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Demons have manifested all around the world and must be destroyed by any means necessary. An organization known as exosagins have appeared in hopes to combat the growing population of demonic entities.

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Part 1

Shinhidoka was a City in the center of the country of Hijin. The country was the largest of the six countries that covered the earth. There were demons and other dark entities appearing all around the world. The village put together the Exosagin, shinobi trained in eliminating the demons manifesting all around the world.


A ninja dressed in black without a mask moved through the forest at incredible speed. He had long white hair with silver eyes as his long hair whipped around through the air. He pulled out a kunai, filling it with his spiritual energy as blue energy outlined it with a blue flame-like aura. (There!) Throwing the blade with great precision, he struck a lesser-demon in the back, causing it to let out a screech of agony before being engulfed in blue flames. (One down, to think demons have made it this close to Shinhidoka just a few miles away. Then again, it's merely lesser-demons for now which are quite simple to execute. Lesser-demons are mindless entities that look like tall-thin black figures with large glowing red eyes. It seem to only react in loud yells with no common sense. Their fingers are as sharp as razors and therefore be a threat to normal citizens. I've once seen a lesser-demon's claws pierce through steel, so there's no question if they're dangerous or not)

The man continued moving through the forest, silently taking out each demon with his small blades infused with his immense spirit energy. After about 10 minutes he found himself in the center of the forest far from any village or city. There he landed on a tree branch where he came upon a demonic heart. These anomalies formed from large amounts of dark spiritual energy such as murder and other dark acts. The blood heart looked like a large corroded heart with red goo squirting out of it with a large pool of blood all around it. Roots were sticking out from the heart, wrapped around the nearby trees like a weed.

"Ah, so this the source of the high number of demons, not often do I find a demonic heart sitting out in the forest far from humans. Since negative spiritual energy is what forms these then something sadistic must've happened here"

"You've got that right!" A voice cried out in a loud sadistic voice. The Exosagin turned to see a pale buff creature step out from behind the heart. Blood covered its fingers as its eyes were dark as if they were empty. "With the blood sacrifice, I created this heart and feed off the blood to fill myself with it's negative spiritual energy. With this power, I shall kill you and wipe out all in my way!"

"Don't be so sure" The demon lunged toward the scouting ninja with red electricity swarming around his body as he went for the kill. He struck the tree, the sheer force of his blow caused the entire tree to break from it's roots, hitting the ground.

"No body!? Where did he go!?"

"You must've forgotten who you're dealing with. I'm one of the few remaining S- Rank Exorcists and can easily deal with you without moving from this spot" The assailant turned to see the shinobi standing in front of the heart with his back to it, focusing his attention on his demonic target.

"Defeat me without moving huh? You talk to much, let's see you back it up!" It advanced straight for him, vast demonic Spiritual energy swarmed around it. Closing his eye for a brief moment then reopening it revealed a pure glowing blue light that lit up the shaded forest.

"Secret Art: Exorcist Eye" His eye grew brighter as his target felt himself growing weaker, a burning sensation filling his body as it began to crumble away into ash. All that remained was a burned pile of ash...

CHAPTER 1 New Exorcist candidates

Each class had a specific name instead of just calling it a rank:

C Exorcist C-rank and lowest class of a ninja.

B Exorcist - An average rank of the ninja, most shinobi reached this rank and never got promoted or were content with their level.

A Exorcist An elite shinobi that were sent on high threat missions that could put anyone or the entire village or city in danger.

S Exorcist - The highest rank of a ninja and the rarest number of shinobi who have reached this rank. These exorcists have the highest chance of becoming the leader of their village and learn vast secret Arts of the Exorcist.

Kasuke Mashida was a young man who wore a black jacket with black pants. He had black hair and hazel eyes. He had heard about the exosagin and planned to become an exorcist himself.


A small village was a blaze with flames as many people ran in fear of the demons invading. Many were lesser-demons that ran around killing randomly with no remorse for the lives they had taken. Blood soon filled the streets like a dark-red stream. Cries could be heard while a small child dressed in a white shirt and black shorts hid inside with his parents. His mother had long light-brown hair wearing a purple dress. His father was a average built man with short black hair dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans.

His mother held the boy close to her as they hid in the corner of the kitchen on the tiled floor while the father gripped a pistol in his hand. "Masaki, I'm going to try and buy you time so you can escape with Kasuke"

"What about you!? I can't just leave you here to die!"

"This is no the time to argue, I'd rather die here then let our son be killed by those monsters!" Just then the kitchen windows shattered as a lesser-demon came lunging right for the man. He fired several rounds into the creature but it only seem to anger it as the creature pierced through the man's stomach. "Y-you bastard" He coughed up blood before getting one clear shot to the demon's head causing it to collapse disintegrating "G-go now"

Masaki picked up her 5-year-old son running from the house as flames finally consumed it. She ran as fast as she could, almost to the village's entrance when a unique demon appeared in front of her. It looked like a lesser-demon, but more muscular and calmer. It stared at them before giving them a grin revealing it's sharp teeth. It jumped straight for them at great speed with it's sharp nails. Masaki gripped her son tightly as both closed their eyes waiting for their end.

At that moment, a man came down from out of the clouded sky, stopping the demon's attack with a mere kunai, using it like a blade as he held it sideways, taking the full brunt of the monster's attack. Forming a protective barrier around the knife, he was able to reinforce it's durability, keeping it from shattering on contact.

Kasuke opened his eyes to see a man dressed in black defending them from the monster. The heightened-demon jumped back a few feet as it opened it's mouth, forming a sphere of dark-red spiritual energy. The area shook as the sphere grew to the size of a recking ball.

"Go, get out of here now" The man said in a calm voice not looking at them. The woman nodded as she thanked him before running past the demon out into the forest. The monster turned around, firing the demonic spiritual ball in their direction. Just as it was about to hit, the sphere warped through a black and white rift in space before reappearing right in front of it's attacker. The heightened devil let out a screech of panic as the entire city lit up in red light, red electricity whipping around the blast zone every now and then.

"Aside from your calm attitude and multiplied power, you're no different than the lesser-demons I've destroyed many times before. What you just witnessed was Spiritual rift, with this technique I'm able to warp any type of energy from one place to another in a mere instant depending on the amount of spiritual energy and how far I want it to travel. Now then, I have more important things to do rather than play with you so"

Concentrating his spiritual energy into his fingertips, the exosagin snapped his fingers straight towards the devil, sending such immense force, it was like blades piercing straight through the creature. The creature fell to the ground split in half but still alive. "You're a tough one, normally that much force would easily be enough to kill the strongest must be stronger than you look. This technique will surely end you here. Secret art: Spiritual blade storm"

Crossing his palms parallel together, blue energy swarmed around them as his body outlined in the blue aura. 10 swords made of pure spiritual energy formed right above them in the sky. Throwing both hands down at his sides, the blades soared straight down. Striking the demon all over it's body. The monster let out agonizing screams as the concealed man aimed his palm toward it, clinching his fist. "Purify" The blades grew brighter as they erupted in a massive shockwave of power, completely killing the demon...

End Of Flashback

(It's been 16 years since that night, that man whoever he was saved me, and when mom told me all that happened, it motivated me to become an exorcist of these demons that seem to plaque our world with death and torture. I will do whatever it takes to become a high-class exosagin, and rid this world of all you demons) He stood in front of a large building with an "X" in the center, it was red with a black background around it like a coin. He walked up the steps, brushing his black hair to the right as his hazel eyes gleamed in the light.

Kasuke walked through the doors of the 20-story building, finding himself in a large lobby with a red carped floor, a large black "X" in the center. There were black chairs on both sides of the room with a woman sitting behind a window going through paper work. The young man made his way up to the window. The woman way young with long black hair and brown eyes wearing a red dress.

"Hello, I'm here to register for the exorcist qualification exam"

"Please state your name and reason for registering?"

"Kasuke Mashida, I hope to help rid the world of the demons and make the world a safer place for humanity" She just looked at him with a plain expression before putting his info into her computer.

"You're all set, just make your way through that door and down the hall, you should find the right room"

"Alright thanks" He went through the door to the right of the window, walking through the long narrow hall where he reached the end with a door that read "Event room" (This should be the right room) Making his way inside he saw rows of chairs with a large stage, basically an auditorium. He made his way over to a seat in the middle room as many other participants sat and watched as a man dressed in a black jacket and pant walked up to the mike. He had long blonde hair with golden eyes. The logo was on his jacket which meant that was probably the uniform of the association.

"Welcome all who've come to become an official exorcist, my name is Seiya Nokomi, the Vice-CEO of the Exorcist association. All though I'm not the owner of the organization, I insist you come to me if you have any questions. Please know that this job isn't easy, just because you become an exorcist, doesn't mean you be killed by a demon at any moment. Not to mention those of you who'll probably fail the exams before the real challenges even begin. Please be aware, you will be facing real demons during this exam. A person's true fighting ability is revealed in times of danger. So those of you too scared to even come face to face with a devil should just leave now, for I will not tolerate such uselessness"

Kasuke saw a man with long white hair dressed in the association's uniform standing in the corner of the room leaning against the wall with his arms crossed watching the announcement, Mashida couldn't shake the feeling he knew the man from somewhere, but just tried to ignore it and continue watching the man on stage.

"For your exam, you will be taken to an area that has a decent number of lesser-demons hiding within it. The members of the A-rank exorcists shall watch how you fair against the weakest kind of monsters and decided whether you're worthy of joining the exorcists or not. If there's no further questions, then let us commence with the exam" Seiya turned to the man Kasuke had noticed before giving him a nod.

The man clapped his hands together with his eyes closed before flashing open one glowing blue eye. "Secret technique: Spiritual Rift" A rift began to form around them but at a slower Pase instant of instant since there were so many energies the user had to focus on then focus on the location of a demon within the forest to use as his teleportation point. Finally everyone within the room was transported into the forest.

"Good luck contestants, we hope you do well" Saiya commented before putting his hand on the unknown man's shoulder as they were warped just outside of the forest. "Using the ability to sense spiritual energy, we can keep track of them and the demons. The fellow high-rank exorcists are probably watching from their office using some kind of special technique. Pointless when they could just be here and sense it, saves energy"

Meanwhile Kasake found himself alone with only one other person, a blonde-haired boy with blue eyes dressed in a black long-sleeve shirt and pants. "Seems the others have no intention of working together huh?" He said as both looked around their surroundings back to back.

