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ugly marks

izuku was 6 when the first name appeared on his skin.

his teacher had asked for him to stay after the bell, izuku should've known better than believing he was safe.

his jaw hurt and he felt used. he walked home without saying a word. izuku saw in his reflection skin rubbed raw after a long shower and 'iwayama yaichiro' written in tiny letters on his collarbone.

izuku was 8 when he learned how to use makeup.

his collection of names grew with him, 5 names littered across his skin. usually he would just hide them with his clothes, but with 'takemoto kaneru' written below his eye, long sleeved shirts wouldn't help anymore.

he stole his mother's concealer in the middle of the night. izuku could pretend he was still a blank canvas.

izuku was 12 when a classmate saw one of the names.

he had been hiding for half his life. he had become comfortable and that was a mistake izuku would learn not to repeat.

'whore' was commonly shouted at him at the corridors after that day. 'slut' he heard the teachers call behind his back.

his collection of 12 names grew faster than ever. 30 something by the end or the year.

izuku was 15 when he got into U.A. quirkless.

it was a dream come true, he had worked so hard to get there and it payed off. class 1A yūei's hero course. but with a new school came new teachers and classmates he didn't know what to expect off.

with a collection of over 50 names to hide, a school full of pro heros wasn't the smartest option but he's been hiding them for as long as he can remember, he'll be fine.

except he wasn't, izuku was getting paranoid, flinching easier and stutter worsening; and his teachers noticed even if they didn't say anything. he notices how aizawa's gaze linger on him or midnight's eyes constantly flicker back to him.

being watched that intensely by his teachers just made the anxiety worse, reminding him of middle school when his names were exposed. never knowing if it was pity or desire to have him that made his teachers observe him so intently.

his costume gets destroyed by kacchan during their first battle training class. that's fine no one saw his dirty skin he's still safe. izuku, not 'deku', 'whore' or whatever nickname he was given at school.

‘i really should stop jinxing myself’ izuku thinks as he's walking to the support classroom. since his costume got destroyed, power loader had to make another one; and for that he needed measures which meant potentially taking off his blazer, the only thing covering most of the names on his arms. izuku wasn't so sure about being in a room alone with said teacher either.

he knocks at the classroom door before entering. the door wasn't locked and the windows were open ‘good’ izuku thinks, they weren't trying to cage him.

"good afternoon maijima-sensei" the teacher noticed that izuku had checked for escape routes and didn't try to fix any of them, he might really just get a new costume today. “good afternoon midoriya, let’s start so you can go home” izuku nods and puts his bag down “you’ll have to take out the blazer” he freezes for a second before starting to take off the blazer, making sure his shirt would hide the names.

after that, their meeting went surprisingly fast. his measures have changed a bit but the costume would be ready for the next time he’ll need it. izuku thanks the teacher and makes his way home.

maijima might not be an active hero anymore but he sure recognises all the red flags in midoriya, and there was no way he wouldn’t be informing the kid’s homeroom teacher. arranging time to speak to aizawa would be the easy part, how do you even tell a teacher, a hero, that one of his kids was, most likely, sexually abused? the hero sighs, it will be a long night.

it was the end of class when aizawa asked izuku stay behind, his face goes pale and features blank how his skin should be he nods at his teacher, who didn’t miss the shift on the kid.

he is sitting perfectly still while his classmates leave the classroom, fake smile in place and nails going deep into his own skin. he raises his gaze when the door open again and the anxiety worsens at seeing kayama. he forces his breathing to keep steady, he doesn’t notice the blood on his hands.

“midoriya,” kayama’s voice is soft but he couldn’t have the luxury of relaxing “we know that having the two of us might be overwhelming, is there anything we can do to help? or that you’d like to do before this conversation?” why are they going off script, they aren’t supposed to be acting like this. izuku eyes them with suspicion but still a chance of checking his escape routes is better than nothing.

while keeping his eyes always on them he checks the door and the windows before sitting down again “maijima brought up some serious concerns after your last meeting so we have to check it even in there’s no truth to it, we won’t force you to talk but we’d like you to trust us” he snorts at that gaze immediately going to the door yet this teachers hadn't done anything with hostile intentions to him “he saw a name on your wrist midoriya, more than one actually and while usually we could brush as teenage years other signs make us believe you were assaulted kid.., all we want is to help you” and izuku can’t not notice how genuine she sounds and that was all it took to the tears start to spill.

“oh kid” he hears aizawa-sensei say in such a sad voice ”can we get closer to you? we’ll not touch you” he shakes his head before nodding hesitantly, his eyes follow the teachers while they approach him. kayama-sensei is besides him and aizawa-sensei is on his front. he notices how both make sure their movements are slow and to always be where he can see.

”we need to ask more questions but take your time and don’t worry about answering all of them today” it’s aizawa-sensei who’s talking to him in such a sad voice ”when did it happen?” izuku holds back a sob and puts 6 fingers up, he sees kayama-sensei’s knuckles go white from the pressure she’s applying to the table “are they part of your family?” and izuku sees how aizawa visibly relaxes at the negative ”a teacher?” he nods.

”were they the only one?”

”no, but i’ve lost count”

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