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Her day started out perfect only for it to take a turn for the worst. She finds herself fighting to figure out what is going on and why it's all happening. Is it all just a dream, Or is it real? Teaming up with her enemies to fight and survive, they found themselves deeper then they thought. With death upon them they must either kill it before it kills them or work together and survive. But, it did not go as planned and things just got worse.

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Home Sweet Home

PG1: This starts out as a normal day as I was walking down to the bus stop at the end of the driveway to wait on the school bus. I'm heading down walking by the honeysuckle bush while listening to the birds sing and play their morning songs like they do everyday, being Spring time it's nice to see everything so beautiful I thought. While I'm waiting at the bus stop just humming away all a sudden the birds stop and it got silent. I turn around to look and I felt like something was watching me but I blew it off because I tend to get homesick when going to school. I turn back around to face the open field across from the driveway and see what looks like fog on the far side of the field moving my direction. Of course I'm not worried about fog but this fog didn't seem normal so I start backing up and turn to head back to the house when all a sudden the fog surrounded me and I couldn't see an inch in front of me. I stopped and decided to put my hands out to make sure I did not walk into anything while slowly sliding my right foot back and Forth across the ground to feel for anything as well, after walking for a few moments I realized I was not getting anywhere, so I stopped and decided to call out for my dog digger, he normally walks with me to the bus stop every day but today he did not which was kind of strange. (DIGGER) I yelled out, (COME HERE BOY) I said. I waited a few moments because he was old and it took him a minute to get up and around. I did not hear anything so I called out again (DIGGER) (COME HERE DIGGER) I said again. I waited again and then I heard a jingling noise which sounded like his collar (COME HERE DIGGER) I love you boy come here, but then I heard this fate wine and then nothing. I stood up in confusion and my heart started to race. Digger I said Softly as a walked forward slowly to where he was, (THUD) is all I heard right in front of me on the ground. I stopped and my heart started beating faster to where I became short of breath, I seen this object on the ground very lightly through the fog so I bent down to pick it up. When I picked it up it was wet and I dropped it suddenly out of shock because I did not know what it was. I stopped for a moment to catch my breath and get my mind focused again and then I reached down again to pick the object back up. This time I looked at it and it was diggers collar, I looked up hoping to see him but I did not. I then realized his collar had blood on it and the blood got on my hands. I dropped it out of fear and started backing up and panicking because I did not know what was going on and I did not want to be here, I wiped my hands off on my jeans as I began to tear up some but I didn't cry I just covered my face with my arm as I shook my head in confusion (sighs) I just really wanted to go home and I could not see anything nor could I find my dog either which I now think is dead. I stood there for a moment in silence trying to think when I then heard this light moaning coming from behind me which I did not like the sound of. I turn around and some guy was walking towards me lunged over, his bones cracking and his clothes were all torn up too. Whoa dude I said back up okay, I don't know you and I'm trying to get home so bye and I turn around to think when he grabs me and we both fall over. What the fuck get off me as I'm pushing my knees into his chest and I realized he was trying to bite at me, as I'm pushing my arm into his throat to keep him from getting any closer. I then push up and to the side with my knees and arm throwing him off me and I stand up to run only to trip over my own damn feet face planting into the ground which did not feel very good. I gave out a small cry because I hit my chin on the gravel and it did not feel good at all. I rolled over holding my chin as I sat up and looked I had blood on my hand and my chin stung when I touched it. Ow, son of a bitch I said as I stood up to run again. But this time the guy grabbed my foot causing me to fall again and I landed on my side, I rolled over on my back kicking him multiple times in the face and he did not let go. (LET GO OF ME) I screamed out in anger, what the hell is your problem as I kept kicking him and he kept trying to bite me. I finally took my backpack off throwing it at him and he started attacking it like some crazy person on drugs. I got up again and took off running but I smacked into a tree limb clothes lining myself and falling back down hitting my head on the ground so hard it knocked me out. I woke up later to it getting dark outside and I sat up real fast looking around then I jumped up and stance mode looking all around for the guy who attacked me. The fog was still there and I could not see an inch in front of me still, when I realized there was no one around I sat down and curled up to my knees and started crying this time. I really want to go home I said to myself, I do not want to be here. God please help me I said; please help me get home I'm scared. It seemed like forever that I had sat there then I heard that moaning noise again and I stood up in stance mode looking around for the guy. I got so mad I finally screamed (BRING IT MOTHERFUCKER, BRING IT) I'M TIRED OF THIS GAME DAMN IT, I'M TIRED OF THIS COME ON I'M RIGHT HERE I SAID OUT LOUD MAD AS COULD BE.

