Joseph Mckee

Shadow prototype: The tale of vengeance volume 1: Rise of project berserker is about a former college student who has to fight against the organization that experimented on him.

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Chapter 1: Rise of project berserker part 1

One day 26-year-old Alex Storm was walking home after the graduation ceremony at the college that he attended had come to a spectacular conclusion less than 2 hours ago unaware that someone with evil intentions is following him but it was already too late for the person after the former college student came up behind right into his blindspot where he can't see anything and knocked him out with a heavy piece of 2x4 to the back of the head finally after being unconscious for 24 hours our protagonist wakes up in an old abandoned laboratory somewhere deep underground where he's in a tank submerged in a special liquid designed to keep him sedated while an evil organization that's compromised of the 9 smartest people in the world are monitoring his progress.

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