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Morounfoluwaaaaa..my roommate shouted from outside the room,clearly woman was angry,she only calls my name like that when she's pissed off and obviously about to burst, I came out of the bathroom dripping wet and my eyes didn't miss the clear anger on her face,I know you don't want to go but babes this one you ain't escaping it. she started with her eyes still glaring angrily

I dressed up and packed my shoes and all into my bag we headed to the makeup artist that happened to be Folu's boyfriend's sister and in no time our faces were doing bling bling.

We entered the party and took a table our other friends were sitting down faces blinging too..greetings and we started to look around watching the party move in full swing it was our first school dinner and our department had merged with another department there was a celebrity guest too..well since we're here let's just enjoy the party in full swing.

all activities moved totally the awards began and the hype then the after party it was 2am already..don't skip the part where i said this is my first college party so that explains thxt I don't do late nights and this is my first.

The after party came and my friends and I were determined to enjoy this one and we started out with dancing this guy to this to this switching away from anyone that tried to become clingy it was just a party why so clingy...? I was having fun, a bit of partying doesn't hurt afterall. rocking in full swing and me acting like I was drunk even though I have never taken alcohol..I couldn't even see the faces of those

i was dancing with,the lights were switched after the main dinner and the whole place looked like a club, don't get me wrong I haven't been to one before,the one we see in movies I mean.

Still dancing this guy came i was literally being squeezed in between two so I moved on with the new one we didn't dance for long, he wasn't a good one at that so we settled to talk.

"Hi I'm Derrick" he shouted as loud as he could over the loud music,"Folu" i replied, the music was obviously too loud to talk in a place like this so we went downstairs my friends mouthing words to be sure I was okay and I nodded

We took seats downstairs, Foluke? he asked, NOT AGAIN. I hate it when people call me that without knowing my full name,No its Morounfoluwa I answered, rolling my eyes.thats a beautiful name. Thank you, I answered proudly

We talked about how both didn't want to come and our friend's dragged us,talked about school year and courses,hostels to a couple of other things then we went back inside after about an hour my friends were Suprised to see I was already talking to stranger guy so closely

still sitting close to each other we managed to still say a couple of words admist the loud music and our bodies being close trying to start another dance session he tried to kiss me.

Lol..this boy doesn't know me o.. after couple of more words exchanged if we could see the next day,we exchanged contacts too and he left after an hour I headed back to my hostel with my friends it was early morning already,I jumped up on my bed without even cleaning my makeup

woke up hours later with a headache and I was still sleepy there was a text from Derrick, I replied to and off i dozed again.

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