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Undefined relationship

it's always amazing in any relation where no expactation for getting back same from someone.

Anyone who are in any relation in the expectation of getting same in return is wasting their time.

it's story of Krish and krisha they are very close and loving frds.they have care for eachother,they have love,respact ,having everything which is pure.

the Bonding is undefined,unreal, because they not expact something get back from eachothers.they are just follow their responsibility for eachother this is unconditional love between them.they are free to do whatever they want,no restriction,no limitations.they are share their feelings without fear.they have lots of feelings to share but they want not to define because one name give priority to make so many expactations.that's why it is undefined relationship,which is so much loving.

how much pleasent if it is really happened in between every relationship where every person give justice to own role and not expact to get back same from another one.

because in any relation really don't ask or expect much from people,want just loyalty, support and honesty

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