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1. Words of Wisdom

Money isn't power, power isn't it, our greatest strength in this world is knowledge; every ounce of it. Without it we are helpless we are weak. If we do not have it we walk around like sheep.

2. Sad Poem

You're always searching for your dope. While your mothers out here losing hope. She's praying that you're coming home. All night tired, restless, and worried she roamed. Wishing and praying to god that you'd come home. You Didn't even have the decency to pick up the phone. She finally goes to bed and closes her eyes. She wakes in the morning and screams and cries. Because the police were there and she's learned that you died.

3. The Pain

The pain is very real. In truth, there's no time to heal. Happy was the emotion that I used to feel. Then pain takes over my body, So what is the deal? You can't be in control with no hands on the wheel. It's like my heart has been pierced by a blade of steel. Except she used a weapon you cannot see and don't need to wield. I might as well be dead by her blade rotting away in a field. The poison she spits destroys my mind, making me lose what is real. Love is one of the worst emotions, we all should be equipped with a shield. By the way, have I mentioned this pain is for real.

4. Love

Love is like a candle the flame is always lit. Until that cold day it blows out just takes a little spit. Always searching for that one to always and forever keep it lit. Even though that's hard to do now that I think of it. Love is why people try so hard and never quit. Love is like the greatest drug I pray that you get a hit. Love does have its ups and downs it is some bumpy shit.

5. confessions

Every night I lay beside you, I miss the soft touch of your hand messaging my chest. there are no other words to use, I'm in love with you, your the best. I wish every night under the moon and the stars that I could have passed your test. I never meant to hurt our love, my intentions were never for you to give up and lay it to rest. Know there is no soft touch or kisses from you, although my dreams still infest. I swear to you with every breath I honestly can tell you I loved you and wanted our life to be a permanent nest. I look back on a lot of things that I did and honestly I detest them. The things I see when I look in your eyes, I must have made your life a mess. I'm sorry girl I miss your love this is just something I had to confess.

6. Only Me

She says she cries every night over me. What don't i get, what don't I see? I try so hard to be who she wants me to be. In the end, I'm afraid it's only me. The love I have will start to seize, then I'll be gone and she will be free. To do what she wants and that she will. Decades will pass and i will love her still.

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Michael Speicher Sr. I'm a father of five, that loves to write in my spare time 😁😁

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Rebecca Wright Rebecca Wright
I love these... Your an amazing writer keep writing your pain... Words leaving help heal what we all are feeling...
January 07, 2022, 12:12