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This book is about a man who has a normal life and becomes blind as a result of an accident, but this blindness brings him a new beginning in his life. Blindness is not something we have experienced or seen much in our lives or around us, but this is the life story of a man who quotes blindness with a different life from the rest .... I hope you enjoy reading this story.

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Voice Story: New life

(In the name of God)

What's interesting is that humans

Humans blame the world for their problems instead of their dreams


What 's more interesting is that the world is full of different people

And humans are full of different dreams

And dreams are the builders of the future of different human beings .

Voice Story :

In the insurance company, all the employees and even the officials did their daily work and enjoyed it, but there was someone in between who was tired of this repetitive work, getting up every morning and coming to work and sitting at the computer and accounts of the company set up to think he was really boring, but he did not know why the rest of sense to have these habits as if they were slaves to one master ; A master called repetitive habits . Until one day, the company accounts are broken and they announce that all the employees of the company should have to work overtime for a few hours. That person, like the others, was busy setting up the company accounts , but in a state of tiredness, he heard a strange sound; on the computer a certain distance from one another were And were synchronized sound every single walk in the hall, burble a cooler and knocking punch all of them in a certain order and harmony had been given . They all had a rhythm to follow up . Mordad got up to see what the reaction of the others was to these sounds ; Everyone was doing the usual things . It is as if no one is listening to or paying attention to the sounds around them . Meeting again has his mind on his work focused now have , but if it was songs of , and to kill himself . He felt he was entering another world ; A world that has no meaning at that time . He put his hand under his chin and closed his eyes to see how the song ended . The song continued until the head of the department called him . The song was interrupted; he felt that he was losing touch with that imaginary world and saw that after all that good feeling he was still sitting on the same hard chair in his office ; Chair for him was the worst punishment , but no punishment is nothing but bear no because otherwise he must say goodbye . The head of the department saw him above his head and reminded him to pay attention to his work . He focused his mind and started working . It didn't take more than a few minutes for the song to be made again .

