One group of four friends. A sick game and an unexpected death. After that, three of them are left. The responsibility on them. Are they innocent like they claim or not?

Thriller/Mystère Tout public.

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~The fatal start~

~Till the end. ~ That is what they kept saying to each other since the day they met. A heavy promise, especially after the known incident, but they tried to implement it in every way. Marcus, Sierra, Chloe and Noah are hiding a past. The past that brought them where they are today: Looking at the sky and praying for one of these shining stars to be Chloe.

She didn't deserve that. She was way too young to go. If they were a unite, then all of them should have died. They did that. All these rumors are being spread around the town every single minute. You see, every resident has reached a version of his conclusions, but nobody was interested in looking at what was hidden behind the case. The whole city has been turned now into a trial for the friends and a justice for Chloe.

They had very strong bones that were created when they started elementary school. Their goal and dream was to graduate together and built their common future. One year was only ahead until that moment. One year. But in that year, all happened. Let's just go some chapters back in their lives, when Chloe was still by them.

-Mum I have to go. The guys are waiting for me.

-Chloe wait! I will not be home by the time you will return, so take the keys with you.

That phrase was the beginning of our story. "I will not be home by the time you will return. " And you know how it sounds to a teenager girl who all she needs is to spent time with her "gang". Totally freedom. Access to rooms that were not allowed before. And a lot of more.

"Nobody is going to be at my house after school finishes. You are all invited. " Chloe said satisfyingly.

"That was what I wanted to hear. Have you got something to feed us or we are going to order?" And Noah responded with his usual style.

Their friendship was about how to have fun. They didn't care about what others say. They may had been graduates soon, but their innocent hearts belonged to a pure child. And they had something in common that was helpful for keeping their relationship alive: The passion for trying new things. Just imagine that this is a factor for their separation...

"Oh boy! "Marcus said and looked at him with a smile up to his ears.

"You two have better stop now. We are reaching." And finally Sierra who brought back the peace in the conversation.

The school hours were passing so quickly in front of their eyes.Nor they understood when they went and when it was the time to return back. Back to the realization of their plans...

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