"Yeah, as much as I want to win this, I'm sure thinking strategically and teamwork are a factor in this exam instead of just how many you kill" Mashida answered when a demon jumped out from the trees. Kasuke grabbed a stick off the ground, striking the demon across the face, sending it into a tree but also breaking the stick in half from the force of the blow. (Damn it, if only I had a, they're watching to see how we respond in situations like this, if I worry about a weapon, I'm just going to drop my guard. I need to use the fighting moves I learned when I was building up for this moment)

The monster lunged once more towards them. Mashida and his ally stood side by side, throwing a synchronized punch straight for the monster's face. The blow was so strong it caused the demon to break into ash. "Wow, we actually got one, by the way, my name is Nishira Akomora"

"I'm Kasuke Mashida, nice to meet you, hopefully this doesn't get much harder, if those are the weakest level demons, I can't imagine what's the mid-level of a demon" Just then a blue light shot up from nearby, the light emanated up into the sky. The young man looked at his partner still back-to-back responding: Let's go!"

"Right!" Both dashed through the darkened forest towards the bright blue light that could be seen a few meters away. Demons jumped out of the darkness right for them in all directions. Both ninja pushed off of one another to gain speed as Kasuke struck a devil across the face, sending it smashing into a tree while Nashira spun in mid-air, kicking the other three away.

"Hurry, we need to reach that point!" They raced towards the light, dodging the many trees in their path as they reached the light where weapons laid in the center of the immense blue light. Both heard the coming demons and raced straight for a weapon. Kasuke grabbed a katana with a golden handle and black blade. His partner grabbed a large circular blade that spun around in his hand like a boomerang.

Once more lesser-demons sprang out of the darkness, this time in greater numbers. (Seems the exosagain are judging how well we can use a weapon. Fine, I've trained with a blade for years, but I don't have much practice against an actual demon. We'll just have to find out if my training was worth it!) A demon came lunging straight for him when in a quick move, Kasuke slashed right through it. Nishira watched as the enemy crumbled away. (Wow, this guy must've trained hard to be so skilled with a blade. I've used these before but still new at them)

The blonde man threw the blade as hard as he could as it spiraled straight for one of the attacking entities when it missed by a mere inch. "Damn it!" Just as the devil was about to reach him, his blade changed course, piercing it in the back destroying it.

"Seems these weapons have spiritual energy within them, otherwise the monsters won't be killed so easily. A normal weapon would take a lot more strikes and force to kill them" Out of nowhere a scream rang out in the distance. They headed in that direction where they found an examinee standing there motionless, his right hand was black with root-like tentacles going from his arm to the right side of his chest. His eyes were glowing red.

"Shit, he must've been possessed by the demon. We have to knock him out of it" Kasuke responded aiming his blade towards the controlled man who was shirtless wearing white pants and had short light-brown hair. Nishira was hesitant to attack a fellow examinee especially under the circumstances of being controlled but knew there was no other way.


Seiya felt a strange high-negative energy out in the forest, near heightened-demon level. Asuma do you feal that? There's a high trace of negative energy coming from one location. Unless there's a horde of entities gather in one spot, we may have a high-threat devil in the area which could put the participants in danger"

Asuma took a deep breath preparing to locate all the members' spiritual sources when he felt his sensing ability blocked-off. "What is this!? No normal-level demon can hide both their and everyone else's energy so easily! I'm afraid...we could be dealing with a high A-rank or even low S-rank demon"

"That can't be possible, if such a powerful devil was this close, we should've been able to sense their immense power!"

Back in the forest...

"Hehe, I've been waiting for the day I found a strong enough body to take over and regain my rule of the earth as the devil king! I may be in this weak body for now, but I know the perfect body, one with power hidden from the world" There was a pause before the possessed man advanced right for Kasuke. The sword-wielder had no time to react, the monster moved near-instantaneously, gripping the human's neck, lifting him up with one hand.

"Get away from him!" Nishira threw his spinning blade as hard as he could before the demonic human caught it with his other hand still holding Kasuke up by the throat with the other. "Child's play" He threw it back, an immense surge of demonic spiritual energy engulfed around it as it pierced right through him. Tears filled Mashida's eyes as he saw his friend's headless body hit the ground in a pool of blood.

"You have two options; Join with me and I'll revive your friend, or I'll kill you here and find someone else to be my new host"

"F-fine, I'll let you take my body, please just heal him!" A grin grew across the possessed body's face as the dark-red aura swarming around him began to flow into Kasuke. The assailant dropped him as both fell to the ground. Mashida stood up feeling immense pain surging through his body as a symbol that looked like four triangles attached to each other formed on his neck. His eyes glowed red. After healing Nashira he let out a sadistic laugh when the surge of demonic power abruptly vanished. "Huh?" Suddenly the symbol disappeared as Kasuke came to his senses.

"Kasuke? W-what happened? I remember getting struck by my blade before it all went black"

"Don't worry about it, the demon's gone for now, we should hurry and get out of here before something else happens"


(The fog blocking off their energy is gone!) quickly he located the remaining sources of energy, transporting everyone back to the auditorium. Many of the examinees were badly hurt or exhausted.

"Wait, we're missing a few people" Saiya A woman with long light-brown hair told him that they were killed in the forest. "Two guys died when they tried to protect me from a demon that was much stronger than the lesser-demons" Tears ran down her eyes. Seiya told the others to go home and rest for a day while things were sorted out...

Kasuke went home and laid in bed. His floor was black carpet and he had a white bed. A window on the middle wall and a wooden writing desk on the right wall. Not long after laying down, he fell asleep...

He found himself falling in a black void as if it were water before landing on a white surface were a version of him sat on a throne. It looked like him but with long black hair with glowing red eyes with that symbol on his neck. He was dressed in black armor as if an evil knight. "Welcome to my world. Here is where I'm forced to stay since your body rejects my influence. Tell me...I've possessed many bodies without any trouble. So why is, a low-class human can resist me as if I'm nothing more than a mere headache!?"

"I-I don't know"

"Don't lie to me! I'm 5,000 years old and knew more than nearly anyone on this pitiful planet" The demon shouted slamming his fist on the throne's arm before rising up, walking over to him. He easily pushed Kasuke as he landed on his butt looking up at the devil king.

"Hmmm, I don't sense any unique energy from you. So, what factor protects you from my power? Hmmm, if I can't become the devil king by taking over your body, then I shall teach you how to use my demonic powers and grow stronger until you're strong enough to become a demon king yourself"

"Never! Why would I do something like that!? I promised myself I'd rid this world of demons!"

"Which you can. In fact, who better to kill a demon than a demon itself. With my god-like powers you could wipe out demons far faster than as a mere human exorcist. With the powers of a demon, along with the techniques and knowledge of an exosagain, you'll be a unique breed, the first of your kind"

Kasuke thought hard about it... "I'll do it on one condition: I won't kill any humans, no innocent people that don't have the power to defend themselves from the horde of devils"

"Fair enough" He slit his palm as blood ran out as the demon held his hand out. "With this blood contract we'll become one and if innocent people are killed, I will be punished by my own demonic energy"

Cutting his own palm they shook hands, the blood swarmed around their hands forming into chains sealing the contract. "There, one last thing, you see this symbol on my neck? When you awaken your demon power, it'll appear on your neck as well. Each triangle symbolizes a power-limiter. As you grow stronger and awaken your true powers, each triangle where vanish until you become a true devil. Now wake up, I've nothing more to say to you"

The demon struck him in the center of his forehead with his mere index finger. The force caused Kasuke to abruptly wake up sitting up in his bed. Sunlight pouring into his room as he yawned. Just then there was a knock on his door. He opened it to see Nashira standing in his doorway. The sudden image of his headless body in the forest flashed through his mind before he shook it off. "Hi Nashira, how did you find me?"

"I noticed we lived nearby so I decided to come see how you're doing, I got a message that we're supposed to return to the association to get our results. Though after what happened, I doubt it'll really be results"

They made their way into the auditorium where only six members of the exam were left...

CHAPTER 2 It Begins

Seiya stood on stage once more. "Hello and welcome back all who participated in the exam and returned. As you can see, many of the examinees who even survived have dropped-out of the exam leaving only six of you left. Those of you left will be considered official C-class exorcists from this day, congratulations. When your name is called, I will tell you what unit you will be placed in so listen up:

•Kasuke Mashida: unit two.
• Nashira Akomora: unit three
•Naiomi Sonada: unit two
•Kojiro Asukomi: unit three
•Saku Alkora: unit four
•Zenra Kinchin: unit two

Hours Later...

Kasuke had been put in room 10 of the unit. Each member got their own person room. His room had a bed vertically against the wall with a black rugged floor, a window facing the door and a small desk on the right side of the room. He laid there thinking about what has happened in the short amount of time when he heard a knock at his door. He took a deep breath before getting up to open the door. It was Naiomi Sonada, she had long purple hair with blue eyes. She was already dressed in the black exorcist uniform as she smiled at him with her hands at her side.

"Hello, my name is Naiomi Sonada, I came to introduce myself since we'll be working together. I tied to introduce myself to Zenra, however he wouldn't open the door or even respond. I assumed he was either asleep or just ignore me...anyway, it was nice to meet you, hopefully we'll do great on our first mission"

Just then they heard a voice over the speakers announce: "All unit members head outside to commence your 1st mission"

(Well then...that didn't take long, maybe I'll be able to feed sooner than I expected) The demonic king said within Kasuke's head. The pair made their way outside where a man dressed in the exorcist uniform stood waiting for them. He had long black hair with a youthful face though was tall. He had hazel eyes.

"Welcome to your 1st mission. I apologize for calling you all out when you just got settled in, but seems we have a mid-class demon attacking a nearby city and we're the unit that was chosen for the mission, so let's head out" Zenra sighed and Kasuke was surprised to just now notice he was even there. (Wait, how long was he there!? I never even heard him leave his room!) Zenra had long red hair with a cold look on his face. He had a blade at his side also wearing the uniform. Mashida realized he was the only one not wearing a uniform but decided not to bring it up during the mission.

