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(Ashfield Tennessee)

Ashfield Tennessee October 25th 2019
It was a cold and rainy night in ashfield not a soul to be seen lights were flickering dogs were howling. I wondered were the people of ashfield Tennessee ready for the pain coming their way. You see I'm not a person like you or him I don't have a soul or the ability to do what I want no no no I have rules. And I know what your thinking you have rules to but my rules are different. My rules I must obey to keep the balance. But enough about me let's continue with the story and maybe just maybe you might find out who I am.
A bunch of friends were hanging out at there favorite place the abandoned police station. You see it was abandoned years ago and all the cops and prisoners disappeared without a trace. The group of friends loved haunted games and houses they even loved ghost movies.
They were so into it that tonight they decided to stay the night in the police station.as they talked they decided to look around to see if they could find something even know they been there countless times and looked around they felt lucky knowing it was the anniversary of the disappearances.
Before we continue I noticed I didn't tell you their names I'm sorry where are my manners in the group was jack and jill
Yes i know but their parents were really into old story's so that will explain the names they are twins and had dreams of becoming singers. The next one is Danny Hill a star athlete and charmer towards the lady's but little did everyone know danny was gay and had eyes for jack but jill had eyes for danny ha ha ha crazy right. The last one on are list is Bradley Channing aka the bad boy. this motherfucker is the biggest pain in my ass but I'm not going to get into that right now.
Now that you know who they are let's get back to the story.
Jack and Jill went down towards the old jail cells and Danny went with Bradley to the basement they were hoping to find something anything that would be interesting.
Jack and Jill searched the beds and desks but found nothing Danny and Bradley searched every nook and cranny and didn't find a thing. until Danny found a book not just any book this book was special it was black with a skull in the middle Danny could tell he found something good. Danny told Bradley and ran up stairs. Bradley felt like something was wrong but followed anyways. Danny yelled for jack and jill and when everyone got back together he showed them the book.
The book was old it was written in a language long forgotten and everyone knew it didn't belong here but couldn't help but wonder why was it here of all places.
Danny opened the book and inside everyone couldn't believe what they were seeing pictures of monster and spell were written in the book but out of everything the book had one word they could understand. it was the darkness. Cause it was mentioned everywhere in the book. So Danny without hesitation read the first page as best as he could. As he was reading the lights turned on and off the building started to shake and the faint sounds of children crying could be heard in every direction of the station. Bradley grabbed the book from danny and threw it on the ground. Danny was mad and couldn't believe Bradley did that. Bradley just felt that something was wrong as he stared with a scared and blank look in his face.
Danny turned around and saw jack and jill with the same look on their face. Danny looked up and was startled to see a creature of pure darkness staring at him. while it circled around him Danny slowly backed away and as he did the monster swooped down and grabbed him. Danny looked
at everyone hoping they would help jack couldn't move out of pure terror jill was screaming and didn't know what to do and Bradley was to scared to do anything.
They watched as their friend was ripped apart and eaten in front of their eyes. The sounds of blood and gut's could be heard hitting the floor with bone's being crunched.
Jill was crying on her knees screaming at jack to do something. But jack was at a lost for words as he has never seen something like this out side of a horror movie. Bradley snapped out of it and ran towards jack and jill grabbing their arms and draging them towards the jail cells. Bradley opened one cell door and dragged jack and jill into the cell and told them to hide under the bed. Bradley didn't want anything to happen to jill because he loved her from the time they met in kindergarten but she had no idea and Bradley wanted to keep it that way for now. Bradley looked at jack and said "I'll be back keep your sister safe".
Jack asked " don't go that thing will kill you at least let me come with you". Bradley thought about it but said no because jill needed someone with here. Jill stood up and looked at Bradley " I'll be fine I can take care of my self just promise me take care of my brother make sure he comes back". Bradley Nodded his head and took jack with him.
Chapter 2
Bradley and jack walked slowly down the hallway making sure to make no noise. It was dark and cold Bradley and Jack could hear creepy voices coming from all around them.