PG2: the moaning stopped for a slight moment and then something jumped me from behind attacking me and I fell to the ground on top of a log breaking a sharp stick off into my leg. I screamed in pain as this guy attacked me again and this time I got so mad I reached around looking for a stick or Rock to beat his face in. I found a stick bringing it around hitting him in the head knocking him off me. I jumped up limping in pain and then stabbed him with the stick I found in the chest and I thought to myself I just killed someone. The stick went right into his chest like his skin was butter, gross I said. He laid there dead and he smelt really bad of sewer and trash. I held my leg as a limped over around to the right side of him and I started kicking him out of anger. (FUCK YOU ASSHOLE) I kicked him a good five or six times and then I fell to the ground just sitting there not knowing what to do. I realized I was bleeding pretty badly and I was starting to lose feeling in my leg so I had to do something fast. I thought to myself I guess anything can be a weapon because now I got a dang stick in my thigh and it hurts like fucking hell. The guy started twitching and making this weird scary moaning noise I started backing up because I was not up for another fucking fight. Oh come on, the guy stood up and quickly charged at me like some possessed demon as I fell backwards as someone came up behind me and shot him in the head, my ear started ringing after. What the fuck, I turned around and this girl was helping me up and we started walking down this small tunnel through a door and she sat me down to close the big steel door putting a bar in front of it to seal it shut. She pulled off her hood and it just happens to be my high school enemy Katie who bullies me at school and on the bus everyday. What the hell Katie I said with a question tone? Hey I saved your life Tiffany so don't start as she walked by me to a desk grabbing some kind of tools. What are you doing Katie I asked? We have to get that stick out of your leg so you can walk and help me she said. There is a fog out there with zombies in it and they are killing everyone who crosses their path. Why do you care if I'm hurt Katie I asked? You already treat me like shit at school and on the bus. That's School she said that isn't here and this is a different situation she stated as she helped me up and sat me down on a stool. Tiffany right now is not the time to bicker about how much we hate each other okay, we are on a time frame to get out of here before they find us do you understand me she asked? Till who finds us I asked her? She sighed and looked up at me, Tiffany those zombies are smarter than you think and they do not care what you think or how you feel you are their next meal and that's all they care about. Katie you keep calling them zombies, why I asked? We are not in some movie I stated, this is real life. Because that is what they are she said to me, they are zombies. Whatever I said to her as I looked away. I need you to put your leg up here and shut up so I can get that stick out of your leg before you get an infection she said. You're funny if you think I'm going to let you pull that out of my leg Katie I stated as I went to stand up. She pushed me back down on to the stool telling me to sit like a dog. Now sit down Tiffany or I'll strap you to the dame bed over there to get it out she said. And if I have to knock your ass out to do so I will but I'm getting it out one way or another you got it, you will not travel like this because it will get you killed she stated with a serious tone. Bitch, does it look like I'm a dog to you I said, I'm a redneck not some city slicker like you so don't going telling me to sit down I