They made their way to Kisonin, a city east of their location. They traveled through the forest as fast as they could. Their unit captain moved through the forest at great speed with Zenra following close behind while Kasuke and Naiomi had to follow on foot since they didn't have much practice moving through trees...

After an hour they final reached the city. He and Naiomi where tired and their feet hurt but knew they just had to deal with it. "You all rest here, I'm going to search the area for the demon" They sat on a curb just outside the forest resting while Zenra stood nearby not tired even after the far travel.

"Hmph, he should've had me go with him, I'm clearly more fit than you two. I can tell your feet are already sore and you're resting as long as you can. You both need to train and exercise more or you'll never be a high-ranking Exorcist"Just then an explosion echoed through the streets. All three of them turned to see a six foot demon with gray skin, red eyes and built body running towards them.

"Damn it, seems this demon snuck past the captain and is going straight for us! No matter, a single mid-level demon is hardly a threat to me" Zenra pulled out two kunai, filling them with his energy before throwing them towards the demon with his arms crossed. The projectiles hit the pavement on both sides of the street jus as the demon reached them. Kasuke watched as both kunai erupted in an immense explosion of pink spiritual energy.

"Heh, arrogant demon, seems we're dealing with a near-mindless demon, such monster should be classified as a low-level threat instead of a mid-level" Zenra commented with a smirk. Amidst the flames a figure emerged. They saw the demon walk out with only minor burns. "Hmph, should've known an attack like that would've been enough to stop you...but what about this!" The exorcist once more pulled out a kunai, this time filling it with so much spiritual energy it began glowing pink.

"Kunai spiritual explosion!" Zenra threw his knife full force, this time aimed at the creature itself instead of the street. The moment it made contact, a fierce shockwave of power and light filled the streets as Naiomi was blinded and pushed back. Kasuke tried to keep his eyes open but the light was too much. After about 15 seconds the light finally faded.

Zenra walked towards the flames that engulfed the area. At that moment, the demon lunged out from the flames, it's face severely burned off as it punched the exorcist with overwhelming force. The team member spat out blood with wide eyes as he was launched back, crashing through a large window of a building behind them.

"Zenra!" Kasuke cried out when the demon set it's sights upon him. It grinned revealing it's razor-sharp teeth before jumping into the air, going right for him. Just then a red sphere of spiritual energy came out of nowhere, hitting the demon from behind in a powerful eruption of red light. That's when Kasuke looked up to see the monster covered in bruises with their captain standing between him and the demon.

"Sorry I left you all alone, I'm here know"

"Captain! You're back!" Kasuke said with a surprised expression. The exorcist told him to get Naiomi and stay by Zenra while he delt with the demon. "Y-yes sir" The C-rank exorcist rushed over to Naiomi who was just getting up from getting pushed back from the explosion from before. "Captain ordered us to stay back" Mashida told her as they both made their way over to the shattered window where Zenra had landed. The exorcist was still out cold laying in the middle of the store's carpeted floor.

The captain made quick motions with his index and middle finger as red shapes made of his energy formed in front of him as if drawing in mid-air. He made an "X" in the center of a square before aiming his hand towards it and his target. "Secret art: Cube of entrapment!" The symbol broke into wisps of red light before reforming around the demon trapping him within a transparent red cube of spiritual energy.

The demon began striking the walls of the prison struggling to escape with no luck. With a hand motion towards the dark sky, the cube was launched into the air at incredible speed. "Explode!" Clinching his fist, the prison erupted in a burst of energy utterly destroying the creature leaving nothing left as red wisps like stars floated down upon the area.

Both C-rank exorcist could do nothing but stare in amazement at the power of their leader. (H-he beat that monster like it was nothing, even Zenra could barely do anything against the monster. Seems he's not as strong as he thinks he is) Mashida thought just as their captain walked over to them.

"Glad to see you both are ok, sorry I took so long, I could feel faint traces of dark spiritual energy but I assume it was a trick to distract me while that devil attacked you. Luckily thanks to Kinchin's powerful energy attacks, I could tell it wasn't a mere demon he was faced with. Let's head back so you both can finally get some well-deserved rest"

The next day...

Kasuke awoke to silence, this surprised him since he expected to be woke up early in the morning. He looked at the clock on the wall that read: "12:00 Pm" Rubbing his eyes he walked out into the hall where he saw a uniform folded by his door. The exorcist picked it up walking a few doors down to the bathroom to shower. He took a deep breath as the warm water ran down his face. Kasuke was average but had a little muscle on him.

After the shower he put on his new uniform admiring it in the mirror. He smirked before making his way outside in the large green field nearby where Naiomi was waiting for him along with their leader. "Welcome back Kasuke, now that you're both rested, I can finally formally introduce myself, my name is Asura Shigatomi. I will be your captain of unit two. Today we shall be training to see how you are as an exorcist and see what your strengths are and what you need to work on"

"How exactly will you be testing us sir?" Naiomi asked with her hands in a formal position. At her chest. Asura answered: "Like this" He gripped his left arm with his right, "Dark art: Demonic summon" in a flash of red light, a six-foot demon made of rock manifested beside him. The pair took a step back in fear.

"Don't worry, this demon only follows my orders so it won't attack unless I command it to. Now then, your first test is to see how you both react in a fight, I'm sure Zenra did most of the fighting against the high-rank demon, now it's time for you both to fight. Just because this is training, doesn't mean I'll hold back. Go demon!"

The pair prepared themselves as the summoned demon lunged toward them throwing a punch aimed for Mashida. The young ninja evaded the attack at the last second as the creature staggered past him before turning back around. It put it's palms close together as a purple sphere formed between them. Both were unsure what to do when the rock demon threw it right for Kasuke like a baseball. Without thinking he crossed his arms in a blocking position as the projectile hit him head-on, bursting on impact.

He slid back a few feet with burns and scratches on his arms but didn't take as much damage as he expected. "This creature isn't as strong as normal demons"

"That's because I didn't put much spiritual energy into the summon. The more I flow into the creature the more dangerous it becomes. Observe" The man pointed his index finger toward his summon as his body lit up with his red aura as sparkles of red energy flowed into the demon. It grew bigger and more buff as it's purple aura and eyes grew red and brighter. "If I'm correct I've transferred 30% of my spiritual energy into it's core. Let's see how you fare against it now"

Asura stood still with his arms crossed as his summon, now seven feet and more intimidating stomped towards them once more, this time engulfing it's rock fist in a red fire-like aura throwing a punch straight for Naiomi. The female exorcist pulled out a small dagger, throwing it right for the center of the monster's head but watched as it broke on contact before hitting the ground.

"That thing only has 30% of our leader's energy flowing within it yet a dagger can't do anything already!? Fine! I have a trick up my sleeve. She got on one knee slapping her palm onto the grass. "Secret art: Plant configuration!" All watched as large roots rose up from the ground, wrapping itself around the demon's arms and torso keeping him in place.

She smirked advancing toward her foe, throwing her foot down with a powerful kick to the summons's forehead. She landed beside Kasuke as they saw a small crack form in the center. "Sigh, you got to be kidding me, all that and it only made a mere crack!?"

"Come now, surely you both have more power than that. I'll give you credit for your strategy Naiomi, but if you both don't put more effort into your attacks you won't get any further than this" That's when Kasuke had an idea. He took a deep breath, feeling his spiritual energy flowing throughout his body. He went for a head-on attack as a demonic aura engulfed his fist, striking the summons's skull with immense power. Both Asura and Naiomi watched as the still-bound creature cracked apart before falling to pieces.

They looked at him in shock before their leader responded: "Hmm, good seems you have some real potential. Now for the 2nd test. This one focuses on speed" Their leader formed a small but powerful sphere of red energy above his index finger. "You'll need to catch this energy sphere. Let's see what you both got"

(Heh, this should be no trouble for you) a voice responded. (W-who's there!?) Just then he found himself back inside the black void with the demon king sitting on his throne. "You little shit, how dare you forget about me already! If I could I'd burn you to ash where you stand! However, you're the only body I can hope to achieve my goal with so I'll have to make do with you"

"Wait, where were you when I was being attacked by that high-threat devil!?"

"I thought it would be amusing to see you struggle against such a monster. I just thought you were being stupid not using my power, but seems you're even more of an idot than I thought! What person forgets about making a deal with a demon king and keeping him sealed away in their body!? If you keep that crap up, you'll get us both killed! Now focus on my power and let it flow through you as if it was your own spiritual energy, only then will you unlock true power. Now get out before I truly get angry"

(Heh that fool, he has no idea i planned this, by fogging a part of his mind, he forgot i was even here. But that's only because he's still new to this, the more used to my spiritual energy he becomes the less i can effect his mind...) Back to reality Kasuke let the demon king's energy flow through his boosting his spiritual energy.

Asura launched the small sphere towards the top of a nearby tree thereby signaling them to begin. With that, Mashida moved at great speed, moving with red electricity swarming around his body with the 4 triangles on his neck. He could feel a burning feeling in his body since he wasn't used to using the demonic power. Using all his power to leap from the ground towards the top of the large tree where the sphere floated at the tip of the tree, a sudden feeling of fatigue washed over him.

His dark blue aura vanished as he fell from the tree missing the sphere, hitting the ground out of breath. "Kasuke!" Naiomi cried out rushing over to her friend as he laid there a little pale trying to regain his breath. "Are you ok!?" She responded placing her hand on his forehead. Suddenly she found herself within the dark void where the demon king sat on his throne with a sadistic grin on his face.

"Ah, welcome Naiomi, I'm surprised to see visitors here so soon"

"Where am I!? Who are you!?"

"Heh, I'm the demon king Akunomi and you're within this idiot's subconscious. Not long ago, I made a deal with him: If he let me possess him, I'd give him the power to kill the demons of this world. Sadly, I can't seem to take control of him, only give him fractions of my power. For now, I'm nothing more than an energy multiplier for the welp"

"I-I'll have the great priest of the city of Kiodon exorcise you from his body so he can be free of your corruption!" She looked at him with a serious look clinching her fist.

