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Three friends take a trip and get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere

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They were all cruising down the road in the middle of nowhere, of course, Carl was driving as usual. Trees were going by on both sides of the car, it was nothing but forest for miles. They were headed to Matt's dad's cabin in the woods. Matt was riding shotgun rolling a blunt, he had the buds broke down on his lap on a Guns-N-Roses CD. Carl was a mechanic he planned on running his shop one day. He made decent money from his customers now, they were pretty loyal because he was honest and fair. Matt was the opposite of Carl he was one of those carefree souls. He sold marijuana to make his money and Didn't have a life plan just a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. In the back seat behind the driver with a bottle of whiskey between her legs is Rebecca. She is one sexy girl, crazy and wild though, she is Matt's ex-girlfriend turned lifelong friend. They had this weekend trip planned for months, all waiting for their getaway weekend. Matt gets done rolling the blunt and yells, "fire in the hole!" He then took his white Bic lighter and lit the blunt. They all passed the blunt around with the windows rolled up "baking out" is what they called it. Thump, thump, "what was that?" Rebecca asked. Carl looked at her in the rearview mirror and said: "we hit something." That's when the car started shaking and Carl knew right away they had a flat tire. Carl pulled the car over and stopped on the side of the road, it was getting dark. Carl was outside the car looking at the tires. While Matt and his ex-were inside the car. He got back in the car, Matt noticed he looked mad, he said. "Somehow all four of our tires are popped." "All four of them?" Rebecca asked from the backseat. "Yes all fucking four of them!" Carl yelled a little aggravated because if it was one tire he could easily fix it, but all fucking four were screwed. "Cant, we just call someone to pick us up?" Rebecca asked. Matt looked at Carl and said, "chill bro, I'll twist up another one and we will call someone and get the hell out of here." They all got out of the car. Matt broke up some bright green buds on the hood of the car while Rebecca split a blueberry Swisher, passing the bottle of whiskey around. Carl was leaning on the driver's door, fiddling with his cell phone trying to pick up service. By this time it is dark out but it's a full moon tonight which provided a beautiful night sky and good lighting. "Maybe we should start walking Carl, maybe we could get to that gas station about eight miles back," Matt said this with impatience. Carl wasn't in the mood right now, he was feeling mad anger flaring up meaning he could explode at any given moment. "I don't care what the fuck we do, it don't matter." Carl managed to get that out without sounding too much like a dick. Rebecca just wanted things calm again she said, "come on cuties if we get some more alcohol up in this, you both might get lucky tonight." She started walking as she said this, and she had an excited smile on her face. Matt looked at Carl and shrugged with a smile. The guys followed Rebecca watching her ass bounce along as she guzzled from the Whiskey bottle. they walked the road back to the gas station. They walked till they noticed what popped their tire. Spike stripes were laying a crossed the road gleaming in the moonlight. Rebecca looked around, they were still surrounded by forests on both sides of the road. "Oh my god," Rebecca said in a panic. "This was done to us on purpose!" Matt looked at her and said, "you don't know that the police might have left them here in a high-speed pursuit." She thought about it for a couple of seconds, it must have satisfied her because she shut up about it. However, if they would have checked around they would have found a police cruiser smashed into a tree, little ways into the forest, beside the cruiser was the body of two sheriffs officers lying next to the cruiser with chunks of meat ripped from their bodies, they had flies buzzing around them and maggots feeding on them. they continued their journey on the road. They walked and walked it felt like the scenery was all the same nothing but the forest and road for viewing. "I think we should stop and rest for the night you two," Rebecca said trying to catch her breath. "Great idea girl," Matt said back. They found a nice spot off the road just a little into the forest. Carl went off and was searching for wood to get a fire started. Matt was watching Rebecca put her hair up and he couldn't remember why they had decided to call it quits long ago. "Didn't get no extra beverage but ill still take you up on that offer," Matt said smiling as big as the Joker. Rebecca walked over to him and said, "you wish." Meanwhile, Carl had a bundle of nice sticks and twigs to get the fire started, he was gone he figured around 10 minutes so he started heading back to Matt and Rebecca. On his way back he heard movement in the forest to his left. He turned that way quickly but it was too dark to see anything. He turned around and started walking faster toward the others. He kept hearing twigs break in the forest like someone walking around. Carl started to believe Matt and Rebecca were clowning around with him. He finally got back Matt was leaning against a tree smoking a cigarette, and Rebecca was sitting on the ground by his feet. Carl let the firewood fall to the ground. "I don't think we're alone in this woods." His face was pale, he was shaken up they could tell. "Of course we aren't alone in the forest you dumbass," Matt says sounding aggravated. "There are all kinds of animals out here Carl, damn!" Carl looks at Matt pissed off and says "Go to hell Matt!" Matt starts setting up the firewood Carl gathered and after a little struggle finally gets it lit. "All right Matt, I knew you were good for something," Rebecca says smiling. Matt looked at her smiling and then flipped her off. They were all getting warm around the fire, Carl hadn't said much since he got back from getting firewood. He still seemed kind of mad. They all heard a scream, this was no ordinary scream, it echoes through the night. "Whatever that was it didn't come from no human," Carl said with a bit of attitude. Rebecca all of a sudden was starting to get a little frightened. She said quietly, "I'm starting to think maybe we should get out of here." "I agree," Matt says as he gives Rebecca a frightened look. Carl replies "I was trying to tell you guys that earlier but y-" he was cut off a huge hairy arm came out of the trees behind Carl and grabbed him by the head, its hand covered Carl's whole skull. Matt and Rebecca both jumped up and started backing away. Its massive body came out in the open and Matt said: "run!" It was at least 9 feet tall and fur covered its body. Its eyes were red and its teeth were sharp and they were dripping saliva. It roared so loud Rebeccas eardrums were ringing. It slammed Carls head against a tree not once but three times, his skull cracked on the first smack, he was leaking blood and brain matter everywhere. That is when Rebecca and Matt began to run...

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Michael Speicher Sr. I'm a father of five, that loves to write in my spare time 😁😁

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