said. So if you want to take that out of my leg and help then give me a belt or something to bite down on because I will scream I said, I mean look at it as I pointed at my wound. She handed me a leather strip which was sitting on the desk next to her with other medical supplies which looked very old. Now let me see your leg she asked? I looked at her for a slight moment then I put my leg up on her leg so she could pull the stick out, fine whatever I said to her as I crossed my arms. But you better do it right or I'm going to kick you in the face I said with some humor. She looked at me with the tongs in her hand and click them at me a few times, shush she said. I see a Dusty bottle next to her on the ground and I asked her what it was. Hey Katie what is that bottle next to you on the ground? She stopped for a moment and said you mean that old dusty thing and she pointed at it with the tongs. Yes that Katie what else is there I stated. That is an old bottle of whiskey from the early war that occurred a long time ago before we were born. Well poor some on my leg I said to her, it will sterilize that wound and numb it too so it won't hurt so bad. Tiffany that whiskey is so old you do not want to do that because over time the chemicals from the glass bottle soak into the whiskey and can be bad for use or consumption. Now sit back are you ready for me to pull this out, might want to hold the stool and bite down on the leather piece. I stuck the leather piece in my mouth biting Down and held onto the stool as she dug the tongs into my leg to grab the stick, on three she said. I flipped her off as she said one, two, and she yanked it out before saying three which pissed me off. I grabbed my leg falling backwards off the stool on to the ground. She quickly stood up because she knew I was pissed off as I stood up kicking the stool to the side and I walked towards her and tried to hit her but she ducked. I was losing blood which caused my sugar level and energy to drain fast, my vision became a blur and all I seen was the ground. Tiffany? I passed out, waking up on the bed with my leg sewed up and wrapped about an hour later. What the fuck happened? Well you tried to hit me for one and two you passed out because of blood loss. But you are fine now, should be unless you reopen your wound which I'm hoping you don't do. While you rested I packed to bags for our trip to town to the next meet up point which is a long walk from here she said. All a sudden banging began at the door (BANG, BANG) oh shit she said, we got to move a little faster than what we are now. I went to stand up and she sent me back down No I need you to stay sitting till your leg gets full blood flow back to it and you are not so dizzy. She was right I did feel dizzy and my leg was still kind of numb so I sat and waited while I watched her rush around the small room packing stuff up. What is going on I asked? Outside that door are those zombies I was telling you about that want to eat us right now. They must have heard the screams from you when you got mad over me pulling the stick out of your leg she said to me. I'm sorry as I apologized for causing such an issue for her. To be honest I would have most likely screamed to she said, but the jumping up and trying to hit me was not necessary. So Katie can you tell me how you know all this stuff I asked? What do you mean she responded back? Well I mean like the medical and two the so-called zombies you keep talking about. Well for one I have an army radio and she tossed it at me and I caught it, then you would know like me and two my mom was a nurse. I could hear radio chatter between the army and the seals about the zombie outbreak in Arkansas and what they are planning to do.