"Hehe, hahaha! You amuse me girl, have you even been to an exorcism before? Something like that takes a huge toll on the body of a mortal...Let's say you took him to this "Great Preist" You should be aware the survival rate of an exorcism is merely 30%-10% depending on the strength and endurance of the vessel the demon possesses. So go on, exorcize your tear squad member, even if he did survive, he'd be farley weak for a while and never reach his goal of wiping out all demons of this world. Oh and before you go...I'd highly suggest not telling anyone about me to anyone, that would cause some problems for both you and him"

Naomi blinked, finding herself back to reality, her hand still on the shinobi's head as he finally regained enough breath to stand back up. Asura looked at him unsure of what just happened, but decided to let it go. "Come now, don't use some power at once into a mere movement, that will just waste your stamina, especially if you're new to using spiritual energy" Kakuke took a deep breath, using only small amounts of his own power to increase his speed like small temporary boosts instead of using it all at once and exhausting himself.

Naiomi was a little shaken from meeting Akunomi, but was worried about what could happen to Kasuke, they may've just met, but she could feel a growing friendship between them. She knew Zenra wasn't even going to try to be friends with them anyway. She followed a little far behind as Mashida jumped from tree to tree, moving swiftly through the forest, going deeper, away from the field that was by their unit.

That's when the red sphere of light changed from it's red aura to a dark purple. (Not doubt this is some kind of trap leading us somewhere where a demon is waiting. No matter, I won't let it get away) He continued to follow it when Asura felt the dark energy connected to his controlled attack. He quickly followed after them...

Kasuke once again found himself in the middle of the forest. (The forest again? Can't demons be more original where they're attacking!?) He thought. (The forest is a maze to some and rarely have many people around. Meaning if a mere human stumbled across a demon, they'd probably be killed or get lost before getting a chance to tell an exorcist about the location or type of demon. In some ways it's rather smart for a devil since many are dumb as rocks) Akunomi commented within the boy's mind.

Just then a figure rushed past him like a bullet. He didn't even have enough time to turn his head all the way when a pale man dressed in blood red clothing came out from the trees, attempting to grab Kasuke when Asura once again stood between his squad member and the attacking demon. Shigatomi had his arms crossed in a blocking position as the demonic man's fist struck the captain with immense force. Steam seem to be emanating from the assailant's fist from the velocity of the attack.

"Hehe, out of the way, I want the young one behind you, I sense great power from within him" The demonic man had pale skin, long red hair with purple eyes. A sadistic grin grew on his face when a red flame-like aura lit up around the captain's body. "Spiritual shockwave" Throwing his arms out in both directions he released a powerful shockwave sending the attacker staggering backwards before landing on his feet.

"Hehe, I guess you're not just going to hand him over. Very well, I have many ways to defeat you" Aiming his palm in Asura's direction he cried out: "Demonic art: Chains of despair!" Purple energy in the shape of chains rose up from the ground around the elite exorcist in all directions, wrapping around his arms and legs keeping him in place. "I have many demonic techniques I've mastered over the years that have proved useful in fights such as this. So then, you're the one called Asura Shigatomi correct? For such a high-ranking exorcist, you don't seem all that intimidating. Are you sure the Exosagins didn't make a mistake in making you an elite exorcist?"

"Don't underestimate me" The exorcist focused his power into the chains, the purple aura suddenly being changed to a red aura before Shigatomi broke out of them. The chains evaporating into mists of light. "Secret art: Strike of Atonement" The shinobi advanced his target as a golden light engulfed his fist. Asura landed a clean hit on the demon's face but quickly realized they were still standing. His foe had blood running down his face but still grinned ignoring the blood.

"I hope that wasn't your trump card, otherwise this little duel won't get any more interesting"

(H-how is this possible!? That move should've obliterated him, that technique is said to completely erase any essence of demonic spiritual energy!) "Both of you run! Get out of here now!" He demanded motioning them to escape. The two nodded rushing further away from the fight.

"Oh, leaving so soon? What's the fun in that? Secret art: Demonic barrier" Kasuke was moving through the forest when he struck something, landing on his back. He looked up to see a dome made of spiritual energy that looked like purple water.

"Damn it, that creep must've created this to keep us from running away" He sat by the barrier when Naiomi caught up with him. "What should we do? I doubt neither of us are strong enough to break through this shield" She asked.

"We'll just have to wait and see how this battle goes, wait here" Kasuke took a step forward when he felt his teammate grab his arm. "Don't go! If you go, you'll be killed!"

"We're trapped inside this barrier, even if I waited here, he'd find me anyway, just wait here, I don't want you getting hurt or worse because of that demon" Naiomi blushed with a surprised look on her face, no one had ever said that to her before. She watched as Mashida rushed back to the battle. She wanted to go, but what could she do? At her current level she knew she wouldn't be able to even scratch the demon...

CHAPTER 3 Rising Tensions

Meanwhile Aura made the symbol with his index finger as he had before I mid-air, "Cube of entrapment!" The symbol broke into wisps of red energy that floated around it's foe before trapping him within the red transparent cube. "This move worked before, it should work agai-" In a mere instant, a surging pain rushed through his body. He looked at the human-sized cube to see it fading away.

"B-but how, no one's ever been able to escape the cube of entrapment...what's g-going on!?" His eyes widened as he realized his enemy was standing right behind him with his back to him. "You don't deserve to call yourself an elite exosagin, I've fatally damaged a vital area in your abdomen, if you don't seek help soon, you'll most-likely die"

Kasuke watched from behind the trees nearby and could tell his captain wouldn't last much longer. (I need to save him! Help me!) Mashida found himself back within his consciousness. "Help me save Shigatomi!" The ninja said with a worried look on his face.

"Hehe, why would I do that? What use to us is he? You've only known him for two days. I'm sure you'll get over it" Just then the void began to shake as the white platform turned red. Kasuke looked up at the demon with a cold soulless look of anger in his eyes as he approached him.

"Sigh, what can you do? You're just a mere human, to the world I'm a god. Are you really challenging me?" Akunomi rose up from his chair as both stared each other dead in they. The demon grinned throwing his palm like a dagger right for Kasuke's eyes attempting to jab them out when the human caught his hand, bending it back as it let out a loud crack that echoed through the void.

"Ack! Damn it! You bastard! How did you do that!?"

"You forget this is my this void...I'm as strong as I believe I am and knowing your power, I know I'm strong enough to kill that unique demon" Both stared each other down...

Just then Asura and the demon felt immense power behind them. Both turned to see Kasuke entering the battle. He had a calm look on his face as demon energy surged around him. "K-kasuke, get out of here!" The man said weakly as he fell to one knee griping the bloody hole in his chest.

"You're finally fighting me? Good, I'll enjoying feasting off your negative energy" The assailant commented. Mashida created a small flame of green flames, shooting it at his captain. The wounded man closed his eyes in fear awaiting the feeling of burning...But he didn't feel it, instead he could feel the pain beginning to grow numb, he looked at the hole in his torso closing as if the flames themselves were healing his injuries.

"Get out of range Captain, my fight is with him"

"Are you insane!? He almost killed me and you're merely a C-rank exorcist!"

"If you want to continue the fight, be my guest, but your power won't be enough to stop whatever this monster is, he's the highest-level threat of demon I've seen. But I should have just enough power to beat him. My name is Kasuke Mashima, what's your name demon?"

"My name is Kedosaka, pleased to make your acquaintance, I can sense you have massive power within you, but it doesn't feel like only yours, do you have a high-level demon sealed within your body?"

"That's none of your business, what about you? How could a mere demon gain such power and intelligence as if a human?"

"From absorbing the power of demon hearts, with so much power, I was able to absorb the knowledge and power of multiple demon hearts until my power surpassed any other mere demon. Now that we got that out of the way, let us continue the blood-shed. Forbidden art: Time fraction!" Both exorcists watched as the sky and the entire forest around them was covered in a blood-red mist which made the moon appear red.

"Hehe, with time at a standstill, I can kill these two with ease" He leapt into the air, descending right for Asura as claws made of purple energy manifested at the tips of his fingers as he attempted to slice the man frozen in time to pieces. Just then he watched as the target broke into pieces of blue wisps of light just before he could make contact. "Impossible!"

Kedosaka spun around to see Kasuke standing there with a barrier around his body protecting himself from the forbidden technique. "Impressive ability, stopping time in a red mist of demonic energy. But I can easily counter it with a protective barrier around myself rendering it basically useless"

"This isn't possible, no one's ever been able to move through time fraction!"

"Well then apparently you have never faced the power of a demon lord" (I can do this, I feel like myself, but at the same time...him)

"RRRgghh!!! Demon heart!" The sadistic man used one of his demonic claws to slit across his chest causing blood to gush onto the grass as the mist around them vanished from the area. Asura found himself standing a few feet away from the battle as Kasuke slowly approached the sadistic man just as a large bloody heart grew from the ground like a plant.

"A-a demon heart!? could someone just summon one single-handily!? Their leader stood there both in shook and in fear. "Just how powerful is that guy!?" He turned to see his unit member continue walking with no hesitation. (What happened, a moment ago he didn't even know how to use spiritual energy correctly, now he's surpassed me in power and technique!?)

"What is a mere demon heart supposed to do? I know all there is about that anomaly, a massive buildup of death and negative emotion such as guilt, anger and sadistic thoughts. Which means I know how to destroy it as well"

"N-never! Face the power of my 5th demon heart absorption!" The man stabbed his palm like a dagger into the massive heart as blood gushed out of it, covering his hand. The captain watched as the heart began pumping faster, it's veins becoming more visible as Kedosaka's aura changed to a silver aura as it burst out of him like an uncontrollable fire. "Now then...let us start the final power is far greater than it's ever been! Bawhahaha!!

His red hair rose up behind him from the force of his power as his eyes were completely covered in black. Kasuke with Akunomi mostly in control, stood unphased by the immense power up. The assailant took a step forward, the sheer force of just walking caused the ground to crack as if it were ice.

"Heh, you should stop this before you die"

"What are you talking about!? With the power of five demon hearts I'm invincible!"

"Go ahead and attack and you'll see what I'm talking about" The demonic demon advanced right for him, destroying the ground behind him as he went for a full force strike to the shinobi's face. Kasuke stood his ground has black electricity engulfed Keosaka's fist as he went for the final blow.

