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Why do I feel so blind,

Rushing out my way just so I don’t lose time

Keeping a steady pace can make you forget

About all the shit that you haven’t yet gripped

Watching from the sidelines since I was a dope kid

Could see the vision of my fortune that I could’ve missed

But know I’m stern focused on copping my own cents

Just because im hell bound don’t mean im heaven sent

Never hocus, always focus, my mind is always in pocus

Magical tatics

Smoking the ashes

Seeing my past bliss turn into madness

All cause the chemicals making me manic

I’m feeling absent

Im losing my shit

I cant keep hoping

That one day my gates to whatever will open

Feeling hopeless

I really gotta confess

I done failed the test

I feel all the stress

I know you hate me, I hear it under your breath

I try to intercept

But now I cant help, for the fact that I am just a real crazed

Out of control

Can’t even fathom who deals with me at home,

Especially when I’m manic while she out on the road

All the partying has been reaching to a story that has been re-told

All the excuses I said and the stories I sold

Never thought you be the one to make more bold

So warm hearted yet you make me feel cold

I know I talk too little so here we F###ing go

Another poem in my spoke

After you read this you might wanna smoke

After all of the things that I used to write but now its switched to wrote

Starting to believe I still have a soul

Even though I sold it for gold

Never knew how my story would be told

Aw damn another missed note, everything looks so close.

Wanted to be that shinning bit of hope

Guess my emotions got in way too deep

All over the bay, hitting up every street

After the party finding something to eat

Smoking up a stogg with some coffee

That’s a great way to start my speech

Matter fact the way I start my eats

Fading to black after I get full

You swear your momma didn’t raise no fool

So why did it take you so long to choose?

Running away was a great place to think

Not looking back as everything starts to sink

Wondering if I am the real or just another fake thing

Or maybe a crazy kid thinking he’s a heartless king

Not even a valiant royalty

The deman’s destroying me

The white light above have turned into a beacon of authority

And all that shit could mean nothing more to me,

The madness, the mad gasms of this trag-addict

Running out of tricks, gotta find some new magic

Why do I stay blind to what’s in front of me?

The ways of a reject that wrecked all the people who valued his respect

Nothing. Nothing left, I got no pep in my step

Or bounce when I walk

Million different voices outlined in chalk

No faces but their sound still stalks

Lingering tears never happen to appear

Don’t take a genius to know when troubles near

Here comes the drinks, are we ready to cheers?

How many of us is the same than they was since the new year?

Is this a true fear?

That someday you friends wont come near

Over to the pad that you share

With you mama and baby bear

Cant believe ive been in the blind spot

Stuck in the rear

Hoping my beer goggles can hide these anxiety tears

Fuck looking weird!

I spent about 10 plus years to see my words shine real clear

Up in the wind I can see it happened

That dark cloud approaching has finally took a descend

As I gaze up at the sky with a bright grin

I knew I had been gone within the sin

Cause my eyes started to strain and my face had a squint

Never thought my awakening would be such a light tint

The life that has sided my sight is a fire that ignites

And so goes my fight.

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