As if he was not the composer of this song, he only listened to the song that others were making; a song that even others were unaware of being made . He could not put his mind to work, so he got angry and punched the table . Everyone looked at it . He was embarrassed and tried to make everything look normal with a smile and continued his work . That day afternoon , on the way home in the taxi as it was thought . The taxi driver got in the car . Switch the machine rotating D , hand-pulled , gear and so he was a little gas ; Was again separated from his body so his soul wherever he wants to go, but feared the car quickly got out and walked to the house he moved . In all during the course of his ear had been to hear the sound . On his way home, he saw a street band performing together as he approached them; he was squeezing his ear with all his might, his ear was white from the pressure . Frightened and shivering, he passed the band when he got home . Without saying a word or greeting any of the apartment dwellers, he went to his house and locked the door on himself . Mr. Muzaffar was one of the person's neighbors. When he saw the situation, he went to its house and knocked on the door . Mordad said in a low voice, as if fear was hidden, "I'm sorry, I have a cold today and I can't talk much, so I came inside quickly so that no one would catch a cold ." But Mordad was not cold ! He was terrified; For the first time in her life she was really scared, she looked very different world from the world of sound, a world full of sound that no one if they do not hear . He was not hungry, so he went and sat in his room on his black wheelchair, playing with his hands with the tools he had brought from his office and placed on his wooden desk, and he had put all his thoughts on the strange sound that was heard today. He had heard where his work came from, as he was drowning in thought; Suddenly he saw another voice, similar to the strange one, approaching him . The chair stood up and looked around and cut , but the new thing is or who saw . He sat down on a chair again and started playing with those objects on the table and thought again; Suddenly he saw that sound start playing again, this time he felt the sound much closer . Without moving, he looked around the phone with his eyes, but again no one saw around; Suddenly his eyes fell on the instruments on the table that he was playing with his hands, they were the instruments that played this song . How can a blue ink pen, two 4A papers, an old blue punch, a yellow sharpener and a pencil create such a beautiful rhythm and melody? This was a question that was constantly minds of Mordad to bring their own and busy, but convincing answer to it was not . That night he tried his best not to think about what had happened to him that day so that he could rest a little, but he could not sleep because of the intensity of his daydreaming . He was so tired that he fell asleep with the sound of a song whispering in his ear . The next morning, as usual, he woke up at 6 o'clock in the morning, ate his breakfast, and put on his clothes to go to work as if he had forgotten all that had happened to him yesterday, or perhaps thought it was all just a nightmare. Has been . When she was in front of the mirror, she combed her hair to get ready and go to work; He remembered everything, so he decided to leave the handsfree, the handsfree did not work, but so that no one would doubt, he connected it to his mobile phone so that he could not hear those annoying noises and those rhythms, and left the house safely . As he walks to work moving the others are too embarrassed to take it in his ear when the handsfree is watching . Because he had never been in such a situation, but little by little he was getting used to it . He swallowed his fear and entered his workplace; He greeted everyone and went and sat down . He still hadn't taken out the handsfree . He had the situation well go, but suddenly see that the upper part of his head and Mordad notes that in his hands because instead of listening to songs not work . Mordad tried to satisfy the head of the department with a reason and argument ; Some of the reasons were right and some of them were fabricated, but the head of the department was not satisfied . The head of the other department had run out of patience and threatened to fire Mordad . Mordad still could not bring anything because if hands-free in addition to being not able to work and be ashamed in front of everyone was fired because he would like time to be angry and do something unusual . For these reasons, he received his dismissal order there . He took his belongings from his closet, said goodbye to his friends, and left . Outside, he stood in front of the company and looked at the company; A company that when it was first hired did not fit into its skin, where it was employed in such a place of unemployment, at that time it was better than many of its friends that it could have been hired in such a place, but now After working there for several years, maybe he should have said goodbye there forever because everything was different . On the way home she saw the same band every day on the way home saw them there . An idea came to his mind, but he was afraid to tell his thoughts to that band . After struggling with himself for a while , he finally convinced himself to talk to the band . He wanted to be a member of their band because he felt he might have a talent for music, but he himself was unaware of it . As soon as he made his offer to that band; They laughed at him and made fun of him, saying that we, who are musicians, have been playing music and performing for several years, yet we do not have many viewers and we cannot make a living as we should . You who have no knowledge of these things, what do you want to do ? How can human beings judge each other by their appearance and prefer the human appearance to the human inside or connect the two as fast as a fox has a beautiful tail, but because of its predatory nature and animal hatred, animals stay away from it seek, and although Canary beautiful tail fox, but voices ear catching his men are on his side takes so many to get it costs a great deal and some by growing and selling a lot of money to To be . Mordad saw the chair on which the shadow had fallen and went and sat on it . He took some of the instruments he had taken from his closet at the company at the time of his dismissal from his bag and placed them in front of him. He took a deep breath and began to play with the spoon and fork inside his bag . At first no one cared about it . Mordad closed his eyes so that he could better focus on the rhythm of the song . After a few minutes, little by little, he noticed everyone, and the men stood in front of it in a semicircle . It did not take long for over 18 people to gather around the chair . Men also made it more beautiful with the movements of their hands and feet . When the song was over, Mordad opened his eyes; Do not believe it was more than what was expected, men are gathered around him and together they went for it . One of the members of that band, who was all called Darius , came forward in the crowd and shook hands with Mordad and said, "Forgive us for making fun of you; You are also a member of this group ".

After five months of street performances along the various streets of the city, with the cooperation of the members of the money group, it was finally enough for the band to give a short concert in one of the city halls . On the night of the concert, everyone was very stressed, even though they tried to rehearse along the street every day while working, they still felt weak . Darius went in front of all the band members stood up and said : I do not feel that anyone among us who is not given a hard time for all of us to turn barely pulled size and have a little money, heat, cold and letters chilling some men may have struggled , but we When it is not only the man of the house, but the men of the city and serve our country and we unveiled our talent . Now is the time to harvest the crop and the crop is not the empty scene; The product is within us, within our hearts; The instrument of reaping it is our will and playing today and tomorrow . Let the product be reaped from our hearts and sent to the hearts of others .

After Dariush's speech, everyone put their hands on Dariush's hand and uttered the name of God in one voice. They entered the stage better than a few minutes ago. The number of spectators was very small. Maybe the hall looked big, but the children tried. They did not find anything strange or annoying for them tonight . Must be played tonight .

It was time to wait; The performance started . They acted as they had planned . Less than a minute after the performance, a series of spectators came . This disturbed the focus of the musicians . Mordad got up from his place and went in front of them and told them to leave until the performance is over and then comment . However, some of the audience continued to protest . The others shouted at them, although most of them did not understand music at all . One of the spectators threw his can of soda towards Mordad so that none of the musicians could see it for fun and jokes , and it hit him in the face . While Mordad fainted from the pain on the ground; The audience wanted to leave the concert and wanted their money.