Before the moment of impact, Kasuke deflected the attack by smacking the foe's hand to the side. The force of the attack went past him, sending a powerful force of wind at Asura, sending him and everything in that direction flying back like a hurricane. It felt like everything stopped for a second when the demon man felt a crippling pain in his body before hitting the ground barley able to move.

"D-damn it! W-what did you do to me!?"

"I didn't do anything, it's just your weak mortal body can't handle that much demonic power flowing through your body. If I had to guess, you damaged your spiritual flow in your body and are unable to move your body correctly. As for the demon heart, I shall be taking it" Kedosaka forced his head in the exorcist's direction as he walked over to the colossal beating heart.

"Observe" He stabbed his hand into the heart, absorbing it's power. As before the heart's heartbeat sped up, growing faster and faster when it suddenly let out one last heart beat before dying. The blood-red heart bean to grow black and corroded as it wrinkled away. "I told you I could easily dispose of your demon heart. In fact..."

Asura watched in shock as his ally stabbed into the defeated man's chest, siphoning his power as well until the human vessel was pale and skinny with barley and meat on his body. "Mmm, you really did have a lot of power and now it belongs to me" Kedosaka tried to choke out words but died as he laid there looking like an old shriveled up version of himself. "Seems or work here is done" Akunomi went back within the man's consciousness as the god-like power faded from his body and he collapsed.

"Kasuke!" Asura rushed over to him. Trying to shake him awake with no luck. That's when Naiomi came dashing over. "Kasuke!? What happened captain!?"

"I...I don't know...he somehow fought off that devil. But once the battle was over, he collapsed" Tears filled her eyes as she looked at her friend's unconscious body. "Kasuke...KASUKE!!"

Deep Within His Subconsciousness...

"Am I dead?" The exorcist asked himself when he heard Akunomi: "You're not dead fool, you're in a spiritual trauma coma. Your body couldn't handle my power flowing through you for the first time so it gave out. Feel lucky...if it had been anyone else, their heart would've given out or worse. Your body on the other hand seems to be in stable condition. Think of this coma as your body's way of recuperating from the fight"

"How long will this coma last!?" He responded with a worried expression. Akunomi smirked replying: "Don't worry, with your resilient body it'll only be a few hours to a day at most so just think of this as a well-needed sleep. Even if your body began dying there's a way I can restart your heat. Once you've mastered my power there won't be any repercussions for using my power. Until then you'll have to expect this often. Too bad that wasn't a demon world heart, if we siphoned power from one of those, I'm sure we could become the most powerful demon in existence"

"Just what is a demon world heart?"

"Think of it like a demon heart, but 100 times bigger with far more power stored in it. But to create one of those takes massive amounts of demonic and negative spiritual energy to create. The only way we could possibly create one or at least find one would be to enter the demon world. There is where immense demonic energy flows in and out of our world. The only way into the demo world is if you become a true demon. The sheer pressure of all the demonic energy would kill you even if I used a demonic barrier"

"Hmmm, well then we'll just have to summon the demon heart somewhere far from anyone"

"Don't be foolish, the demon world heart is so massive that no matter where you summon it, many humans would either be killed by it's creation alone or by the demons drawn to it's power. This will be a hard task. But when it's time, you'll have to decide: Between giving up your human half and become a full demon like me or risk the lives of hundreds maybe even thousands to gain the power to eradicate every last demon on earth with infinite demonic power"

Kasuke stood there in the void in front of the demon king, conflicted of the two choices. "I can tell what you're feeling, you wish to save others from the demons, but also don't want to give up your humanity and be shunned by the exorcists and be haunted down like a mere demon. You have to decide what's more important: How others see you but being guilty of murder or being shunned by the world but letting it thrive without you"


Naiomi sat by the exorcist's bed clutching his hand as he laid motionless in bed with slow calm breaths. She looked at his left hand and was horrified that it was dark as if a demonic shadow had covered it like a glove. "Kasuke, what's happening to you?" That's when she heard someone coming down the hall towards the clinic where the shinobi laid silent in a coma...

Zenra walked in leaning in the doorway with his arms crossed. "We have another assignment let's go, he's obviously too weak to be an exorcist or even a ninja for that matter. When he wakes up, I hope he gets kicked off our team, he's nothing but dead weight" Naiomi shook with rage when a kunai hit the doorway mere inches from Zenra's face.

"Don't you ever call him dead weight! He defeated a demon that even the captain couldn't handle! We would've been dead if it wasn't for him! If you bring this up again, I'll have captain prove to you that Kasuke...he's-he's stronger than all of us"

"Stronger than captain Asura? You must already be losing it Naiomi, pull yourself together. Now let's go" She looked back at her friend before making her way outside with Zenra where Asura was waiting. He was still a little injured from the fight before but was strong enough to accept their mission.

"Alright, after the fight with the country-level threat demon, I'm badly wounded, luckily most of my injuries were healed by Kasuke who somehow defeated the creature. I may have a talk with him at some point about it. But never the less, he saved us from dying at the hand of the sadistic monster. I will have a talk with the organization to promote him to B-rank exorcist later"

"B-rank!? He should be kicked from or team! He did nothing against the fight against the demon I fought!" Zenra blurted out. Naiomi aimed a kunai in his direction not looking at him, with a cold expression on her face. "I told you not to speak about him like that. He's in a coma from fighting so hard to protect us against such a fierce enemy. You couldn't even win against the demon that was nowhere near the foe me and the captain were faced with.

"You won't attack me, you're just as weak as he is" Preparing to attack she gripped the knife tightly filling it with her spiritual energy as it swarmed with violet energy. Just before she could attack, Asaura caught her fist responding: "Enough you two. Zenra, if you keep acting like this, I'll have you suspended from the unit for two weeks without pay, so think twice about what you say. She's right, he fought hard for us and this entire country, that demon was like nothing I had ever seen before. If Kasuke hadn't awakened his power during that fight, we all would've been dead. Oh, I almost forgot Naiomi, I never taught either of you the types of demons there are. There are five types of demons in terms of threat and power:






The exosagins only believe in the first four. They think a universal devil is impossible, but I feel as though demons are slowly becoming stronger. One day they may surpass all but the S-rank exosagins. So you both and Kasuke will have to master exorcist skills and hopefully keep the demon's population under control at least here since we can't travel the whole world nonstop. Anyway, we have a special mission that also is with unit three. This will be our first duo unit mission. We're told a legion of demons over took a village known as Kekosin south of us. So we need both units in case another high-level threat happens to appear. Now let's move out"

(Kasuke...) Naiomi thought clinching her fist, worried to leave him alone for too long. Asura could tell how worried she was and walked over to her placing his hand on her shoulder. "If you're that worried about him, I'll show you something to put yourself at ease" He walked her back to Mashida's bed where he told her to focus on Kasuke's spiritual energy. She took a deep breath sensing the man's life energy when she saw an immense power in the center of his heart that looked like a red ball with massive power emanating from it.

"See? If his life was in danger the spiritual core near his heart would grow smaller and weaker like a candle or battery. But as you can see it's still blazing with power, he's nowhere near dead" She smiled with tears in her eyes before wiping them away. They met back up with Zena before heading south towards Kekoshin. All three of them moved swiftly through the trees like shadows in the knight as Naiomi seemed to be getting the hang of going tree to tree like a good shinobi.

After about two hours they decided to take a break and rest..

Back Inside Kasuke's Mind...

"If I'm going to be trapped here, then I might as well train, teach me how to become stronger" Akunomi smirked in his chair looking at the exorcist. "Very well, let us begin. Let's see you defeat a duplication of me. These are only 10% percent of my true power, but even so...don't let your guard down"

Mashida prepared himself for the coming threat as the clone stood before him. It looked like Akunomi but made out of silver energy like a ghost pr hologram. It dashed straight for him, throwing physical strikes, mainly using his hands like daggers with it's fingers closed together instead of energy range attacks. Focusing his spiritual energy and his quick reaction, Kasuke managed to dodge each coming strike that came his way.

"Impressive, seems you're a fast learner, you've only been on two missions yet you seem to be able to react quickly in a situation. Then let us raise the challenge" The duplication backflipped to gain distance before aiming is palm in the target's direction, it's index and middle finger together pointing up.

"Secret art: Spirit shards of demonic despair" Kasuke looked around him waiting for an attack when demonic energy in the shape of shattered glass shot up from the white platform, piercing into his knees and arms as blood began to run down his body.

"You're lucky this is all a dream-like battle, other-wise I would be enjoying this so much more. However, seeing this is still some-what entertaining" Kasuke shook in pain, pulling the demonic glass-like fragments out of his body as they hit the platform dissolving into wisps of red energy.

"This is getting us nowhere if you're not oing to fight back. You've only dodged and taken hits by my attacks. Let's try this again" Akunomi prepared to attack once more as red light filled the void...

CHAPTER 4 Demonic Power

Back In The Endless Forest the unit were almost to the city of Kekoshin when Asura felt something nearby. He jumped farther than before placing his palm against a tree, leaving a blue symbol that looked like a diamond inside a magical circle before it faded into the wood of the tree. He signaled the others to stop as he took out two kunai. He placed one on the tree he had marked before throwing another one across five rows of trees hitting another and waited...

Just then a lesser demon came out of the moon-lit sky, attempting to claw him with his piercing claws. He leapt from the tree across the forest. The moment the demon's foot made contact with the tree. Bonds made of blue energy trapped him up against the tree. Asura clapped his hands together as the kunai he had thrown launched off the tree back to the demon picking up speed as spiritual energy flowed throw it. "Secret art: Spiritual reversal!" The kunai struck it's target in the abdomen before unleashing an eruption of blue light filling the forest while getting the dozens of other demon's attention to it's location.

