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Jan, 20th, 2025

We've been in this damn bomb shelter for four months now, there are twelve of us down here and we are running low on food. Four months ago an emergency alert was broadcasted take cover immediately, we were being invaded by a hostile race. No one in here has any clue what the world is like out there or if there's anyone left. But soon, very soon we are going to need to venture out for supplies. I'm keeping this journal not only to keep track of the days but also to keep track of what is going on for the human race. Sincerely,

Jake Decker

Jan 22nd, 2025

Three days ago four people were sent out to scope out a Walmart about eight blocks from here and they haven't returned. Everyone is starting to panic, I'm losing my mind trying to keep everyone calm. I don't want to send a search party that would be sending people to their doom! Sincerely,

Jack Decker

Jan 24th, 2025

Only one of the four came back. His name is Ben and he said people are walking around in battle suits out there. The world is on fire he says and there's smoke everywhere. The people in the battle suits caught the others and burned them alive watching them scream in pain and agony till they were burnt to the bone. We asked if anyone saw him come back here and he said no! Let's pray not.


Jake Decker

Jan, 25th, 2025

Ben and I are going to try and go back out for supplies, Anna wants to go I've told her no many times she is stubborn. I hope I will be writing again but just in case something happens to me I've left the journal in Emma's care. Pray for our safe return...


Jake Decker

Jan, 26th, 2025

Jake got Anna back safely although Ben was shot in the back by another human survivor over canned goods, what is this world coming to Jake went to bed he was tired from running and hiding all night to get back. We wish him a speedy recovery. Yours truly,

Emma Green

Jan, 27th, 2025

Well, it's Jake again, I had moments when I thought Emma would be the only one writing in the journal from now on. The world as we know is chaos, Ben was gunned down by another human starving and scavenging for food. I can't feel hate for someone trying to live. When we got to the Walmart it was a wreck, all the glass windows including automatic doors, were shattered out. We got a bunch of good snacks and gadgets. We were going down the aisle of canned goods, a man was standing there, he had a red Budweiser hat on his head, he looked at Ben and me with hate in his eyes, he calmly said, "get the fuck away from the canned goods!" Of course, Ben said "fuck you man, and turned around to get some canned corn, that's when the guy pulled out a 9mm and shot Ben in the back twice. Then he pointed the barrel at me and Emma, that's when I screamed, "you can have the canned goods man, no one else needs shot!" He just looked at me with a frightened/confused expression on his face. He grabbed food and darted off all while holding the 9mm on us. Some scary shit for real. I'm worried about our future.


Jake Decker

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