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Ame Ayusui's life is pleasant. Filled with love for the rain and autumn weather. Obsession for fruits and fluffy things. Everything is going well until the night of the Fox Wedding. He was given a red plum and he ate it. After that, things became very not normal.

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My Rainy Days

{Month}: Rain Flowers

{Date}: Monday 2

{Season}: Flowers

{Weather}: Rain And Sun

{Mood}: Happy And In Wonder


My days of rain is so comfortable. When it rains, and water from heaven splash on the roads, and making the flowers sparkling, I get excited to the point I just rush out there with my wooden japanese sandals and my parasol and be out there for weeks....until it stop raining.

Today, the rain come down steadily. The pink petals of the cherry blossoms settle to the ground like carpets for the wedded foxes as if they are here, enjoying the view with smiles on their faces.

Which happened yesterday. Yep, happy time it was.


I still remember that red plum fruit that the bride gave me. I still don't know why she give it to me. All I know is the words:

"Happy Birthday, Darling! You will go through some changes, but I know you will handle it. You'll be open to many people soon, so get ready to enlarge your house for company, ookay?"

"...yes madam....?"

"Hohoho, so polite. You will definitely attract guests, many of them. Me and my husband will drop by after winter. Tata~."

The wedded say their farewell and left.

It's strange...it is like she know me, about something that I am not, but something that I am unaware of.

Anyway, back to the present.

Today, I came to the Stone Bridge and stand on the railing. I stand there and lift my head up a bit, humming a soft tone to myself and rocking my feet back and forth while holding my parasol.

"Hehehe, rain. Rain is nice. Just lovely. Hehehe."

"Sir..... Sir?"



I turn to see the policeman again.

The Fourteenth Time....

....this month... Fourteenth Time.


Please. Don't disturb me when I am giddy. This time I would've jump. In fright. It'll be your fault too.

"Don't walk on people....You'll be socked...In the jaw."

"M-my bad. I am just checking on you."

"Uh-huh....You're just assuming things. I love this spot. It is more safer than the roof of the tower in Edo City."


I then began my monologue.

"That place is windy...but it is nicer in winter... because of the wind... despite the slipping part where I almost died."


"On my freshman trip to the Tropical Lands where there are walking scarecrows....I sneaked....into their Queen's Lair....and ate all her fruits... I was hungry and excited for some reason...."


I answered the voice.

"I did it because I want to see her angry and turn into a beautiful woman so she can give me a bag of all the fruits I desire....I wanted the golden mango and the giant white raspberry...But that ended in failure.... Instead of what the internet said, she turn into a screaming naked man and try to get me by dancing while throwing coconuts with sparkling black milk in them.....by the way....those coconuts supposed to turn you into a singing turnip head. I found that part hilarious."


"Guys, I got a problem!"

I snap back to reality.

"I got a person who is in need of help! Bring the medics!"

I then realize my mistake.

"You listened to me? How dare you. Stay out of my plays. You aren't invited."

His face swelled in pure terror. He then start screaming at the radio.


I....I just dug my grave deeper.


I then got down from the rail in a calm matter and swiftly walk to my house. By the time I got their, they already sedated me and sent me to the hospital.

When I wake up, I see a young man with long white hair that reaches to his shoulders and have black rimmed glasses.

"Hi there!"


"Are you....the Grim Reaper?"

"Hehe, no I'm not. I am your therapist. Call me Dr. Medell."

Really? You called a therapist?!

"Oh wow. Great. Ten in a row too? They are completely in over their heads. Next time they see a flying turkey in a sky carrying a big chain letter with a million words, they'll say, Oh, that is a rocket bringing people to the Palace of the Queen Of Mad Souls. Yeah, those souls will have a feast alright. Eating a cheeseburger with baloney."

"Come on, don't be like that. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Let your imagination flow."

He smiled a bright smile.

Is he like the others? He won't give me needles, right? No exorcisms? Talismans? Electric chairs?!

"Now now. I can feel your tension rising. No need to be afraid. Here, have some candy."

He show me a bag of candy.

I immediately drooled and smiled like a child. I snatched it and open the bag.



These.... aren't the brands I know.....and most of all...there all chocolate....

"Why .....chocolate?"

They smell familiar. Very familiar.


Why am I dizzy?


I then came back to reality with myself crouching on the edge of the window...with..... chocolate in my mouth!


"Woooo, wow, you really are hungry, huh? Haha, don't worry though, I'll help you get through it."

Medell is drying his hair....why is it wet?


Now that I see, the whole room is drenched!



Medell than pat me on the shoulder.

"You're safe now brother."

"Huh?.....when am I your brother?"

He had a very hurt look in his eyes. I then came up with good words in an instant.

"Look, I don't remember you as my brother, but, if I am your brother, we can be brothers. Sound good?"

He then smiled. A very happy smile.

"Okay, let's get you home. I have to show you the list of things for your new diet for now on."

"...my new diet?"

"Yep! You can't eat normal food anymore. I'll will take the lead of your diet or.... it'll be a catastrophe, alright?"

"..... alright...?"

For some reason, I feel like my life had just ended and born anew....

A very not normal life.

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