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Perhaps at this moment no one knows you and somehow you long to be recognized and be the center of attraction. Possibly after you read this little story you can change the way you think

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The Desired One

Since I was a kid i used to saw her, she was so beautiful and radiant. I used to say: "the day i become an adult i will marry her." Although she already had many lovers and i wanted to be the next.

Once I became an adult I remembered the thought i used to have as a child and inside myself i said: "I will go after her at all costs." Sometimes i wondered how others had gotten her, she seemed to be easy to get, but in reality it was difficult.

One afternoon while i was taking a shower i came up with one of those crazy ideas about her in order to conquer her, to show her what I am capable of. Having finished showering, I turned on my laptop, logged in my social networks, which i use to work, and I had only seen the few likes and followers that I had, unfortunately what I was doing at that time did not work out to impress her.

I could only see that she paid attention to those who had that grace and talent to generate followers and likes, and in the same way their names were mentioned in different media and magazines, i barely had my birth name. Days and hours passed and I still couldn't come up with that idea so that i could marry my childhood crush, i saw everything far away and difficult for me.

One afternoon while leaving the apartment to go to breakfast, where i usually do, i met a character that i had never seen before, i think he was the new neighbor in the neighborhood. i went into the cafe, asked for the usual and went to my table, while i was having breakfast that guy entered the premises, went to where i was and said: "If you want to marry her, I have what you need." At that moment i felt a cold that shook my whole body and i said to myself: "How does this guy know about me?" What occurred to me to say to him was: "I'm sorry, pal, i think you got the wrong person." "Are you sure about that?" He said. “i have been studying you since you were born, and i have seen what you yearn for so much, and you have wondered how others have been able to marry her. So, if you want her and if you really want to make a name of your name, and let everyone talk about I'll meet you at 8:00 pm in the central Park". At that moment he withdrew from the table and left without saying another word. I had been surprised and couldn't even finish my breakfast.

After 4 in the afternoon while i was in my apartment, only the thoughts of what I had experienced in the morning with that mysterious man passed through my mind, the doubt had seized me even though i had said that i would do everything for marrying the love of my childhood and i couldn't believe that in 4 hours i already had a solution for that, but i wasn't sure.

With 10 minutes to 8, i made the decision to see that man, who in fact i did not know his name, i only knew that he lived in the neighborhood. I got ready, i left the apartment to go to the central park without knowing what could happen to me, I just thought: "i hope it's not about some kidnapping or something similar."

Being close to the park, i could see that he was already there, when i saw him i told him: "You told me that you have what I need to be able to marry her." "That's right" he replied. Well, tell me, what do i have to do? Kneel in front of me and drink from this cup to confirm the pact with her. At that moment i said: "Excuse me?" "just that?" to which he replied: "yes." And tell me why should i do such a thing? Asked. To which he replied, "i use the power that has been given to me to give people what they long for." And who are you? How did you get that power? And where does it come from? Since at that moment i wanted to know a little more about him. To which he replied: "If i told you, you would not believe me." Without more to ask, I proceeded to kneel, i took the cup and then i asked him: What else is next? At that moment no one answered, i looked up to see if he was still there, and to my surprise he had disappeared. What i thought at the time was: “apparently i fell for someone's mockery”. I left the park somewhat disappointed and went to my apartment and fell asleep.

The next day, and as usual, i went to the cafe for breakfast, and i tried to visualize if the man i had seen the night before was around and no one was there. I went into the cafe, and went to the table. At that time I had my laptop and i logged in my social networks to see how things were going with my business, and to my surprise the followers and likes had increased dramatically, to the point that i had received a message from the executive director of the Apple; who was interested in my work, which consists of advertising and digital marketing. And without realizing it, i was already committed to that love that i longed for so much.

Months later i moved from the neighborhood where i used to live, i already had my own office, i had bought a good vehicle and for women not to mention it. i was "happily married." i could see my name everywhere, and the topic of conversation was about my "marriage" and how i had conquered her.

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