(This is seal 2 over requesting we dropped several TSAR bombs sir.)

(This is army 3 it would have to be confirmed to drop those bombs. Consulting the president of the United States in the meeting at 0900 and we will decide then army 3 out.)

(Copy Army 3, seal 2 out)

The radio lets me listen to all the stations that the army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and all the above is on. I get to know what they know before anyone else does. So far right now it's just the army and seals chatting back and forth about dropping some kind of bombs across Arkansas. This tells me that the zombie out break is all over Arkansas and not just here in Charleston, so I don't know if it's anywhere else though. When I heard that there was a zombie outbreak and some weird fog I came here to the shelter that was built on your family's land before you and I were born in world war II, I guess they built it when all the war was going on to avoid the nukes and all of that is my theory. I was researching bunkers for the heck of it one day and this one popped up on the map. Apparently they put them on the map so people can find them just in case of a global catastrophe or a global catastrophic attack or event so they call it. I came down here one day to see if it was real, and it just happened to be real. I stuffed some things down here and was ready for anything it seemed. I wanted to save my family and bring them down here but I didn't get to she said with a sad look on her face. Why not I asked? Because the fog took them when we were packing to do so, I walked around the corner to help my mom and brother and some zombie had attacked them and was eating them so I took off running and left all my stuff behind and even them. I did not stop to look back I just kept running till I got here to where I was safe, Well so I thought anyways. She stood up throwing a backpack at me, there's your pack Don't lose it because there is not another one if you do she said. Thanks for the history lesson on bunkers Katie and I'm sorry about your family, but what's this I asked her? It has some stuff in it that you're going to need for our trip to town. The banging on the door got louder and the door began to fold inward which meant we did not have much time now. She bent down to finish packing her bag and the banging got even louder after that. Looks like we need to move now she said as she grabbed a bat and tossed it at me, that's your weapon for now so don't lose it. She picked up a bat that was sitting against the side of the wall with nails in it, are you ready she asked? Katie if there are zombies on the other side of that door like you say then what are we supposed to do and where are we supposed to go I asked? She walked up and pulled a curtain down that had been hanging up on the wall which had the painting of a world war II soldier on it. What the fuck is that I asked? That would be the exit which leads to town and it's the exit we are going to take she said. A few people whom I spoke to over the radio earlier said they were going to meet here hours ago and have not. So the agreement was to leave if they did not show after so long and head to town too our next meet up point which is the water tower up on the hill above the cattle farm. So let's wait on them I stated. We can't wait on them Tiffany we don't have time to sit around and wait for the zombies to break down that door. Who are we supposed to be meeting I asked? Zack and two others he picked up along the way he said. Zack! You mean my fucking boyfriend as I stood up with a tone walking towards her. You want to leave knowing my boyfriend could show up at any moment I said to her. I pushed her against the wall, I'm not leaving here without my boyfriend Katie do you fucking understand me I said as I looked at her with a serious look. She pushed me off of her, Tiffany I'm saying just in case because I have waited longer than I should have, I should have done been gone and on my way to town by now to the next meetup point. Tiffany that door is not going to hold those zombies back much longer, they keep piling up against it and it's getting weaker every minute so we need to leave now she said. The door began to fold inward more as it got weaker and it started to break from the hinges, one if the bolts broke off and landed by my foot as I bent down to pick it up and I felt how warm it was from the friction. I turned to look at Katie as the door fell inward and all the zombies came crashing to the floor and started to run towards us, Katie grabbed me pulling me back into the other tunnel and shutting the door behind us. She twisted the latch locking all four locks in place to keep the door shut and the zombies out. She sighed in relief and looked at me in anger, your stupid Tiffany you know that you could have died. So what if I died what do you fucking care I said to her. I'm pretty sure your boyfriend would care she stated. Which pissed me off and I chunked the bolt at her hitting her in the side of the head, Fuck You Katie and your radio and everything else. We're leaving a meet up point which my boyfriend could show up to at any moment and you don't care. I do care Tiffany she said, if I did not care I wouldn't have helped you and I wouldn't have waited as long as I did. If I didn't care I would have left you to die and bleed out she said. You are the one that is being petty and not paying attention along with not listening like you're supposed to be. You are going to get us killed if you don't stop your bullshit, you understand me she stated with a tone. I looked at her and turned around looking down the tunnel, it's too dark Katie I said. How are we supposed to see where we are going I asked?