As they walked closer to the waiting room were Danny died.The sounds of people screaming and children crying got louder. Bradley looked at jack and told him to stay as he went for the book. Bradley knew the book had to have a way to kill the monster they unleashed or at least send it back. Bradley grabbed the book and saw a piece of paper sticking out of it. He opened it up and it said "who ever finds this book do not read death will follow signed chief of police Gordon Walker.
Bradley turned around to go back to jack when he saw the creature standing behind jack with a big nasty smile.
Bradley yelled at jack telling him to run.
But the monster grabbed Jack and dragged him away.
Bradley ran after the monster to save jack but the creature dragged him down to the basement.
Bradley knew deep down if he went down there only one will come back up. Bradley knew the monster was trying to lure him into the basement by taking Jack.
So bradly turned back and ran to tell jill what happened and to see if she could help him find a way to send the monster back to hell.
Bradley got back to the jail cell and called for jill. Jill came out from under the bed and noticed that her brother was gone. She asked Bradley were her brother was. Bradley looked at jill and and with a sad look on his face told her what happened. Jill's only response was.
"Why why did you leave him I told you to take care of him".
Bradley didn't know what to say he was lost for words.
Bradley grabbed jill by the hand and told her.
"I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure he's not dead and we can save him just help me find a way to send that damn thing back ok".
Jill was scared but knew this was the only way to save her brother. So Bradley and jill looked through the book looking for anything that would help.
Then when all hope was lost jill discovered a page folded in the very back of the book.
She opened it up and there as clear as day was the spell to send the monster back. Jill told Bradley and said "look Brad it's the spell we need but the spell requires a few things we need to find".
"Like what jill ?".
"Two rose peddles
The hair of the one who summoned it
Blood of a hero
And you must say its name 3 time".
"Three time's? What dose it mean by that how do we even find out his name".
"Easy jill we wait for the right moment and trick the demon into telling us his name".
Bradley and jill left the jail cell to look around for the items they needed.
Jill and Bradley split up two cover more ground. jill went left and Bradley went right.
Jill entered the break room and searched all the covereds and cabinet's but didn't find anything.
She opened the fridge and saw a rose almost fully dead. so she grabbed it and pulled off the pedals that were still good. Bradley entered the old armory and found a old world war 2 pistol still in good condition. But nothing else was there.
Jill ran up to Bradley as he was exiting the armory and told him she found the peddles. and as she was exiting the break room ran into Danny's head and took a piece of his hair. Bradley was happy and asked jill "what about the blood". Jill told him it might be in the basement.
Bradley knew it was crazy to go back there but if the blood is there then there is no reason to run.
Bradley looked scared but he shook his head and told jill "let's go your brother he is waiting for us ".
Bradley started walking to the basement door while jill walked behind him with a sinister smile.
Bradley and jill walked slowly down the stairs. so that monster wouldn't hear them. Bradley looked around and didn't see anything in the cold dark basement.Then a shadowy figure came from the darkness holding jack in his arms."well well well what do we have here someone grew some balls hahaha".
"Honestly I was telling your friend that you weren't going to come but I guess I was wrong so what do you plan to do boy".
Bradley looked at the monster with a cocky look in his face and said. "I'm going to send your ass back to hell and save my friend. The monster threw Jack into a cage that was hanging on the cilling and said.
"Well well well is that so but tell me how are you going to do that all by yourself".
Bradley didn't understand what he meant by that.
He had jill backing him up. Bradley turned around and jill stabbed him in the stomach laughing as she twisted and pushed the blade in deeper. Bradley didn't understand why then he saw that she was possed.
Bradley tried to snap her out of it but couldn't. So he slapped her and pushed her away. Jill fell on the floor getting knocked out. The monster with a big sinister smile looked at Bradley with big red eyes.
"Poor poor Bradley did you really think I didn't know what you were up two hahahaha I have always known".
"I possed that weak girl when I was summoned I had to keep a eye on you why do you think it was easy collecting the items that you needed".
"So….you were…..just playing with us".
"Yes yes I was hahahahahaaaaa hell it's not to often I'm free and when I am free I like to fuck with people and I enjoy every minute of it".
"Tell me…. what is….(heavy breathing)…your name".
"Come on kid I played you and I have a story to tell so just die already and who ever is reading sorry for the long conversation."but so everyone is happy my name is Alastor".
Bradley finally got the name he needed but before he could say it three times. Alastor grabbed and stabbed him in the chest with his amazing and fabulous claws." Sorry hahahaaa I love my self way two much".
Alastor through Bradley up against the wall and slowly walked towards jill.
With jill still being possessed she couldn't move or do anything to stop him. Alastor grabbed jill and whispered in her ear "you will set me free my child and together we will destroy this hellish world"
Bradley woke up in pain he knew he was going to die with his last breath he got up and jumped on Alastors back.
Forcing Alastor to scream and start jumping up and down .
Bradley took the items from his pocket and forced it down Alastor throat.
Alastor bit off Bradley's arm and through him at the door up the stairs. Bradley tumbled down the stairs almost dead. Bradley with his one last breath flipped Alastor off.
Alastor was so pissed he didn't see that jill was free from his possession.
Jill came to only to see Bradley on the floor dead and her brother in a cage. Jill got up off the floor and started saying Alastors name 3 times "Alastor…..Alastor……Alastor!!!".
Alastor turned around with a shock look on his face as jill said his name.
Right then and there the items in Alastors stomach started to glow bright. Jill knew that she needed one more item to send him back so she ran two Bradley and ripped a piece of her skirt off. She got on her knees and started wiping up some of Bradley's blood with the piece of skirt she ripped off.
Jill got up and ran towards Alastor while he was weakened by the items in him.
She jumped on his back and shoved the bloody rag in his mouth. Alastor grabbed jill and threw her at the cage were her brother was.
Alastor started to glow even brighter his eye cryed blood and black smoke came out of his mouth.
Jill got up and noticed a crowbar that was underneath a pile of trash and wood . She picked it up and opened her brothers cage and helped him out of the cage.
Alastor looked at jill in pain and said "you little bitch you think you can kill me you ……think you …can get rid of me ..ha…ha….ha…I'll just come back I.….always come back".
Jill sat her brother down and walked over to Alastor with a smile on her face. "Come back from this asshole".
Jill started to hit Alastor over the head multiple times until his brains started to show.
As jill walked away a faint sound of laughter came from Alastor. Jill turned around and saw Alastor melting into a puddle of blood.
"….I….knew…you had it in you …i promise we will meet again……….."ha…ha..haaaa".
And like that Alastor vanished in the puddle. Jill hoped he was wrong but to make sure she grabbed the book and put it in a barrel. She grabbed a lighter out of her brothers jacket and set the book on fire. As she help her brother out of the basement and through the building. She noticed a gas can sitting in the corner. So she took her brother out side and ran back inside to grab the gas can. She started to pure the gas every where and before she lit the gas with the lighter she said her goodbyes to Bradley.
" Thank you for everything (sniff…sniff) may you rest in pice".
She gave him a kiss on the forehead and as she cryed she lit the gas on fire.
She ran out of the building with tears rolling down her face as she watched the building burn down.
Jack grabbed his sister's shoulder and told her."I know and it's ok he died saving us let's remember that he did what any good friend would do but there is something else I need to tell you sis". " Bradley loved you he only did what he did because he cared for someone other then himself".
Jill smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek. She turned around and hugged her brother. "Thank you for telling me".
They started walking away as the sounds of sirens could be heard coming there way. 3 years after the Incident jack moved on to go to college and jill stayed in Ashfield to become a music teacher and to keep a eye out . Because deep down she knew that if Alastor returns. she would need to stop him again and this time kill his sorry ass.
(The End)


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