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A dare. That's all it took to turn a playful night on Halloween into a bloodbath. This is a short story I wrote back in 6th grade. I made a few adjustments for culture references and correcting Grammer and flow. I'm just happy to finally share the story that I was proud of when I was young. Please take time to review and like so I know what you think! If I get enough likes, I'll make more short horror stories!

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It started with a dare.

I stepped out of the darkness. Eroded smile drooped on my face. I hate the feeling of being watched... like a kid. I am fine on my own. Justin clings to me like the stench of wet dog after a rainstorm. He whimpered and I shot him a menacing glare. What a man! Hmm, hanging on his girlfriend for shelter...protection. What a hopeless wreck!

I hate the fact that we have to go to the graveyard. I mean, I love the graveyard, just not on All Hallows Eve. The spirits are to roam freely tonight. The one night to watch out. Yes, I'm superstitious. I know for a solid fact spirits are real. I've seen them. I know. So then why am I scared? I'm not, for me that is...Justin on the other hand is a basket case and will run at the site of anything worth categorizing as scary, and for him; that's everything. I don't know why I like the guy. Guys aren't worth my time. My motto: can't live with 'em... that's it. I've never liked a guy. Not one.

I turned around to check and see that the gang was still back there. They were. And laughing, nice touch.

Justin was crying by the time we reached my father's gravestone. I stared at his grave. I wanted him back. My dad was the only one I had who I could trust. My mom was gone so much, I sometimes forget I have a mother. But my dad was always there, until he wasn't. He died from Cancer just last year. Beginning of the year he was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. He was to be treated with Chemotherapy. He knew that Chemo was a poison. It would eat away at his soul and slowly demoish his dreams, but it was our only hope. He was on it for only a few months when he passed on. It was the saddest moment of my life. My hero, the man I'd looked up to since I was a young child; building a tree house in the backyard, eating ice cream in the park on hot summer nights, his bear hugs when the kids at school gave me a hard time. Gone. And my mom? Never around to help her daughter cope with the pain.

I stood dumbfounded staring at something that was different about my dad's grave. I could see the wilted roses I put there a week ago, the statue of a kneeling angel and the spire that rose behind it were intact. Even the carvings were correct, then what was different? Suddenly I felt Justin trembling violently. I whipped around to glare at him for cowering as a crowd of our peers snicker in the shadows, when I notice darkness descend upon us.

The street lamp died 30 feet from us. I turned around to check for the gang again... they were gone. Justin screamed and bolted to the gate of which we entered, now shrouded in shadows. I stood immobilized by fear. There was a red glow engulfing the graveyard now. I peered up into the night sky, where clouds were looming drearily, parting to reveal a blood red moon.

I stumbled and whirled around. I was being watched, I hate being watched. This time was different - as each and every hair follicle on my body stood on end, sending an electrifying chill from the nape of my neck to the tips of my fingers. A million questions began to tumble into my mind. Where did Justin go? Where did the gang run off to? Is this a trick? A Halloween prank? I was going to stand there and ponder these queries but I could feel all the eyes burning holes through me. I walked tender footed and assured, aware one move may be fatal. I kept looking to see who was there. Out of the darkness came a monster that towered over me 2 times over. His eyes intense and piercing everything they saw. It swept me up in a whirlwind of shrieks. I was silent as the grave as the air was smothered from my lungs. I wasn't afraid...not anymore anyway. I knew what I was up against.

I had entered what seemed like an eternal darkness. Never to see the light again.

I rested in that void, and decided to contemplate my place in the universe. Never had a need or desire for it before. Its a dog eat dog world and I always assumed college was the place to experiment with life philosophies, religion and drugs. In this empty nothingness, I couldn't help but wonder if I was alive or dead. If I was dead, was I in heaven, hell or did I find myself in the much more dreaded limbo? Was this the matrix? Is this a glitch? Is this God...

