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A young adult that just finished school decided to stop being single, and searched in online dating apps for a boyfriend. Little did he know they guy he would date would be a singer. But will they love each other that much?

Romance Romance jeune adulte Tout public.

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Where it begun

When the snow begun to fall in december, jake just graduated a year ago from school, now he had to find his dream job, that was being an actor, at his childhood he already started acting and toke curses to be better, the only thing he loved the most was being an actor.

Jake"oh my!, im running late to work, I need to go to work or else I'll get fired!"

Jake was in a hurry, so he didn't even get to eat breakfast.

When he arrived it was too late, they already, closed the doors so nobody could enter.

Jake started crying, it was his first job after doing alot of interviews.

He tried to look over a worker, to see if he could get in, but everyone was already in, the only thing he could do was return home.

In the sad situation he had, the only thing he could think of was:

jake"I should have just been an actor, why did I complicated myself to much".

While jake was walking near the park he bumped into somones leg.

(Jake)-Aww, why did it hurt so much, what is this thing?

Jake looked at the leg he bumped into, and it was a guy in the bench sitting down, with his head looking down.

(Jake)-Hmm, excuse me?

"Is he asleep?"

Jake starts looking at the guy, more closer, because he was curious, why would he be sleeping in a place where everybody could see him.

(Stranger)*opens eyes*

*looks at jake*

(Jake)- Ahhh, it's not what you think...

"Why is he not saying anything?"

(Stranger)-I've been abandoned.

(Jake)-Huh, you what-?

-Wait, did your mom leave you behind while shopping?

(Stranger)-My girlfriend.

(Jake)-Oohhh, now I understand! So you live with your girlfriend and she went somewhere.

*The stranger stares at jake*

(Jake)-I think you should try going back home, and you would find her there.

The stranger stands up and tells jake, that he already went home and didn't find her, she left with all her stuff, and went away without a word.

Jake feels sad for the stranger's situation, and doesn't know what to do.

(Jake)-don't you have her number?

(Stranger) I don't have a phone.

(Jake)-oh so that's it *thinking*

-Then what's your name?

(Stranger)- My name is niki.

(Jake)-So do do you have a place to stay?

(Niki)- I only had her.

(Jake)- So what about you stay at my house?

(Niki)-If it doesn't bother you, then I'm ok.

Jake shows niki the way to his house.

(Jake)- it's here, come on in.

Niki goes in, and looks around all over the house.

He goes in jake's room and looks at the walls

Niki "what are these pictures?"

Niki takes a better look more closely, and sees that it's the singer "sunghoon"

(Niki)-Sunghoon?, I remember this is the singer, my girlfriend liked alot.

Jake was making space in a room for niki to stay.

But because it was so silence, jake decided to check what niki was doing.

(Jake)-Niki! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!*Screams out of anger*

*Niki looks at him serious, and continues what he was doing*

(Jake)-Niki, leave the wallpapers in their place, right now!ok?

(Niki)-I don't like him being on your wall. *makes sad face*

(Jake)-What are you trying to say? *confused*

(Niki)-I feel jealous.

To be continued...

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I like niki😍
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