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A drug addicts father dies and instead of leaving his son money he buries himself with his small fortune, so his son gets the idea to rob it

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The night air is chilly, and you can barely see through the thick fog. It's so cold that every time he breaths out it looks like he's smoking a cigarette. Todd stands with a shovel in hand, he has traveled a long way to get here and there's no turning back now he doesn't care how scared he is. He stands alone in the middle of nowhere cold and blinded by the fog, determined. He opens the metal gate; engraved across the bars is the word Unforgiven, he swings the rusty gate open and walks into the rumored deadly; Unforgiven graveyard. Todd takes his flashlight out of his belt and turns it on. He is searching in the dark through the rows of tombstones. He learns rather quickly that the fog is not going to make this easy. Finally, after bashing his shines on a couple of tombstones he locates the one he's looking for in the back. It's a huge marble cross with writing on it, Todd can't read it because it's in a different language. He sets his flashlight up so he can see, with the fog it is rather complicated. He goes to the center in front of the tombstone, and Todd Peters begins to dig. Sweat is dripping off his brow he's been digging for a minute now in search of what should rightfully be his. After a while of digging up the earth, his shovel finally hits pay dirt. He gets on his knees and starts swishing dirt around trying to get a glimpse of what he had found, after a few minutes he realizes it's a coffin, not just any coffin but the old man's gold coffin. The old man with all his bullshit stories about this cemetery. He was buried with his fortune because this Unforgiving graveyard was supposed to protect the people buried here. To think that he didn't leave his drug-addicted grandson shit, this just ticked Todd off to no end, he was furious; using the shovel to dig up the rest of the coffin so he could get the lid off. He finally got the lid off and in the coffin were money bags, right next to the bones of his great-grandpa. Todd snatched the money bags from the grave as he did this he noticed his great grandpa's lucky ring. It was a gold ring around a size 11, it had diamonds on it that made the shape of a skull. It was hypnotizing, Todd broke his great grandpa's finger off like snapping a twig. Then he took the ring and placed it in his pocket. He quickly replaced the lid and did his best to put the dirt back. Then he headed out of the graveyard trying to retrace his steps the best that he could. Todd finally made it back to his trailer, it wasn't much but it was his home. He threw the money bags on the table, he could not wait to count them, he kind of felt like he did as a kid on Christmas morning when you were about to rip open all your gifts. He went to the mini-fridge in the living room or what would be called a living room. He grabbed himself a nice cold beer. He twisted the cap off the bottle and chugged half of it. Then he went over to the money bags. He opened one up, his eyes lit up like a little kid in Toys 'R' Us. There were stacks of hundreds of those fancy money wraps on them. Each stack was five grand, he was going to be pretty wealthy for a little. He started wondering how much he could get for the ring. It was pure gold with quite a few diamonds. He figured probably another five grand. He gave a crooked smile and opened the other bag, it was full of even more hundred dollar stacks. Todd went to the fridge for more beer, hell he could sure afford more. After Todd had finished the 12 pack in the fridge, he eventually ended up passing out at the kitchen table. He woke up coughing and gaging, there was a horrible stench in the air, so bad his eyes were watering and he couldn't stop gaging. Something was standing behind him something that smelled of rotten flesh and the earth. He wanted to turn around and look but he was so frightened his body would not allow him...

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