A red glow seeped into my dark space, as if to offer illumination to my questions, as the creature unfurled its wings and dropped me onto hard top soil. My eyes adjusted to the stark contrast of a pitch black hole and a red Martian world. My hands grasped at what felt like straw beneath me. The dried up field was soaked in the crimson light of the moon. Illuminating the corn stalks and rusted tractor hulls in the distance with elegance. It was a breathtaking sight. I hadn't noticed more creatures had gathered. There were about 100 or so surrounding me, almost blending in with the corn field beyond. They started making small squeaking noises, which soon transformed into a blood curdling wail. One of them seized me and pinned me down to the barren ground. I could feel their hot breath beating down on my body. They raised golden goblets to the heavens bathed in blood. They lowered their heads to peer at me with their sullen eyes. The emptiness in their eyes awoke the emptiness I felt when my father left me. I blinked back the threatening tears. A flash of scarlet winked at me behind the blanket of black oil of his eyes as the thing pinning me down turned his gaze deep into mine. Although there were hundreds of demonic eyes staring, glaring at me, I was fixated on his. He broke his hold on me to stand. I didn't dare move, I couldn't if I wanted to. I was engulfed by the shadow of its skull and I was just a meek rabit in the talons of an eagle.

Straightening the length of its legs and lashing its wings out behind it, it crackled at its horde. A ripple of excitement could be felt through the group like the wave at a baseball game. It braced its four arms and let out a deafening screech, before a wicked, jagged smile emerged from its blank face.

They were drinking and eating heartily. Pouring goblets of viscious fluid into each others mouths, watching it drip down their chins. Sharp teeth tearing strips off bone, devouring handfuls of soft bun shaped morsels. I squirmed in my bind, managing to roll to the floor and cover my eyes. Then everything fell silent as the grave. I looked away from the floor, and they were gone. I quickly patted myself down, checking for wounds, pain and weapons. I had none. I heard a swooping sound. The sound fabric makes when you shake it out, except this sound was more padded or more smooth sounding; velvety almost. I directed my attention to the sky. Their leathery wings beat the air as their swarm swirled to block out the light of the moon.

I made it. I survived. I let out a sob of relief. My eyes became blurred by water and tears streaked down my face.

A burst of air and warmth radiated from my stomach. The pain was coming to me now. My god! The beasts came at me full power now. They tore me limb from limb... I became so dizzy; I slipped into hysterics. Laughing as a flurry of wings, teeth, liquid and arms flailed around me. They evaporated into the night air and left me there, my body scattered to the winds. It was over in an instant. The pain, the loneliness, it all drained out of me. I felt happy as I lay there crippled; decaying. Not the greatest death, but it wasn't all that bad. All I could do was lay there in total shock. The last thought I had before I died was, "What a pleasant aura that blood red moon gives off..."

The sun never seemed to rise. All I could hear was the creatures' chortling crackling in the air at what a delightful night they had.

Three days had passed, there was a missing person report filed on me by my photography teacher with my drunk mother in tow. A weird thing about being dead, is this omniprescense of being everywhere and nowhere. I had a way of being a part of the action, and not feeling a god damn thing about it. Two weeks had passed before my "gang" finally told the police to search near the graveyard. It took them only hours after that to find me. The scene was gory. So much blood they say it was impossible to find any evidence on the murderer. Looking down upon the field with my limbs strewn everywhere. As weak stomached PDs hurled up thier lunches into the dusty ditches between the corn stalks and pools of dried blood, I realized I had nothing left here. And I severed my connection to the scene and the life I had before.

Every century the Blood Red Moon appears and brings its wretched, shrieking creatures with it. I was only one of many victims... countless. No living person has lived to tell about the creatures after witnessing them. It turns out, even Justin hadn't escaped that graveyard. He had been impaled on the spire of my fathers grave just moments after I was wisked away into the night.

Despite the grim end, I have finally found my oasis within the red glow of that Blood Red Moon....I live in it now. My dad and me.

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