and every essential item today, 'cause i and Felix are feeling like Apocalypse will happen before time." Nathan stammered.

Zordon came.

"Yes Werewolf Prince Nathan, you're right. The Apocalypse will happen before time. It'll happen the day after tomorrow." Zordon said.

"What? Why?" Reuben exclaimed.

"Owner of The Frontman Biotech had done something wrong with the time line. That's why." Zordon said.

Everyone दांतों the market. They bought each and every essential items.

Next day,

*Siren Wails.*

They all four families heard screams. The Zombie Apocalypse started. Everyone was in their balconies.

" Zordon! What's it happening?" Levi asked.

"He started it today." Zordon said.

"Everyone don't go anywhere. Okay?" Felix asked.

"Okay!" All said.

"Kids do your work. Now." Zordon said.

Zombies came in their colony. All eight children became Werewolves.

The war started.

*Zombies Screams and Groans.*

All werewolves killed Zombies in their colony. They closed the entrance gate of the colony.

They thought that there will be only a few Zombies. But they were wrong......

There were hundreds of Zombies.

They started killing Zombies.

The war continued for 3 days.

"God please over this Apocalypse, please over this pandemic. Whoever done this, will be punished." All prays.

The war ended. Werewolves won.

"Mom?..... Dad?....." All children came.

"Huh? Kids?" All exclaimed and hugged them.

"The apocalypse is over..... We won....." Felix said.

*Siren Wails.*

"This is to inform you that the Apocalypse is now over. Everyone can live happily." A man said in speaker.

Everyone celebrated their win.

"Around 50,000 people were killed in this Apocalypse. Investigation is running, Who done this? Why he/she done this?" News reporter #1 said in TV.

Many people lost their loved ones in this Apocalypse.

Candace lost her parents, Asher lost his brother, Nathan lost his best friend Felix lost his best friend.

After that day, everyone lived happily.

2 months later,

Felix was watching News.

"This is now confirmed that the Frontman Biotech had released this virus. The reason behind this is, a sharemarket company sold all his company's shares." News reporter #2 said.

A few years later,

Felix got married to Kezia.

Levi got married to Abigail.

Anna got married to Reuben.

And Gabriello got married to Nathan.

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