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Hayat, a nave and innocent girl unwillingly met a man Fateh who started to hate her at their first meet. It was all disgusting for Fateh as her behavior made him feel embarrassed in the public. A lot of hate generated by Hayat for herself in Fateh. At their first met, a dialogue of Hayat that increased his rage, "You should be careful," she said. He looked at her. His eyes were more red now. He wanted to cut her into small pieces. She was beautiful yet he hated her for her behavior. His hands were itching to press her throat hard to kill her right now. A feeling that was enough to tell us about his hate for Hayat. A man, Fateh Sheikh, means a Conquerer wanted to show Hayat his madness. An innocent soul, Hayat Ali, means Life, who was forced to end herself and, An Alfaazi, means a word who gave that poor soul to live, to breath, to smile and to love!

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Chapter 01

Morning of summer. It was the last exam of Hayat to complete her graduation And after that, she has no plans.

Her father Qaasid Ali was reading the newspaper and drinking tea while his brain was planning something. A plan? Yeah, something that can shake Hayat, Hayat Ali.

"Nafs…" Qaasid calls his daughter who was helping her mother in the kitchen to serve breakfast.

"Yeah Abu, coming…" Nafs replied, nearing his couch.

"Yes Abu, did you have some work with me?" She asked.

He nodded, "where is Hayat? Is she ready?"

"I don't have any idea Abu," Nafs replied with a sigh.

"Call her for breakfast, sweetheart," her mother, Ruhaniyat Ali said.

"Yeah I'm just going," Nafs said and left.

"I can't understand why my sister loves books and self-study so much?" She mumbles on the way.

"Api," she opened the door.

She sighed after not finding Hayat in the room. She walked inside it and noticed her study table. All books were on their places and the bedsheets were also set. A scent of honey and roses was running in the room.

"Did you wake up?" She asked loudly, sensing Hayat would be in the bathroom.

No reply.

"Ok, breakfast is on table, come fast," Nafs said and left.

She left simply without bothering Hayat more because she knows that Hayat doesn't like to get disturbed in the bathroom. Nobody likes it, then what is Hayat? Nobody likes to answer while bathing from the bathroom. One more thing she hates a lot, wrong things happening in front of her. Well, this also nobody likes but she likes to raise her voice against anything wrong. Yeah, she is bold and a nice person.

As soon as Hayat left the bathroom, she started to dry her hair. Another moment, her mobile starts ringing. She gave a look at the name "Nazaakat" and didn't bother to pick it up, another reason? She was enjoying her ringtone.

"Tumhe koi aur dekhe, to jalta hai…" and soon she had to stop singing with the tune of her ringtone because Nazaakat stopped calling her.

"She should try again," Hayat whispered and she received a voice message from Nazaakat.

She gave a confused look and then played it, "stop enjoying your ringtone and receive my call," she felt something threatening in Nazaakat's voice message.

"Oh! She understood," Hayat laughed and then called Nazaakat.

"Hi, morning Naaz," Hayat wished her in a sweet tone.

"You too! But why aren't you answering me?" Nazaakat asked.

"You know then why asking?" Hayat smiled.

"Expected! Well, I'm coming to pick you up, may I Ms Ali?" Nazaakat asked.

"But why?"

"Actually, I want to show you something."

"Wow, a surprise for me?"

"So what's your answer?"

"Yeah….." she raised her head to check the time.

"Come in 15 minutes," she continued

"Ok, I'll wait for you outside," Nazaakat said and disconnected the line.

After combing her hair and using moisturizer for her body, she left her room.

She came downstairs and wished all of them a nice morning. All wished her back and she sat for having breakfast.

"It's your last exam Hayat," Qaasid broke the silence among them.

"Yeah Abu," she looked at him.

"You'll be very happy to know that I and your Ami have liked a boy for you," he said.

A smile vanished from her lips and she became reactionless that was missed by Qaasid as he was talking to her without meeting his gaze with Hayat's gaze.

Ruhaniyat looked at Hayat who has just stopped eating.

"What happened Hayat?" She asked.

"Nothing Ami," she smiled fake.

"I hope," Ruhaniyat smiled back.

"You know the Sheikh family?" Qaasid asked.

"Sheikh family, your partners?" Nafs asked.

Qaasid nodded with a smile.

"His son, Fateh Sheikh?" Nafs asked.

"Yeah, you're right. We are thinking of turning this partnership into a relationship," Qaasid said.

He looked at Hayat, "how is it Hayat?"

She just continued looking at her father but soon, Nafs interrupted in the middle, "why not Abu? I know Api will definitely like it because we know your every decision is right always," she smiled at Hayat.

"Ye.. yeah right," Hayat said hesitantly.

"My sweetheart," Ruhaniyat said with a smile.

"I should leave," Hayat stood up.

"I'll drop you," Qaasid asked.

"Actually Nazaakat is coming…" Before she could continue, the guard came inside and informed them that Nazaakat was outside and waiting for Hayat.

"Oh," Qaasid reacted.

"May you write well in your exam. May you receive the grace and peace of that All Mighty, Hayat," he added.

"Amen," she smiled and left.

She went wide-eyed when she saw Nazaakat with a new scootie.

"Hey, did you like it?" Nazaakat asked.

"Yeah, what's the reason?" Hayat asked.

"Dad gifted!"

"Whoa! Congratulations Naaz…"

"Thank you, thank you…"

"Ok, now sit," Nazaakat added.


Both sat and left for college. Both were discussing their subject and some question regarding it that suddenly her scootie shook. She stopped and looked behind. They both saw a man on his bike, covering his head with a black helmet.

"On my God, my new scootie," Nazaakat checked the back of her scootie with her hand.

Hayat looked at that man again. He was not moving from his place and again sitting on his seat to leave.

Doesn't he want to apologise? Hayat thought.

Seeing him leaving, she furrowed in anger.

"He did hit, right?" Hayat pointed towards him.

"Yeah, I was looking at him through my side mirror," Nazaakat said.

"Are you mad? Why weren't you telling me?" Hayat said and walked towards him.

"Don't you think you should apologise?" Hayat asked him.

He raised his head to look behind Hayat and saw her friend. He didn't remove his helmet and got off his bike. He walked towards Nazaakat and stood in front of her.

"Is it yours?" He asked without removing his helmet.

She nodded.

"If it's yours then why she is burning?" He started to take some money from his vaulet.

"Take it and repair," he said and placed that money in her hands. She was just about to refuse that Hayat didn't like it and marched towards him.

"You should apologise to her, got it?"

"Excuse me?"

He removed his helmet.

Nazaakat just let her breath out after seeing him. He was looking amazing in his black suit. His skin, as white as like a moon but his hair, brown, shiny and short. His sharp nose and well groomed eyebrows were giving him a high perceiving intelligent look.

A handsome businessman, she thought.

"Why should I apologise?" He asked.

"You damaged the back," Hayat frowned.

"So what? I paid and that's enough."

"I know people like you like to show your status through your money!"

"What's wrong?"

"And yeah! Stop being a goddess here, got it? Don't give me a lecture through your pointless questions. Just take it and left," he said loudly.

"Nobody wants your money, just apologize and leave!"

His eyes turned red in anger. He was clenching his teeth in anger like he wants to kill her right now.

He is not even a well mannered businessman, his face is useless in front of his manners, Nazaakat thought.

"Who are you to tell me to leave? I can show you your status here, right now! