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Loving shadow

You are walking down the street
Nobody cares where goes your feet
You are the only one and no one else
Prepared to talk to yourself if nobody tells

Going somewhere into slivers of your mind
Circling deeper and deeper lost in the past.
Not really caring how long it will last
You are sinking in memories of her sight

Looking down from old rusty lamp
Is everybody really gone?
No! There is a friend of yours
Not leaving you standing here alone

Companion who is firmly by your side
But runs away if you put yourself to the dark
He always follows steps of strangers
Who are as lonely as you are

Loving shadow...
Never leave you
Never judge you
never break you down

Silently following you wherever you go
Never asking why you wish to continue this road
Obediently coyly he copies what seems to be true
He knows everything what you've pulled through

And suddenly memory came up in your mind
Her long curly hair of darker kind
Her laughing voice and innocent eyes

which can be still seen written in your heart

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