PG3: she smacked a flashlight against my chest, here big baby, as I reached up and grabbed it. Now come on we need to go she said. NO, I said with a deep tone. What she asked? I said no Katie I'm not going, you pulled me in here and I did not even want to come. I don't even want to be here right now so get out of the dame way I said, and I pushed her into the wall causing her to hit her head and fall. I walked up and unlatched the door cracking it open as I dropped down on the ground and curled up in a ball, all the zombies pulled the door open and began to stumble over me not even realizing I was there because Katie stood up to run and they all were chasing after her because she was screaming at me that I was a bitch and deserved to die. After all the zombies got done stumbling over me I stood up and shut the door behind me latching it shut and putting the steel bar across it latching it to each hook on each side so it could not be opened. Katie came running up to the door smacking into it yelling that I needed to open the door and let her out and I could see her trying to turn the latch but she couldn't. OPEN THIS DAME DOOR NOW TIFFANY she screamed at me through the glass. I just looked at her and shook my head no, I'm sorry Katie but I won't allow you to control me and tell me what to do. This is my life my body and I control what I do with it not you. BITCH YOUR GOING TO DIE WITHOUT ME, she screamed. I turned around and began to walk away back through the broken down door from where the zombies had come through, and I could hear her screaming and banging at the door, YOU'RE GOING TO DIE, and then it got silent. I stopped for a moment because I did not feel a small bit of regret or remorse for locking her in there. She tried to control me and tell me what to do and I wasn't going to allow that so I made my choice. I walked back up the tunnel from which we came down and all I could see was fog still. I just sighed standing there for a moment and then fell to my knees and began to cry because I didn't know what to do and didn't know where I was. I then laid down in the leaves and dirt curled up in a ball and prayed that God would help me. I wanted to go home, I even begged for forgiveness. Mom I love you and miss you I said to myself, I want to be laying in my bed right now and this all be a dream I said. I became tired from being exhausted and I fell asleep. I woke up later and rolled over to let my vision clear only to see the sky, it was dark and I could see the stars. The moon was even shining brightly too, I set up real fast and realized I was laying on grass and not dirt and leaves like I was before which kind of was odd because I did not think I was near any grass before. I stood up and brushed the grass off me that was on my jeans and I just happen to look up to see a porch light in the distance. OH MY GOD, I said as I felt a relief I took off running towards the house hoping it was mine, and it just happened to be my house. I yelled MOM? Several times as I ran up the stairs and slamming into the door opening it and falling to my knees in the living room out of breath. I looked at the carpet feeling it on my hands and I just fell down on it hugging the floor because I missed it so much. I jumped up after a few minutes of enjoying the soft carpet, mom? I said as I walked through the house looking for her through all the rooms and then I stopped because I could not find her anywhere but her keys and cup of coffee were on the table. Her car was also outside still which was odd. She never goes anywhere without her keys I said to myself. I walked over to fill the cup of coffee and it was cold so it had been sitting there for a while. I wondered how long I was out for lying outside like that, was it all a dream or did it really happen I asked myself? It was not like my mom to up and leave the house unlocked, so she had to be here somewhere. I went downstairs in the living area and seen the sun coming up over the mountain behind the house but still kind of dark out. It was super quiet out and something did not seem right to me. Then all the a sudden something smacked into the glass door next to me and scared me, I jumped and my heart began to race. What the fuck? I walked over to the door and seen the shape of a woman come closer as she smacked into the door again. It was my mom, she was a zombie and I covered my mouth and began to cry because she was all I had left. MOM, no I said as I fell to my knees crying. Mom I love you and I'm so sorry I was such a bad daughter, please forgive me I said to her, please forgive me and I know I can't fix it now because you're gone and What do I do I asked? As I looked at the floor watching my tears fall and leave marks on the floor. I looked up and every time she bumped into the door more and more blood smeared on to the glass and the glass began to crack. I wanted her to forgive me but I know she couldn't now so I felt regret and anger and just wanted to scream. I love you Mom and I'm so sorry I couldn't do better as I got up and ran to my room slamming my door shut behind me as i fell down onto my bed. I put my pillow over my face and screamed into it while crying because I was in a state of mind of anger and confusion. I don't know How long I cried into my pillow but it seemed like forever so I rolled over and looked up at the ceiling fan staring at each blade as they went around and around. I zoned out and each blade got slower and slower with every turn, I had a flashback of the conversation between me and my mom before I left for school that day when the fog came.

Tiffany Anne get up and get ready for school NOW.

Jesus mom you treat me like I'm 10 still.

I'm your mother and it's my job to make sure you get up and around for school.

Yes mother I know this, you don't have to keep reminding me.

I will pick you up after school, I love you.

Yeah mom sure I know okay.

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