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Miranda Martin takes a job cleaning for her boss when she stumbles across a book of witchcraft, that changes her life forever

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Miranda Martin just pulled into the abandoned log Cabin where she would spend the next 48 hours. Her boss, Tony Cruz asked her if she would mind taking this as a side project and of course, she said she would love to. Now she wasn't too thrilled about it her two best friends were going out this weekend and here she was cleaning this crappy cabin. She got out of her car and shut the door, the cabin was very beautiful from the outside. It had a nice stone walkway with a stone bird feeder sitting in the middle of the yard, the forest stretched for miles on both sides of it. She walked to the door and used the key her boss gave her to open the door and go in. She walked into the cabin and it opened up into a lounge area. It had a sofa with a love seat an end table and a fireplace. Besides, the dusting it needed, Looked nice and homely to her. She entered a little kitchen area through the lounge which had a refrigerator and a table that seats three. She noticed right away that the kitchen was a mess, there were dishes everywhere dirty, in the sink on the counters, and even on the table. Well, she thought I guess it could be worse, she laughed as she exited the room. She traveled into the lounge and headed up the wooden staircase, every time she stepped down the stairs creaked from her weight. She got to the top which was a hallway with three doors one on the left and two on the right. She opened the left door which was a bathroom, it had a bathtub a sink with a mirror, and a toilet and by the looks, she could tell it needed her womanly touch. She then entered the door across the hall and when she opened it up it was a bedroom it had a queen bed and a nightstand on both sides of the bed. A huge dresser with a mirror attached to it and a closet door which of course when she opened it she noticed it was a beautiful walk in, it was empty but the shelves it had to hold shoes made her instantly fall in love with it. She tried to open the third room but it was locked. That is weird she thought, of course, she paid no attention at all and headed back downstairs and out to her car to grab her cleaning supplies out of the trunk. Miranda gathered everything she believed she would need, at least she hoped like hell she hadn't forgotten anything it was like 8 miles to the closest store. She carried everything in the cabin and set it on the floor inside by the front door. She decided before she gets started she will get herself a drink she was very parched from her trip, so she headed into the kitchen and opened the fridge, it was empty. Damn it she thought if I would have known there wasn't any food I would have brought some. She checked the cupboard and found some canned goods and other things she could make. She returned to the lounge and started arranging her cleaning supplies. That is when she heard a noise from upstairs it sounded like someone walking around, her heart skipped a beat, she was alone in the cabin she knew that for a fact. She crept up the staircase her heart was pounding in her chest. She looked in the bathroom and the bedroom cautiously, they were both empty. She got to the door of the locked room and said, "Hello, is anyone in there?" Her voice sounded scared as it came out of her. She half expected someone to answer her but there was nothing but silence and her panicked breathing. She started to walk away when the door unlocked "click" and opened slowly. Miranda slowly turned around, she doesn't think she had ever been more frightened than she was at this moment the crack was there in front of her eyes, it did unlock and open, she was not imagining this. She was moving although it seemed like slow motion to her. She carefully opened the door and peered inside. The room was empty, long candles lined the walls, on the far wall there is a fancy mirror with symbols carved in it. In the center of the room is a table with a glass case in the middle of it. Miranda looks in the case and it's an ancient-looking book; the front cover reads "The art of Witchcraft." The case is dusty she can't make out a lot. Miranda notices that it is awfully cold in this room. She opens the case and removes the book, then leaves the room closing the door behind her.

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