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Karina took it upon herself to write a life-changing story. Talking about her upbringing in a Russian orphanage with her siblings. And what it was like when she got adopted. You would think life in America would be wonderful and free, but she saw a lot of darkness growing up in both countries.

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Chapter one

Chapter one

Waking up on a Sunday morning I saw the light was peeking through the window and it hit my dark brown wood floor so beautifully. With the smell of fresh bed sheets that I was wrapped in, it made me smile. I get out of bed and put on my robe. Walking over to the bathroom to turn on the shower, I take off my robe and get in. The warm water touching my skin gave me goosebumps at first but then it was like rain drops falling from the sky. Washing myself with my favorite body wash that smelled like green apples fresh off the tree, enjoying a nice warm shower. I hear a knock at the door.

knock” knock”I turn off the water and get out. I think to myself, who could this possibly be at 10:00 a clock in the morning? As I am putting on my robe I yell, “I will be right there.”The person is still knocking.“knock” “knock” “knock”.I am walking over to open the door and hear a familiar voice saying, “open the door already”I open the door and it was my older sister Malvina. She stopped by to probably see how I am doing.

Malvina walks in and looks around. She hasn’t been over in a long time. She goes over to my favorite painting and says, “I did not know you had this painting?”I look at her and said, “yea It was one of my favorites that mom left me.She smiles at me and I offer her something to drink. She heads to the couch and I bring her a cup of ice tea from my fridge. I tell her “Giveme a minute I got to get dressed”.Walking over to my room I look around and open the closet doors. I see a t-shirt and some shorts laying on the ground. I pick up the shirt and bring it up to my nose to smell it. It smelled really clean. (It must be the Gain. I think. Lol) I guess it fell off my hanger or something! Oh well I’ll just put this on. I pull up my shorts as I head towards the mirror. making sure I look decent. Then it hits me! The poor girl is waiting out there on me and I am taking my sweet old time. Malvina is yelling, telling me to get my butt out to the living room. As I walk out Malvina is going on about how nice my couch is. Sitting next to her, I smile and have a flash back of when we were little girls. I ask her if she remembers any of the crazy things we did as kids? She looks over at me and starts to laugh. I ask her, “What’s so funny?”Malvina says, “Karina, do you rememberwhen you fell off the bed and started to laugh while you were bleeding from your eyebrow? I was crying so hard and yet, you did not seem to be effected by the pain or anything.”“Yea,I guess I just have high pain tolerance or something.”I tell her and smile. I also show her my scar and say,“at least it’s a tiny scar. It could have been worse. Weboth nod our heads and agreed. There was a brief silence. She puts the cup of tea to her lips and all you hear is her taking a sip. I clear my throat and ask Malvina about our younger brother Victor. She puts the cup down and tells me.“Oh, he is doing really good. Finally taking care of himself. He also got a new car. it’s a red, jeep wrangler.”Oh, how nice for him, I think to myself. It makes me proud. Our little bro is finally going to be ok. Thanks to our mom who really set him up with the inheritance. But I also could not help but miss our older brother Luke. He was moms first born. After she passed, he could not live with himself. Became super depressed and just got into some heavy pain pills. My sister and I tried to help him but he just did not want any help. So not too long after Luke passed as well. I started to tear up thinking about all of this. My sister scoots closer to me on the couch and gives me a big hug. She whispers in my ear “everything is going to be ok. I miss them too!”Our mom was 75 years old when she passed away from cancer. I could not help but remember what a wonderful woman she was. I told Malvina with the tears falling from my face how much our mom had put up with when we were younger. And I laughed a little bit and made a comment on how I put her through a ringer. Malvina told me that it wasn’t only me that all of us including her and my other brothers did too!

As time goes by all this talking and memories about our childhood and how we grew up, gave me an idea. I should write a book or even write it down just for me to remember. Even though I have good life now it wasn’t always like that, I worked very hard and have overcome so much. Malvina is looking at me and wondering what I am thinking about, so I tell her about me wanting to write story about our lives and how I became who I am today.“I think it’s a good idea” shesays. I feel the support from my sister that meant a lot to me.

Our visit was coming to an end. Malvina gets up puts the empty cup on the coffee table and grabs her purse. As I get up, I go over to her and give her a big hug I tell her to not be a stranger we are sisters after all. She smiles at me and hugs me back telling me that she will be over more often. We should not go a long time without seeing each other. Our lives are finally slowing down a little bit we both finally doing well for our self’s. Malvina is a very successful toy maker she has a store and makes all the toys herself. People from all over come and buy her creations. And as for me I made moms inheritance grow so I would say I am doing pretty good.

We are both walking over to the front door I just stand there and wait; she turns around and hugs me one more time. Malvina finally let’s go and walks away I get inside and close my door, looking around I started to feel a little lonely, I thought to myself Karina snaps out of it everything is going your way. I go over to my cell phone that was laying on my couch. I picked up the phone and I found my daughter’s number then hit the call button.

The phone rings and I was sent to her voice mail, did not feel like leaving her a massage. Thinking to myself that she is probably busy hanging out with her friends that she spent the night at. I sent a text instead saying how much I loved her and making sure she is ok. Couple of minutes went by I get a text back “heymom yea I am having fun and I love you too. And hey my friend's mom will drop me off”.I respond to the message saying. “okbaby I'll see you later”.I put the phone down and walk over to the kitchen. Looking in my fridge I wasn’t too happy with what we had to eat, so I just decided to watch some TV. I walk over to the couch and could not find the remote. This was getting ridiculous what is it with me and not knowing where I put my stuff. Maybe this was a sigh I should be focusing on writing my little story like I was planning on doing. Walking over to my laptop I open it up and grabbed a note book for some side notes. Once I had my notes all together. Then my mind jumped to an unpleasant memory.

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