"Get ready, that should've gotten their attention. I'll keep the strong demons away from you two while you take out the lesser-demons, hopefully unit three will be here soon"

"Be careful captain you're still hurt from the last fight" Naiomi responded. Asura gave her a nod before pulling out his last kunai. (Damn it, I forgot to restock on these things) He filled it with as much spiritual energy as he could before tossing it in a large open area where not many trees were. (The mindless demons should be attracted to the kunai since it'll have the highest source of spiritual energy. If I can get a decent amount to surround it, I'll be able to make it explode killing a great portion of their numbers)

Naiomi pulled out a single handed samari sword holding it vertically as she scouted on the branch of a tree in the darkness. (Kasuke, I will be strong like you and captain Asura, I won't be the one falling behind!) She kept a close eye on her surroundings when a large amount of demonic spiritual energy manifested out in the distance.

"They're coming..." Zenra commented looking out in the distance toward Kekoshin. He focused his energy into his palm creating a sphere of blue spiritual energy. The exorcist waited as the monsters grew closer, growing louder each second...(Now!) "Seishin sphere!" Zenra cried out firing the projectile off into the pitch-black forest. Naiomi watched as the attack blew up a few meters away causing a bright burst of light killing several demons in the process.

(Heh, hopefully that killed a few of them) Zenra thought with a smirk when a buff pale demon with red eyes and sharp teeth lunged out of the dark right for him. "What!? They were already this close!? Or are they just faster than I thought!?" He jumped back from the tree just as the demon struck the tree easily making a hole deep into the center. (Shit! This one's strong! Is there more of them!?) "Take this! Secret Art: Holy light!"

As Zenra was moving away from the demon still in mid-air, he put his two index fingers in the shape of a cross as his body grew brighter lighting up the area in a blinding flash of light that frightened all the lesser demons as they let out screams of terror keeping out of the light's range. However, it didn't seem to affect the demon he was facing as it kicked off from a tree going right for him. Before he could block, he was struck in the ribs with immense power. He was sent soaring across the forest before hitting a large tree, hitting the grass in pain.

"D-damn it. I knew he wasn't a lesser-demon yet I was stupid enough to think that would work on him and that's just one of them!?" The demon descended down with red demonic electricity in it's fist as it prepared to attack once more when shurikens surging with green spiritual energy came spiraling out from the dark as three hit the demon in the chest, piercing deeply in it's clay-like skin before all three gave off powerful surges of green electricity, causing the devil to hit the ground on it's back in pain as it let out low groans of pain.

"W-who's there!?" The exorcist called out still barley able to move as he weakly sat up clutching his abdomen in pain as he could see blood stains on his torso. Just then a member of unit stepped into view beside the injured ninja.

"Kojiro Asukomi of unit three" The shinobi replied in a calm emotionless tone. He had black hair that covered his right hazel eye with a plain exspression. "I see you're having some trouble, allow me to be of aid" Zenra weakly stood up still covering his bloody wound with his hand responding in an angry tone: "I-I don't need help, I can handle this on my-" Before he could finish, Kojiro tossed another shuriken past the ninja, piercing a demon that was right behind Zenra.

"You better take this more seriously...otherwise you'll die" The 3rd unit ninja jumped onto a tree branch before swiftly moving through the night silently. Meanwhile Naiomi was fighting off multiple demons at once as they surrounded her. She gripped her blade tightly waiting for one of them to make the next move, that's when she heard one leap into the air from the horde. Quickly she spun around, slicing right through the demon as it's split body hit the ground in a pool of blood.

She could feel her heart racing, this was the first time she had to deal with so many demons all at once. (This isn't good, I normally fight demons either 1v1 or 1v2. But with this many demons I might not last long. The exam didn't prepare me enough for something like this! I know I'm not good at using my spiritual energy yet, but if I don't try, I may be screwed. I'll have to attempt the exorcit ability my father used in front of me all those years ago.

She stuck her sword into the grass before making quick hand moves, advancing right for the first demon she saw, placing her palm against it's abdomen. "Secret technique: Spiritual fracture link!" A violet symbol appeared on the demon's chest as she jumped back, clapping her hands together. The symbol lit up as a thread made of violet spiritual energy shot out of the demon's body connecting many of the other's cores before a fierce surge of power was sent through them right to their spiritual cores, causing the cores themselves to be destroyed from within their bodies.

She was already out of breath from using her first spiritual energy technique, but she was happy it was successful. She smiled still regaining her breath. (I will strive to master the technique you created father, the spiritual fracture link is a lesser-known technique that is useful when taking on a large number of weak or average demons. By converting my power into sharp threads within my target, I can send them shooting out from my target, piercing through nearby enemies until they're all connected than create a flow of power destroying their cores virtually killing them. Too think I have trouble with using spiritual energy yet can use such a strong ability)

She saw that the horde of devils had diminished down to just five, but knew these ones were stronger than average demons if they were still alive and not running away after so many of their horde were wiped out. She pulled her blade out of the dirt ready to continue the fight when pink threat shot out of the trees, wrapping around the demons keeping them in place.

Naiomi looked up to see a woman sitting in the tree behind them with her palm out, threads made of her energy attached to each of her fingers. She had long light-brown hair with green eyes. "How sad, seems unit two isn't as strong as I thought they were. Naiomi Sonada correct? I assume the wounded ninja a few meters away is Zenra Kinchin. I wonder how you both made it into the exorcist organization is beyond me. Let me guess, your father was an exorcist so you thought to yourself: "I'll follow in my father's footsteps" Is that right?"

"So what if it is!? What does it matter to you!?"

"It doesn't really, I just feel you're not suited to be an exorcist. You can barely even use spiritual energy yet I've mastered using it. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Hisako Noragami, I'm also part of unit three"

"But your name wasn't called when the exams were over" Naiomi responded confused. The female exorcist dropped down walking towards her, two demons lunged at her from behind when she aimed her palm towards them still facing Naiomi not even looking at the incoming assailants. She swiped her fingers upward as her pink spiritual threads shot up from the grass piercing threw them as blood gushed onto the soil before her threads vanished causing the pair of monsters to hit the ground dead.

"Understand this: Your unit is the weakest of the four units. However, I hear your member Kasuke is rather strong, possibly stronger than his own captain. An exorcist of such power should be far more than a mere C-rank, maybe I'll go meet him some time, I doubt he already has a girlfriend and I'm sure you haven't decided if you like him or not"

Naiomi grinded her teeth in anger but held her tongue before gripping her blade. "I'll accept your help, but stay away from Kasuke" Hisako smirked watching right while Naiomi watched left. (So, she really does have feelings for Kasuke, it'll be fun to mess with her once this is over)

Meanwhile Kojiro stood in the grass with his right hand in his pocket as more mindless creatures charged straight for him. He didn't flinch as he opened his empty palm. "Spiritual lightning shuriken" Instead of using a physical shuriken, he manifested a large one made out of green spiritual energy. The ninja threw the powerful attack right for the coming demons as it blew up on contact, completely incinerating the creatures leaving no essence of them left.

"Hmmm, I'm confused on why the exosagins had two units on this mission when all these devils are no threat" He walked through the forest to only hear fighting out in the distance. "Either the demons are already low in numbers or they're focusing on Hisoko and the other member of unit two" Just then Asura spotted a Silhouette of a demon out in the distance. It let out an echoing roar that shook the entire area.

The captain remained crouched on a tree branch right above his set kunai still emanating spiritual energy. That's when he spotted the demon, it was a colossal monster higher than all the trees. It had dark skin, tentacles whipping around with a large red eye that glistened in the night. Kojiro landed beside him Standing on the same branch as the captain looking out at the coming monster. "Hmph, that's a unique demon, I haven't seen one of those before" The unit three ninja commented staring at the creature as it grew closer.

It let out another roar as one of it's massive tentacles went flying right for them. Both exorcists dove from the tree as the demon's tentacle smashed through the trees while the two shinobi landed several Kilometers away. Kenjiro pulled out six shurikens, each one in between his fingers with his hands crossed. “Let’s see just how strong this demon is. Flooding each projectile with his spiritual energy once more, he made a swiping motion with his hands going in opposite directions as all six shurikens spun through the air right for the colossal demon’s eye.

The pair watched as the ninja stars were just about to hit when the monster wrapped it’s tentacles around itself for protection. The green glowing projectiles blew up on contact with bright light before fading. They looked to see the demon only had mere bruises from the attack but not enough to make any difference in the fight.

“Damn it! Just how strong is this thing!?” That’s when a cry rang out. Asura and Kenjiro turned to see Naiomi being lifted up by one of the demon’s tentacles. She couldn’t move her body and therefore couldn’t use her secret art. Hisoko threw her palm towards the tentacle holding the exorcist as her violet spiritual thread shot out of the tips of her fingers when another tentacle came out from nowhere, knocking her aside before hitting a tree with great force.

“Y-you bastard, I'll take your head off for that!” She weakly stood back up while Kenjiro came to her side standing beside her. “Are you ok Hisoko?” She kept her eyes on the monster as she stood up covered in dirt with her hair a mess. “Rrrr, spiritual thread cage!” The angered ninja crossed her arms, creating a dome of spiritual thread over the massive demon. “Let’s see you escape this!” She clinched her fists causing the thread to tighten around it’s body keeping the monster in place.

Just then, muscular arms grew out of it’s sides as it threw a punch right for the female exorcist, it’s fist was multiple times her size and she didn’t have time to release her technique and dodge. “Spiritual barrier!” Kenjiro appeared in between Hisoko and the coming strike as he was engulfed in green fire-like spiritual energy. The blow was so powerful, it sent a shockwave through the entire forest. Naiomi tried to break free but wasn’t strong enough.

Asura and the others watched as the green barrier dissipated from Kenjiro as he collapsed out cold. “Kenjiro!” Hiroko cried out as she pulled out her katana. “I thought I wouldn’t need to use this technique but-” The sword began to glow with her violet aura when a tentacle came right for her, grabbing her as well. Her blade dropped to the ground leaving her powerless as well.


Kasuke awoke in the clinic. “Naiomi? Asura? They must’ve gone out on a mission. I should try to hurry and catch up with them. I’m sure I can sense one of their spiritual energies once I get close enough”

Back In The Forest...

Zenra was still hurt but decided he had finally had enough. “That’s it! I’m tired of being pushed around by all you demon! Prepare to die!” In full rage he launched himself off a tree into the air towards the giant demon as he pulled two daggers out preparing to slice the beast apart. Just then he was grabbed by the creature’s snake-like tongue and swallowed whole.

