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These are including urban myths and horror stories and creepy pastors that I have created out of my own head. From my own comorbid and complex PTSD I use this to create horror stories and creepypasta Instead of feeling sorry for myself for being self-destructive. You owe me things like the ghosts the ghost dog and many other little horrific stories that will come about my brain. So I need to inspired Why my PTSD nightmares and some by pure imagination. Criminal hear a creepy story that only a real creeper can give you. Recommended to be all red during the daytime and not at night.

Horreur histoires de fantômes Tout public.

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Ghosts of the forest

they say when you are good to the forests and Mother Nature that there are ghosts, good ghosts of the forest who will bless you and heal you from trauma and infection. these little ghost are described as cute little skeletons that jiggle their heads when ever you do some thing good like pict up the trash, recycle or even be kind to animals. they where very charming creatures who show and glow in the night and disappears in the day.

on moon light night you are able to see these ghosts from afar making the forest glow. one person clean up the who forest of trash one day and then from her log cabin was able to see the glow, she was freaked out thinking it was either aliens or radiation. so risking her health she went to investigate the glowing in the forest and saw the iridescent skeletal fairs.

"thank you so very much for cleaning our home," they said in unison. the next thing the woman found a quartz crystal that must've been worth a thousand dollars in its own weight. it was no bigger then a water bottle but when the woman had it appraised it came up to 10,000 dollars worth.

then she read up on fairies and new she had to give simple food as a thank you for the crystal. she the next day found a ring of mushrooms and stones as if it where a dinning room for the fairies. this is called a fairy ring.

she ordered her best friend and ex husband NOT to mow down the fairy ring. she showed him the crystal she found and had appraised. he was floored. that next night in the ring the ring was like a green ring of fire as it glowed the woman showed the beautiful glowing ring in the lawn to her live in ex. for the became believers.

the next day the man found a Smokey quartz the same size as his wife's crystal and she said that that was a think you for not destroying their ring.

then one day the woman picked up some trash that an ignorant person prablebly a runner left on the ground. she then found a diamond ring at the edge forest. was this a think about from the ghosts - fairies.

she then painted a sing near the forest for the joggers to "not piss off the fairies"

she found rose quartz earnings in the grass the next day and washed and disinfected then an then wore them.

"where did you get these" the man asked not knowing the fairy was on his shoulder.

"the fairies," she said, jester is to his shoulder. that is when he found a ghost-fairy on his shoulder.

"what the ....?" he screamed. "iam going insane."

"no you're not going insane!" she said. "this is like a studio ghibili forest filled with fantastic creatures and spirits. so the when into the fairs and found that there were these odd and curious creatures and spirits that they thought the only the know off until they went to visit a local art gallery causing them to think that the town has seen the ghibili like creatures in there forests.

each painting and photograph attributed by the town folk.

there were giant fur balls and bunnies sketal fairs and clear clear water that you mistake it for air.

the woman went to contribute to the gallery and painted one iPod the curious creatures that her and her ex saw. it was cute but indescribable. something you'd see in an anime movie.

the painting was then featured in the exact gallery and people saw that there new people to town.

as for the ghost-fairies as along as you weren't ignorant you where able to enjoy the spirits of the forests.

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