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A 12 year old Simran went for travel in Manali with her parents. There , Simran befriends with an unknown girl. Then what happens next.....

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Mysterious cute smile

All this happened in 2013 . Simran went to visit Manali with her family. Went by train, reached there in the evening . They booked at a specific Hotel in Manali . By then it was 5:30. Her room was on the third floor of the hotel. They means her mom and dad and she . She stood near the window and opened it. The cool cold wave was making her heart swell. She danced there in joy. Then Mom called and said that come down, have to go to eat food.

( Southern Souls Café ) . They ate dhadhojanam , curd rice with Ginger , onion and green chili 🌶️ , authentic tadka . Then they went out to visit the nearby area ( hadimba Devi temple ) .

Now it's 9:00 o'clock in the night . She was completely tired so fell asleep early. It was 5:30 in the morning. A girl has come in her dream. The girl smiled mysteriously seeing Simran.

😲😲😮😳🤔🤔 Seeing her sweet smile, she woke up.


she came from the bathroom and Dad went to the bathroom again .

And again She stood by the window and look here and there .

She saw a girl. That girl was looking up at her from below. And she smiled looking at her (Simran) too. Mom was packing so she didn't tell her mom anything. And she secretly went downstairs to meet that girl .

She had come down and that girl smiled at her again. Then she came to know very well that this is the girl of her dreams. She went close to her and asked her name. She was probably Simran age too (..12 years ) .

She - Hi , my name is muskan . 😊

Simran - oh...... m ...m .... Myself Simran , 12 years old

She (Muskan ) - You are so cute girl and your activities are like shinchan

Simran - 🤪😋😜 ok really am i like shinchan

She - will you be my friend

Simran - 🤔🤔 mmm 🤔😜 yeah sure

They both started talking about Shinchan

Mother came back and called her (Simran) from behind .

Mom came close to Simran.

She ( mom ) scolded her by holding my ear.

Simran - mom please leave me . I'm sorry 😞

Muskan also left from there. Mother was not say a word to Simran about Muskan and For fear of scolding, Simran did not even mention about her to her mother.

Then they all left for a walk. (Simran family members)

It was 6:30 pm and now They had reached the hotel.

She told her mom and dad to go to the room and She will stay on the ground floor in this building for some time and will come to them after 8 minutes.. Dad had handed over her responsibility to the hotel manager ( look like manager was 10-12 years older than her dad )

he ( manager) told her (Simran) to play here and don't go here and there .

Simran - 👍

Manager - ☺️

Somebody called the manager and he left.

Muskan came to meet her after him .

They both started talking together.

And their friendship would have deepened and a few days passed (+5 days ).

Simran - tomorrow we will leave for home 😟

She (Muskan) - 😟😞.....(silent) ☺️ But I'll keep coming in your dreams 🤗

Simran - 😃😄 okay

time - 3:00 pm , at hotel

Simran and Muskaan were playing in the snow under the tree behind the hotel .

But they did not know that the branch on the tree is not strong and it can fall at any time and .... something like this happened .

The branch of the tree could not control the flow of wind and weight of snow.

That branch was about to fall on Simran thatttt.. Muskan pushed her.. and..... Simran fell on the side and fainted .

When she came to her senses she was with her mother and all the hotel staff surrounded them .

Dad scolded her .

She was taking the name of Muskan again and again that everyone got confused after listening her

Cause no one else was found near the tree .

But the hotel manager was in shock after hearing her .

He showed her and my parents a picture of a girl .

My parents couldn't recognize the girl because they have never seen her .

But Simran recognized her .

Then the manager said that Muskan is his own daughter.

She died on 26th January , 2001 in Bhuj earthquake .

My parents were shocked after hearing these things .

And most interesting thing is that

Simran was born on same day , month and year .

Simran could understand everyone's silence .

That day Simran could not find Muskan anywhere.

In morning , their taxi came and she sat in the back of the car .

🚕🚖 the car started and her heart beat faster .

When she looked back, ...... .... the Muskan on the side of the manager was saying bye bye to us by shaking her hand. ✋👋

Only she could see her .

Again Muskan gave a mysterious cute smile and Simran also gave her a sweet smile .😊👋


This story ends with this mysterious cute smile 🤠


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