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A secret held for many years may have returned to disrupt the idyllic lives of the Cassey family. Long ago, a vow was made, a pact entered into and now may return and tear apart a family forever.

Fantaisie Fantaisie sombre Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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In the Beginning

"Our story begins as often many a grand tale does, in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.: "Grandpa..." came a shrill voice from the kitchen. "I thought that we told you not to fill little Louis head with these tales of God and all that rubbish, there is no place for that talk in this house anymore." "But mom, I want to hear grandpas tale, and i am not little anymore i am 14 years old and I can make my own mind up." Louis mom, let out a sigh and playfully shook her head at him, she turned to go back into the kitchen and over her shoulder said as she disappeared into the kitchen. "Well as you are such a grown up Louis, you can do the dishes and take out the trash tonight." Louis head snapped around and looked almost traumatised at the thought of having to wash the dishes, one of the things he hated the most in the world and to make things even worse he now had to add taking out the trash to the list of things he had to do tonight before bed he thought to himself my mom hates me, Louis snapped back to reality and looked up to the sight of his grandpa sniggering behind his hand almost as if he had heard the very thought inside the boys head. "Now my boy, what have I told you before, "Thou Shalt Honour Thy Mother and Father" there are consequences to being cheeky my boy." he said with a smile that could light up the entire room. "Next time don't say it so loud and your dear mother will not be able hear you." The elderly man rose from his chair and patted him on the head. "Now I am going to go and wash up before supper. If I can make a a suggestion Louis, why not go and wash your hands before we eat, they're looking a little messy from all that drawing." "Yes gramps." "Ok you two trouble makers, supper will be in 10minutes please go and wash up before we eat." Came the same shrill voice from the kitchen. Grampa sniggered again as he was walking out the door the voice added "That goes for you to grampa ." Louis looked at his grampa as if he were some kind of mystical entity that could see in to the future. "Ok mom, I'm going to go wash my hands before we eat, see you soon."

At the supper table the family were sitting freshly washed hands at the ready to dive into the bounty that had been prepared for them. "This looks absolutely delicious Katherine, i cannot wait to taste it all." "Well as long as you leave some for the rest of us piped up louis from his end of the table. Katherine scowled at her son and reprimanded him sternly "Young man, you are dangerously close to being rude to your grandfather. you should show respect to your elders." louis looked down at his feet and with his head hung he apologised to his grandfather. "Oh katherine you shouldn't be so harsh on the lad he was just making a joke. "Well, he is getting very good at talking back." "Back when I was a young man..." Grampa started Katherine looked up at the ceiling and exhaled loudly. "huhhummm, now who's being rude young lady. I can see where my favourite grandson gets his cheeky streak from." Sitting there at the dinner table louis looked at his mother but did not make eye contact, her head hung and she apologised to her father. Grampa looked over at louis and gave him a cheeky wink and they shared a smile. Louis had to bite his lip to avoid bursting out laughing. As he sat at the table looking hungrily at the feast that was laid out before them Louis thought to himself, "I wonder why mom has gone all out on supper tonight?" his curiosity was piqued and he couldn't resist the urge to ask a question "Why have you gone to town on the food mom?" "Is it a special night tonight mom?" "Well son, yes indeed it is your father has just gotten a promotion at work... and, I wanted to do something special for you all tonight to celebrate the news." "Woohoo, dad is amazing. he is the smartest man on earth." "Well he is very smart indeed," agreed grampa "but can he do this." now with the attention firmly back in his direction grampa continued "Did I ever tell you the story of moses parting the red sea my boy? "yes indeed you have I remember it well, it is one of my favourite." they both looked over at Katherine almost simultaneously as if expecting some protest but to their surprise, there was none. Katherine just looked over and sighed a little and with a rather grand gesture reminiscent of a queen at a banquet table motioned for grandpa to continue. He gave a little nod and started on with his tale. About 10 minutes had gone on and grampa had Louis engrossed as he so often did with a wild gesture he obviously had reached the crescendo, katherine turned and looked out of the window, she had a nervous feeling Johnathan is never this late she thought to herself. and without warning a loud staccato Fart broke the silence that had built up. Katherine spun around with a look of bemusement on her face just in time to see grampa stand and take a bow. "what in gods name was that." exclaimed the disgusted woman. "Did that nose come from you dad?" With that there was an eruption of laughter and they all sat back down and as the silence resumed a rather more serious air came over the room.

"Is everything ok mom, you went very quiet." "Wha..., oh sorry darling, yes I am ok, I was just wondering what in heavens name name is keeping your father." "Yes i was wondering where Johnathan had gotten to my dear i wanted to ask him something regarding a certain book i found in my belongings last night." "Oh dad, you and your books, I'm sure johnathan will help you out, when he eventually gets home." "Well, this won't do will it, let us tuck in and start supper, your father can get his when he eventually gets home." The boy and the old man looked at each other and a worried look passed between them, it seemed as if the look had gone unnoticed by Katherine as the family minus johnathan began to fill their plates.

