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The beauty

The red-haired woman's eyes are like two burning coals,

She is a flame that burns bright and hot,

A man would be lucky to have her hair,

He'd find it hard to live without her beauty.

Her lips are red with passion and blood,

They burn like a fiery heart that beats fast.

Her hands are cold like ice and sharp like a blade,

They cut deep into your flesh and tear you apart.

She'll break your body and mind,

Tear the shadow from your soul

And leave you empty and torn,

Shattered by her dreams and desires.

She'll take the joy from everything,

Emptying your heart of all color,

Leaving you as nothing more than a shell

Whose purpose is to serve her.

The red-haired woman is fire and shadow,

A maiden of winter's cold embrace,

A demon out of the depths of hell,

A wailing nightmare and a sleeping charm.

I saw the red-haired woman in the glen,

I heard her laughter like a wild animal's growl,

My mind turned to shadow and my sight was hers,

She bent me to her will and burned me like a candle.

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