“Noooo! Zenra!” The unit two captain clapped his hands together manifesting swords made of energy around him when the creature turned towards him firing an immense blaze of purple flames right for him. Asura closed his eyes as the flames grew closer when he realized he didn’t feel anything. He opened his eyes to find himself standing far behind the monster with Kasuke standing beside him with his palm on his shoulder. “Kasuke!?” He looked at his ally in shock.

“Stay back captain, I'll handle this...Come Akunomi” His eyes went from hazel to red as the four-triangle symbol manifested on his neck from red flames. “Heh, so you want to take out that monster as soon as possible? Then let the blood bath begin” Kasuke with Akunomi controlling half his mind smirked as the ninja ran at fierce speed towards the creature. The others watched as tentacles shot out from it’s body towards the exorcist, Kasuke dodged each one that came his way getting closer and closer to his target.

He spotted Naiomi and waited as another arm came right form him. At the last second, he jumped onto it, running up the demon’s arm before using it to jump higher into the air right for the tentacle holding his teammate. “Kasuke!” She cried with surprise and excitement. “Piercing slash!” Kasuke focused his power into his palm creating a blade made of red energy as he cut off the creature’s tentacle causing it to let go of Naiomi.

The exorcist caught her, landing in the grass before setting her down. Wait here, I'll finish this fight”

“Wait! What about your hand!? Isn’t fighting what caused your hand to be corroded like that!?”

“Don’t worry, protecting you is what matters” He responded placing his hand on her head before approaching the beast, walking towards it as if it weren’t a threat. The monster let out a bellowing roar before sending it’s massive fist straight for the ninja. Mashida stood his ground with a serious expression as the fist struck something in between him and the attack.

“Is that all you have demon? I was sure you could at least get through the power field of my spiritual energy that nullified most attacks that come in to contact with it. “You must not be as strong as you think you are. Allow me to show you what true strength is” Mashida vanished in a flash of red light before standing right in front of his opponent's torso. “Forbidden art: Spiritual life Fracture” Placing his index and middle finger on the demon’s torso, he sent a surge of power right for it’s spiritual core, causing it to fracture.

The others watched as the massive demon turned to a pool of black goo with Zenra in the center unconscious. (Hmmm, the demon ate that man, how pathetic) Akunomi said within the shinobi’s mind. Just then the black goo began to flow within the shinobi’s body as demonic energy began to flow through his body. His red hair faded to gray as he floated up into the air, his eyes glowing red as his ninja uniform ripped away leaving a black shirt and black pants.

“This’s incredible. So this is what it feels like to be the strongest exorcist!”

“Guess again Zenra, you’re nowhere near as strong as me” The floating demonic ninja looked down at him in anger before flying right for him, throwing a punch with demonic energy engulfing his fist. Kasuke stepped out of the way as Zenra struck the ground, leaving a massive crack in the earth.

“Rrr, I've had enough of you! A low-class exorcist just showing up and acting better than everyone else! It’s time someone killed you! Forbidden art: Demonic Seal!” Putting his hands together like a triangle right at Kasuke he prepared to seal him within the darkness with he realized his target was gone. A sudden pain ran through the demonic man as he realized Kasuke was right behind him, his fist right through his chest as blood ran from his body onto the soil.

“Even after gaining all that power, you still are nothing Zenra and if you’re willing to kill your own ally to prove you’re better, than you don’t deserve to be called an exorcist” He pulled his hand out as his eyes reverted back to their hazel color and the symbol faded into his skin.

“Is everyone ok?” The ninja called out walking over to Naiomi leading her over to the others. Kenjiro was still out cold but Asura and Hisoko seemed fine. “So this is Kasuke? His power is nothing like any exorcists I've ever seen. Could stronger than even the exosagins!?)

“Seems everyone's ok, let’s hurry and head back. So we can rest” Asura suggested...

As Kenjiro was placed in his bed and Asura went to bed. Kasuke sat outside their unit looking out at the forest. He looked at his arm where the black corruption had started and noticed it had spread to his shoulder. “Hmph, seems if I keep using your power, my entire body may become completely corrupted. I’ll have to figure out a way to slow it down”

CHAPTER 5 Life Of The Exorcist

He covered his arm and let out a sigh when Naiomi walked outside sitting beside him. “Thanks for saving us, I doubt we would’ve made it if it wasn’t for you”

“Don’t worry about it. Being an exorcist, I know I have to save as many people as I can. One day I may die, so I need to make the most of now and defeat as many demons as I can. Nothing will stop me from killing all of the demons I find” The woman leaned on his shoulder looking at the grass. “The demons killed everyone I knew, my father, my mother and my best friend. My father was an exorcist, so he was forced to fight the demons relentlessly while my mother stayed home to watch me. Since demons are drawn to those with high spiritual energy my father was the one to protect us best, he could since he had the highest essence of energy”

She continued saying: “One day the demons targeted our home which was a small cabin in the mountain. I believe they sensed the baby within my mother since she was pregnant with my sister. I would always hear how happy she was about having a 2nd child, how I'd finally have another person to play with especially at home. Then one day she told me...she told me she wanted to play hide and seek” Tears began to run down her face as she began to cry.

She told me to find the best hiding spot I could and to not come out no matter what I heard. I hid in a tree not far from our house when...the screams began, I could hear my mother’s cries of fear as the demons found her, my father had just come back from a mission to find her trying to escape a demon, her blue dress stained with blood as she continued to run. But in the mother and father were killed. With my father’s dying breath he called out to me: “N-naiomi...become an exorcist, save others from the demons”

“It was horrible, especially since I was only nine years old when it happened. After for crying for hours, I awoke to the sun filling the tree with light. I quickly made my way down the mountain wearing blue pants and a pink shirt. Demons couldn’t find me because of my lack of power so I ran nonstop down into Leoria, a small village below the mountain we could see from the house. I reached a small house where an old couple took me in, from there I was raised in the village. I became friends with a popular swordsman of the village. His name was Osona Kitoyami, he used a knight sword and had short brown hair with hazel eyes and wore dark red mercenary armor. He helped me train to become a great melee and sword fighter. But my fear of demons always kept me from being a great fighter”

Kasuke placed his hand on her head and said: “You can’t let fear control how you fight, if you let it hold you back, you could be killed. I was unsure if I'd be a good exorcist, but with the power I've been given, I know I have the potential to free the humans of this world from the demons”

Just then they saw Hisoko walking up to them. They both stood up when Naiomi stood in from of him blocking her. “What do you want!?” She growled giving her a mean look. “Aw, don’t be so hostile, I just wanted to talk Is all. Besides, I wanted to thank Kasuke Mashida personally how grateful I am that he saved me and my partner Kenjiro. We are B-ranking exorcist that will soon be taking our A-rank exam. I was hoping you would come with us Kasuke and try to take the exam. You’re far stronger than a mere C-rank" She pushed Naiomi aside standing close to the ninja with their faces inches from each other.

“Thanks, I'll try and come so I can take my promotion exam. I'm sure it won’t be too difficult” He looked at his concealed arm before looking over at Naiomi who was trying to hold back her anger. Kasuke walked past Hisoko over to his partner placing his hand on her head. “So I guess I'll see you at the exams. When is it going to take place?”

“It’ll be in two days at the arena of Exosagain back when you took the test to become an exorcist”

“Alright I'll see you then” He replied. Hisoko smirked blowing him a kiss before vanishing into the trees back to her own until a few miles away. The ninja looked at Naiomi and told her she should get some more sleep so they could relax the next two days. She looked at him giving him a nod before walking back into the unit. Kasuke went to his room and began to meditate, his demonic energy began to flow out of his body all around him as he remained focused.

After about a minute he opened his eyes to find himself within the void looking up at Akunomi who didn’t seem surprised to see him. “Ah, you seem like you’re getting more used to shifting between here and reality. That just proves how much you’re growing with my power. I’m sure in no time the first triangle will be removed. Rember, each triangle on your neck is a kind of limiter, as over-powered as we are together, those three symbols limit how powerful we can be. Being the demon king, I am one of the few demons that is considered a god among all the mere demons this world is plagued with. Though there are many kinds of demons in this world and the fact I'm one of the oldest demons of this world, there were only a few I either respected or deemed any kind of threat”

Kasuke looked at him with interested as the demon king continued...

History Of The Demon King ARC

Akunomi sat on his throne within the demon realm, sitting upon a black throne with a skull on both arm rests with blue flames coming from their eye sockets. He sat with his left leg over his right with his cheek resting on his right arm as he looked around his throne room which was a large dark cave-like room with flames all around the floor near the walls.

A demon walked into the room wearing a black cloak with red eyes and long white hair. “Lord Akunomi, I have a report on the demon known as Okosa, seems he has his followers on his way here to try and dethrone you as the demon king of this realm. Shall I call our men to battle and stop their invasion sir?”

“No need Kaino, I shall handle taking it head on” Akunomi stood up, walking towards the door when his follower stood in his way. “I’m sorry sir, but I can’t let you go, you’ll be in danger if you go-” Without a word the demon king struck his follower in the side of the neck with a quick blow, his fingers close together. His follower lost consciousness falling back before Akunomi caught him. “I’m sorry Kaino, but I can’t have you stop me, I also can’t let you die because of me. As the demon lord, it’s my responsibility to deal with this”

He set his close friend in the corner of the throne room before making his way out into the demon realm. There was a endless surface of scorched earth with flames bursting from the sides leading down into a dark void. He stood outside his fortress as dozens of figures came into view he saw an endless horde of undead archers approaching along with a few powerful demons. One of the demons wasa high-ranking lord by the name of Kisoin, he had gray skin wearing a cloak of matching color. His eyes glowed white with a white mist flowing from them. He could be seen holding what appeared to be a black trident.

"All archers open fire upon Akonomi! That bastard has been demon lord for far too long!" The horde of endless demons fired an endless rain of flaming arrows right for the demon lord. Akunomi looked at the coming projectiles with a serious but calm expression as he walked across the scorched ground with a black mist-like aura swarming around his body as he slowly proceeded forward as the millions of projectiles struck his aura either fading away or breaking on contact.

"Sir, the fire arrows aren't having any effect on him!"