"That my dear daughter was the best meal I have ever had the pleasure of eating." The mood seem to lift slightly as the conversation finally turned to the chores of washing the dishes and taking out the trash. "Well my boy." Grampa looked over at Louis and smiled. "How about I cut you a deal my boy, you do the dishes and I will take out the trash?" Louis almost jumped out of the seat to shake his grandfathers hand. "Deal." Louis my boy, would you please just go and get my cup from my bedroom please, I seem to have forgotten it, you know this old mind is starting to go." The old man laughed and then the two nodded and then rose to get on with their chores. Louis rushed out into the living room for a moment then back into the kitchen. "The green cup Grampa?" "Yes please, that's the one." like a shot Louis was out of the door leaving Just him and Katherine alone. "I am sure that johnathan has just been held up at work my love, he has just been promoted after all, I am sure their must be a lot for him to do." The old man rested his hand on his daughters shoulder and gave it a loving squeeze." "I hope that this just doesn't become a regular occurrence that is all." her father just smiled and squeezed again on her shoulder. "It will all work out in the end, I know it we just have to show patience." And with that the old man scooped up the trash bag and walked out to place it in the trash can outside on the curb.

After what seemed like 20 minutes or so, Louis rushed back into the room brandishing the cup "Here you go grampa, i have your cup for you. it took me ages to find it was buried underneath a stack of old papers and books." The old man looked down at his grandson and smiled at him and asked. "You haven't rearranged my papers have you young man?" the boy looked nervous and shuffled his feet. "I haven't I promise, I just moved a few things to get the cup that's all, I promise, I swear..."The old man just bent down and hugged his grandson. "Louis it is ok I was only teasing you. "oh and by the way your mom and I did the washing up whilst you were looking for that cup." You are welcome." The old man said his good nights and retired for the evening.

"Louis, it is time for bed. Come on. Theres a good young man." "Coming mom, I am just putting the dishes away." a sudden look of surprise crossed his mother's face and then she smiled and told him to come over here and give her a hug good night. "Mommy, where is daddy?" "I don't know, but I am sure he won't be to much longer." Although in her minds eye she knew that was not the truth she didn't know how much longer he was going to be and what was even more odd was the fact she didn't even know where he was." "Good night mommy." suddenly she snapped back to reality and answered her son. "goodnight my sweet, I love you to the moon and back." Louis rushed of up stairs and went into his room.

another hour had passed and it was starting to get very late 10pm and still no sign of Johnathan, "4 Bloody hours late, and he is not answering his damn phone. I bet he's off gallivanting down the pub with his colleagues." as soon as the thought came into her head it disappeared as the words of her father rang through her mind. "I will try and call him one last time before bed." she took a sip of her wine that she had left on she livingroom table and as she replaced the cut crystal glass back and picked up the cordless phone it rang In her hands. She stared at the screen to see if she could recognise the number but she was 3 glasses into a rather lovely bottle of red and her vision, which was not exactly 20/20 to begin with was getting a little worse. She took a big breath to try and gain some semblance of composure and the raised the phone to her ear and answered it in her customary, polite manner. "Good evening this is the Cassey residents, Katherine Cassey speaking." A Male voice responded, it sounded harsh and a gruff voice of a man that obviously enjoyed a cigarette or two, but there was an unusual tone to his voice, it was soft, it was unexpected, well softer than she had expected almost like he was attempting to reassure her or gain her confidence. Mind you she had never met the man before so to be fair she thought to herself "don't be silly what where you expecting you don't know who this person is" it must have been a while before she responded to the voice as on the other end of the line she could suddenly here "Hello, Hello, are you still there Mrs. Cassey. "Yes, sorry to whom do I have the pleasure of addressing?" The voice on the other end of the line suddenly became a lot more official sounding. "This is lieutenant David Rousseau of the Drake county Sherrif's Department. "Oh good lord what has the idiot done now?" "Mrs Cassey, please allow me to finish. Your husband Is..." the sound of paper shuffled on the other end of the line "Mr... umm, excuse me Dr. Johnathan Cassey?" a sense of dread filled the soul of Katherine, her mouth went dry and her whole body went numb... in a trembling voice she responded "ye... ye... yes that is correct." "Thank you for confirming that Mrs. Cassey." The sound of the voices woke young Louis up, startled he snuck out of bed to investigate. He slowly worked his way to the top of the landing and poked his head out from between the railings to see the picture of his mother on the phone with someone a glass of wine on the table and no sign of dad. He was now starting to panic, where was his father, when is he coming home? Is he coming home? Louis had noticed that things had been tense between mother and father, maybe this was the straw that broke the camals back. He continued to watch on nervous at the scene below. The gruff voice on the other end of the line responded, suddenly switching back to the compassionate version of gruff... Mrs Cassey, there has been an accident....

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