Rajesh Sharma

This is book about fantasy that all of have at some point of time.

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The night of love

Well, Sandeep and I were out to hangout, around 6 in the evening the sky turned cloudy and it was about to rain we both made the way out and we're in a hurry to go home. After a few minutes Sandeep thought and began requesting not to step ahead for that he wanted to enjoy the rain, perhaps I didn't like it that's why I thought it wouldn't be cool to stay there anymore. Immediately I actually said that our parents would be anxious and afraid if we are not home on time. And suddenly it began raining we were badly stuck in the rain, meanwhile he came up with an Idea to escape the place, I thought maybe it would help us out a little. There at distance we saw a beautiful girl heading toward us with a blue umbrella over her head, her long glossy hair made me think a while. And when she was in front us we asked her to help from the pouring. Maybe she is in her 20s.

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