"Hmph, then we'll just have to go with a different tactic. Yugara go!" The demonic lord made a swiping motion with his hand as a white muscular demon that was the size of a titan launched up into the red glowing sky before landing a few feet away from the demon lord. The ground shook but didn't seem to frighten him in the slightest.

"You think an A-Class demon is enough to stop a demon lord? You must've forgotten all those years ago Kisoin. Allow me to remind you who you're dealing with" The titan-sized demon clinched it's massive fist with it's glowing red eyes throwing a punch right for Akunomi with black lighting swarming around it's fist.

The powerful demon watched as the fist was just about to hit when the demon lord put his index and middle finger together, blocking the powerful strike as the ground around them erupted in a powerful shockwave sending pieces of scorched rock in different directions.

"You aren't worth the effort. I have my reasons for protecting my allies and fortress, such as the fact you and your arrogant leader have forget why I was named the lord of all demons" The giant demon lifted both fists up preparing to slam them down when Akunomi moved right up to his opponent aiming his index and middle finger toward the center of the buff white demon's chest. "Demonic Technique: Spiritual Death" A burst of red energy hit the core of the demon, causing it to burst. All watched as the giant demon let out cries of despair before landing on it's face motionless.

Akunomi looked down upon the lifeless vessel of the demon before slamming his foot down upon it's skull causing cracks to form around it from the sheer force of his foot. "Well now, this thing's endurance was quite impressive, let's see just how powerful it could've actually become" He took his foot off the demon as he aimed his palm towards it's body. "Forbidden Technique: Demonic Rebirth"

Kisoin watched as the tall white demon's body began to emanate a dark-purple aura as it stood back up, it's eyes glowing brighter than before as it's muscles tightened from immense power flowing through it's body. "Let's see how you deal with such a demon...when it's power is 10 times it's normal potential"

"What!? 10 T-times!?" Kisoin was beginning to become worried as the giant devil launched itself into the air, descending down right for the legion of demons a few miles away. Akunomi watched with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. Yugara the white demon came down with an immense punch right for them as black lightning surged around it's fist, striking the front of the horde of lesser-demons as a ray of light was sent across the army as thousands of demons were completely wiped out by the devil's multiplied power.

It grinned revealing rows of sharp teeth before holding both hands up manifesting a dark-red sphere of demonic energy. It let out a sadistic laugh before firing it right at the army before it. (Shit, if that blast hits!) Kisoin gripped his trident before moving instantly right up to the sphere of immense demonic energy it was aimed right for the army when Kisoin put his trident sideways in a blocking position as the sphere of raw power made contact.

"Retreat demons!" The fellow demon commanded struggling to hold back the projectile as the entire demon realm shook from it's fierce power. "Hehe, you seem to be struggling old friend, how sad to see the well-known 2nd strongest demon being forced back by a mere demon who's power has been amplified but not as strong as me. If you can't even defeat Yugara, what hope do you have of defeating me, Akunomi...the true lord of all demons"

The high-demon began to sweat from the overwhelming power of the attack when Akunomi grinned reveling his vampire-like teeth, aiming his hand toward the sphere of dark spiritual energy as it grew far bigger to the point his target couldn't hold it back any longer. His trident shattered as the sphere continued forward before Kisoin brought it to a halt once more with his bare hands, his cloak whipping around from the sheer power of the attack. "Rrrraaaghhhh!" The area lit up with dark-red energy as the attack erupted, killing all lesser-demons within several miles.

The blinding light faded as the high-demon stood there shaking in pain out of breath. A black rift opened in front of him as Akunomi stepped out looking down on him. "How said, you shouldn't even be called the 2nd strongest demon if this is all it takes to weaken you. I Rember before I was named the king of demons, we were close friends, we trained, developing our skills as higher-demons. However, once I was named demon king, something changed in you didn't it? You thought to yourself: "Why wasn't it me? Why did he become demon king but not me?" It's rather simple lack the mental stability to be a king. The only reason you had that army was probably just from fear, they knew to follow your orders or perish"

"S-shut up...demon lord...king whatever you call yourself, I'm tired of your constant showing off. It should've been me who became!" The devil advanced right for Akunomi forming a blade made of purple energy around his hand attempting to stab him when he struck Yugara who had moved in front of it's master in time to protect him.

"Yugara!?" Akunomi brushed his long white hair out of his face. "You see, you're nowhere near my level. Now die along with your worthless army" The white demon struck Kisoin across the face with it's massive fist, sending him soaring across the red glowing sky before catching up with his staggering opponent, gripping his face and throwing him back towards the burned surface.

The wounded demon hit the ground with a hard impact to see the demon charging up a condensed sphere of energy directed towards him. (So, this is how it goal to become demon king is gone? I wished things had been different between you and I. I wonder...if our rules had been reversed...would the outcome still be the same?)


Kisoin and Akunomi stood in the blood forest fighting one another. They were both young-adults in their 20's Kisoin before his demon form had long black hair with red eyes dressed in a black royal robe. "Akunomi, to think we've been friends for 10 years, yet still train together, keeping up with one another no matter how high one goes, the other will follow"

"You're right and the new demon lord will be announced today, I'm excited to see which one of us it will be" Akunomi responded. "I hope it's me, I'm the son of the current demon lord, demon lord Isaken. I'm sure to be the next lord" Akunomi's smirk faded as he grew worried about his friend, he seemed so excited to become demon king and wasn't sure how his friend would react if the opposite happened...

At the coronation of the next demon lord, the parents of both Akunomi and Kisoin stood aligned in front of a black and red shrine as the current demon lord announced the next demon lord. "Our next demon lord to rule over the demon realm is...Akunomi. All hail our new lord!" Thousands of demons praised their new lord as Akunomi walked across a black carpet with red symbols as he made his way to the shrine where he was titled as demon king. Isaken concentrated all of his power into a sphere of energy. "Sir Akunomi, this is all my demonic energy, along with the ones before me. Take it and lead this world to a better future"

The young demon reached out, holding the sphere of pure demonic essence in his hand. His long white hair blowing around from such power. He began to absorb it as it grew smaller. His body lit up with a purple flame-like aura as he finally siphoned it all. He looked over at his friend who had tears in his eyes before walking away from the crowd.

The new demon lord rushed after him before finally catching up with him in the blood forest. He put his hand on his friend's shoulder. "Kisoin...I'm sorry, I had my doubts but didn't think I'd be crowned as the demon lord"

"Yeah right, you knew this would happen, now you're the demon lord and I'm, soon you'll have other things to focus on...I'll be nothing but a memory"

"That's not true, I'll always-"

"Enough of your lies!...I...I don't want to see you anymore, our friendship is over!" The demon lo0rd could see the tears in his friend's eyes no matter how hard he tried to hide it.

"Kisoin I-" Just then his old friend struck him in the face with a powerful strike to his cheek as a gust of wind rushed past him from the sheer force of his attack. His friend looked at him dead in the eye with tears and anger while Akunomi just looked at him with a calm but sad look as blood ran down his cheek from the wound but hadn't moved from his spot...

Not long after...Akunomi found his parents dead in his mansion in the living room, they laid in a pool of their own blood. He saw Kisoin standing over their bodies holding a holy dagger. "!?" His assailant crashed through the window outside in the black-colored grass fields as a feeling of despair and anger washed over Akunomi, the once childish and fun feeling he had for his friend began to burn away as he clinched his fist. KISOIN!!!"

His eyes glowed red completely hiding his eyes as a demonic-flame-like aura manifested around his body as a cold expression appeared. He soared out the window with fierce power flowing through him as he caught up with the attacker. Reaching him Akunomi grabbed the back of his skull, slamming it down onto the ground while continuing to fly creating a trail of cracked earth behind.

Kisoin stood up, his faced covered in blood as he gripped the dagger tightly in his hand. "What do you plan to do with that? Kill me? What would your father think? If anyone's to be killed with a holy weapon it's you. You killed two innocent people out of rage and jealously. We may be demons, but you've fone too far. If you wish to kill me then go for it. In the end, you will pay for what you've done"

Kisoin threw the dagger into Akunomi's chest as his body began to become paler, cracks forming on his face as he began to break apart like ash. He looked at his killer and said: "This isn't the end"

End Of flash back

"Looks like he was right, I really was meant to be the one to truly die" He watched the demon about to attack when everything became black and wind, the demon was frozen in place and it seemed as if time itself was stopped. He saw Akunomi standing over him.

"It's time, time for you to die at the hand of the very weapon you killed my parents gone" He pulled the holy dagger out, piercing the demon's abdomen with it before time moved again and Akunomi had disappeared. Kisoin laid there dying just before the sphere of demonic energy struck him, utterly obliterating him...

The demon lord made his way back to his fortress where his follower was waiting by his throne. "Kaino...i have an important task for you"


"I want you to watch things here while I'm gone, I' tired of the demon realm, it holds too much memories of that bastard, I shall go to the human realm for a while and return when I'm ready. Make sure to watch over the fortress while I'm gone"

"But lord I-"

"No, I won't hear what you have to say, you are the only true friend I have left Kaino, follow my orders and do as I say. I will be going now" Akunomi sat in the center of the room aiming his index and middle finger toward his chest making a triangle motion as a red triangle made of his energy formed in front of his chest. "Forbidden art: Spiritual reanimation" His body faded into wisps of demonic energy before fading completely...

That's when he awoke within the body of one of young boy with black hair dressed in a white shirt and black pants. The boy's green eyes changed to red as an evil grin appeared across his face. "Perfect, I'm in the human world, now then...let's find a more suitable body..."

CHAPTER 6: Possession Of A Demon

Kasuke sat outside getting some fresh air while thinking about the story Akunomi had told him. He was surprised to think such a demon could have such human emotions and have a close friend, only to become so heartless and cruel in the end. "Just as some demons can behave like humans...we, can also act like demons. Our hatred, our greed. What makes us different then a demon...what do we define as: "demon"

Just then a hand touched his shoulder. He looked behind him to see Naiomi. "Are you ok? You seemed either lost in thought or worried about something"

"Don't worry Naiomi, I'm fine, just thinking about all that's happened in just these past few days" Just then he realized the exam was today. He quickly got up. "I almost forgot, Hisoko said today was the exam to rank up to a B-rank exorcist!"


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