When Mordad opened his eyes, he saw that he was lying on a bed in the doctor's office , and got up . He saw some of his teammates sitting there . Confused and surprised, he told them how the performance went. But they were silent, Mordad asked that question again with fear, one of them said to him in a demanding manner : Nothing, everything is over, the performance is disrupted . His condition worsened . After the examination, the doctor told him that he was losing his sight and needed surgery . Mordad lowered his head with regret and stared at the doctor and said : Is there no other way? Because I can not afford surgery . The doctor Mordad looked up and said to him : that he should be eligible if introduced into a hospital and another doctor, but if your could he heal Mordad will be treated free of charge .

Eight nights later , it was raining, and like the last few nights ; Mordad was sitting on a wooden chair in his room . His eyes were very weak and could hardly even see the front foot and tried at home with tactile way to go . Try a deep breath and smell the rain, feel the still carefully drizzle voice from behind the glass listened to . And there was again just the same old song that was a long time that to him was not . It was playing in his ear ; The drizzle of the rain , the sound of a hinge in the room, the sound of the wind blowing , the sound of a wooden chair sitting on it , the sound of it breathing and ... Everything was quiet , so quiet that the sounds were insignificant and were shown holding hands and song making process . When performing nature when he 's better than everyone knows that even the most insignificant things, how to exploit to its glory to demonstrate that this show of power, it is higher; What he has gives nature this power .

Mordad , although he could not see well, got up and opened the door of the room and left; Wooden wardrobes slowly approached her, and two in the lower small wooden prominent role to put some work had been opened; There was a small box in which it was open, he took it out, in the box there were a few brushes with wider, narrower and narrower hair; It also had a color palette, several acrylic paints and a small canvas . Mordad before the insurance company to work sometimes painted, but when it was now too busy for painting aside and insurance work, but drawing tools he had abandoned If he wanted to continue painting one day, he should have the tools . Some time wanted to sell the items to obtain more money to live and settle worried, but still he was not satisfied that sell them; His memories of the toys and they just were not empty multi-colored wood, Yadgar's mother and father and their past life he had when his parents were still alive, and he lived with them not only Like these days . He picked up all the items and with the same sense of touch managed to return to his room where he was a few moments ago . On the wooden chair he sat with another chair to his right board, like the canvas his contract on top of it so it does not wobble boards and their colors on the color palette poured . He put aside the glass of water he had already drunk in the room and still had some water left in it . Brush her and closed his eyes watered down and paint and paint brush in one of his colors and canvas above his left and playing musicians nature began to pull out . Bass sounds made with the pen and the higher the range , the sounds, the more the brush to be lower , and sometimes are the voices intertwined that the sound was not deep and not below; Pens Wish you a few times and is positioned to continue the contract . The brush on the canvas was not , and also to continue to drag out ; The sound of rain feather and down , the sound of the brush upward lifting guided, wind it twisted and tangled along the sound of breathing it out , voices were working themselves out , but if a person that it would lead to ; The leader of the orchestra , though each had different talents , found them to be disciplined in playing the lead out .

A few minutes later , the painting was finished . The page was left blank on the board and now after the orchestra turns run Mordad . Then it should all be pulling in their own language runs out . He did not open his eyes and put down his brush while taking a deep breath; He put his hand on the left side of the canvas, where he had started drawing . The colors had dried by that time, and the bumps that Mordad could feel well with his sense of touch began to whisper . As the color and bumps his voice deep with color and bumps his voice down below, and when you turned the color and bumps along the find was . He continued his voice with a listening tone. Less than a minute later, his voice was rising louder than a whisper, and he was singing to himself in a louder voice . He did not take his hand off the board, he only followed the painting with two index fingers and the biggest finger of his hand . In some places, he felt that he could continue the song as he wished, or that he could sing it better, but when he returned to the song, he saw that it was nothing short of beautiful . Finally, he reached the end of the painting and his hand came out of the painting, where he ended the song by stretching and dragging his voice .

