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Part 1 Introduction

Almalda Kazin is my name I would imagine you have never heard my name.Well mainly because I am not famous for doing nothing if I were famous my parents wouldn't be sending me to boarding school.In a way I suppose it is not entirely their fault I mean they do have work and since they travel a lot I imagine I wouldn't really be on their priority list.They have got to make a living I suppose however that does not excuse the fact that they left me at a boarding school so they could have sex in private after work.Anyway how am I suppose to know when they are doing the dirty.At the time I was just 5 and wanted to see whether or not the monster had eaten mum and dad to see if i had the house to myself.I mean seriously if you didn't want to get caught I would suggest making less noise.Though thinking about it that might be hard to do considering having sex is supposed to give you pleasure.Though it has never truly given me pleasure no matter who I am with.Whether that be a boy or a girl though I could try someone else i suppose.Though i truly do not see the point.

Now back onto boarding school this has to be one of those ridiculous plans parents think might work but in the end make it a whole lot worse.Truth be told i think they have already tried this plan but that was at a public school and travel made it hard to stick at one place.Hell even if I stayed at one place i do not think I would have managed to make any friends.Mainly because why would I like to hang out with a bunch of morons if I wanted to do that i would have just stayed in a room with my parents forever.The uniform here is honestly the worse thing I have ever seen in my life like what made you think I want to wear a skirt or dress all day.I want to wear some nice trousers thank you very much.However we do get a free period ever day which is friking amazing might I say.A whole hour away from these people though I will have to find a spot to be in peace first though.Which looking around the open fields without a tree in sight seemed to somehow become difficult.

Someone was speaking I should probably listen but am I going to.Cant say I will listen as I am not here to hear the crap adults put out.Thank you very much if I wanted that to happen I would have come here willingly but as it so happens I really would rather die before coming here at my own free will

"Do you understand me?"the woman said with a voice that sounded like she wanted to be threatening though she was obviously not much of a challenge to take on.

Nodding yes as my reply I realised that over the time I had zoned out a group of girls with sickening smiles had come over to me and stood around the woman as if waiting for orders. The woman who i am guessing is the head teacher started walking away with a strut and I suddenly realised with a painful groan that these girls were either here for the tour or the most likely option my roommates.

My theory was proven right second laters when a girl with sickening pink hair reached her hand out to me and spoke with a voice that was obviously very self centered.

"Hi New Girl,My name is Lilith and I'm the boss round here.So if I were you I would do anything I say or suffer the consequences"while saying all this she had the same grin that i was used to for at every new school there was always this one girl who had decided that under no circumstances would anyone be considered better than her.Someone I always managed to find my way on the wrong side of this girl which had meant a lot of detention.I could live the rest of my life without writing another line of I will not disrespect anyone and will be extremely careful about my actions.Though I really couldn't give a shit about what they said or made me write.For one adults were full of bullshit and had a habit to lie about certain things.Such as affairs and what not.My father had cheated on my mother but they were still together because my mother had also been cheating on father.So they decided to keep it going with their separate other as long as it didn't leak to the public.I knew of course but i have never told anyone because I do not see the point in it.

"Got it Slut"Ahh Lilith was talking probably wants me to be afraid of her which for the record is never going to happen.Though for the time beinging I just decided to go along with it.No need to cause trouble just yet well not at the moment.So I just nodded my head and said yes.Like mother said trouble always finds me or well Trouble is in the family's name which is quite accurate if I think about my parents relationship among other things.

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