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*:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:* "Why are you wearing the black suit and bow tie?" She asked as she got into the car. He looked at the rear-view mirror and fixed his bow tie properly, then cleared his throat. "All the things that I just did was difficult, I had to think about this and couldn't sleep the whole night." "So what! When did I even ask for your help?" She snapped with frustration. He turned to her, "I just kidnapped you, silly, so that I can marry you instead. Not that wanker!" And he glanced at her with his alluring eyes. Maybe the past had ruined them but the present could change them in a better version of themselves for the future. Would they be able to leave their hysterical emotions behind and continue to live a normal life? What if they ruin the future without even realizing? What would be the consequences? *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *English is not my first language, so take pity on me.* *Warning: This work contains self harm, violence, foul languages, uses of drugs and mild sexual content.*

Romance Suspense romantique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans. © All rights reserved by Del Maibam

#Abusive #creep #self-harm #suicidalthoughts #romance #thriller #psychotic #toxicrelationships #tragic #obsession #violence #life #inkspiredstory
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As she stepped out of the building, it started raining slowly and slowly. What a coincidence! It was raining inside her world too. Her heart was pounding in fear pondering what if she regrets later but a part of her said that it was better in that way and that was the best decision for now and then.

"It's alright. I will explode today and end everything. I swear I will never regret it." She said to herself and put on her headphones. Isolated by her surroundings but the music was always there for her. Tears pricked the corners of her eyes and then a tear drop slipped down her face when she blinked. So, drop by drop, they mixed with the raindrops. The lyrics of the song mourned with her.

Her life had been ruled by the darkness and cruelty. She could not escape from it but that day she wanted to control and rule the darkness. She could not remain silent and numb the pressure again and again.

"No more of thinking to kill myself again just to escape from them. It's not even worth it."


Screaming at the top of his lungs, he ran towards the waves of the ocean, which made the sea gulls flew away, and jumped into the salty water. He swam here and there giggling and flapping his hands over the surface of the water with joy and thrill.

One might be suffering or he was supposed to be colored by blue but that day he felt something that he had never felt before. Freedom! It felt like he had flown away like a bird from the cage after being locked up for years and years.

Beach, a place where he had been always longing to visit. Now, he is there and no one is gonna stop him and give the limit time. He can be there as long as he wants, enjoying the sunlight and catching glimpse of the seagulls flying upon the azure sky. Then, when it was about for the sun to be set, he could behold the red sunset and if he is lucky, he might be able to see the lilac sky he was hoping for.

"Someone who is as beautiful as lilac is someone you can rely on."

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