Mordad panels on the chest and he pressed the painting as his chest was his . He raised his head and said in a loud voice what he remembered from Dariush's speech the night before the concert, with great enthusiasm and by increasing its sense of hope . Dariush was really impressed, but the defeat he and the other members of the band suffered at the concert had a profound effect on them, even though nine days had passed since they were scheduled to perform at the concert; After this period, all of them left their homes only for necessary work, as if the world had driven them away . This time , Mordad himself was disappointed, however, he raised his head and said : There are miracles that make the world special. If they were not miracles, there would be no world . The world needs diversity and change more than it needs ordinary people with dry habits . Transformation made human beings where they are now . Wonders of the number of slaves they used to scoff because of dry and nasty man of that . Only men do not change. The world and the universe is full of changes. Never an apple tree only gives apples during the year, sometimes it blooms, sometimes autumn leaves and sometimes nothing . We are now in the winter we winter and spring is flourishing . He said this and returned with a disappointed face . Darius still had scope of another defeat, but the letter of Mordad convince her to try again . Dariush looked at Mordad and said that we have spent many opportunities so far and we did not, but now is not the time for regret and maybe this is our last chance. .

Mordad and Dariush gathered the other members of the group together and looked for a place to practice . Fortunately ! One of the members of his father's group had a restaurant that was open only in the afternoon . Everyone agreed that at a certain time tomorrow morning everyone would be there to start practicing until the restaurant opened .

Tomorrow morning, members of the group to a restaurant that for practice identified by the left, but all the members have not had . Some have a few minutes of late coming, but some other even half an hour after the time set by the come . Even phone them to answer not have or off as they were . In any case, members of the group after the half hour waiting for practice to start up; Mordad to them explaining that they must either work out; He can read the rest of the play . In the hours of the working group to coordinate the absence of a practice more need be up to the procedure used to because previously all the time I played, although the program has had, but some of these it 's important to do that and so they have to have . At first, more are complaining that they have this so hard is and we could not be sure . With the presence of all the problems ; Mordad the members of the group 's coordinator and one to and from all of the work and talent they used to be . All the movements of the hand- Mordad that from before them to explain the data to be that every move Mark is ready to play were . Mordad ahead and got to it on the stand . Piece of wood to that in the hands of the high range . He has to remember God, calm down and at the bottom of the timber, the implementation of training to start up . With the drag on the scoreboard small that it's night, it 's drawn the later of the songs water and twist the real her to get out; Began to read it . Voices of Bam to the top winning the wood and the sounds because the bottom of the timber to which the display can be and also stretching of the extension of the co-ordination of information and also with the wood guide can be .

After a few rounds of practice after all the place of actual themselves on the run to find out . Each one is fully aware of was that every one of the movements of the stick on to any part of the song and what those should be part of the run , and what those should sound playing them on bass and what people need to hear playing them the following and raised there . Aug eyes to be closed to tar the rest of focusing on the well does not, but no one in this work he objected not be even because you do not ask; To have had it on the left to this issue would never call not to feel them out of the hands do not . The time of passage, the members of the Group lunch and in the restaurant ate and later the it immediately practice to start up . It was not all are fascinated by this song and run with them .

After the afternoon that was in the window of the open , they and the children of the members of the group with the help of the tables to prepare the reception of the customers were and in the stands long that in the end the restaurant is located was based were , and the one place that the pre- determine the Were meeting . With the restaurant open was even after the lapse of a time one enters it was not . All were tired , you were up to Mordad came forward and gave to them and said, Now, when the art of the artist is and the fact that no one of the members of the group and the father of one of the children of ( the restaurant ) and two cooks and a waiter run to start the . All over the place they went and executed to start up .

The sound of music in the restaurant are wrapped and the way in and the windows are open to the way it was . Songs ear -catching and fetching Yi was ; In a way that amounted to 20 people and in the same minute, first attracted her, and brought them to the restaurant . The more that the start Run the passing crowd more to the restaurant down can be . Mr. Farhadi owner of the restaurant to say : until now, such a crowd that the restaurant is to sit at the table did not kill lines and the first founded this restaurant has now seen is that men are so eager to come to the restaurant . All members of the band to play the songs continue to have clients with enthusiasm as possible for it by humming songs escorted . Then from the mother of songs all members of the group from the place of their rose . Mordad is still behind the man I stood, turned around and the man of opened his eyes, but bright lights blinded his vision was blurry light but could not see anything or anyone else . He bowed his head in confusion and sadness . He felt like he was hearing a clapping sound that was getting louder every moment; Field of applause and cheering man I was . Man I thought the conductor that same Mordad the head as a sign of respect and bending the end of the song . May the joy of bursting to sign and pay respect in front of all the customers hands to the back and waist bent . The life his sense of rhythmic inside and it was , as if waiting means that it is a long time .

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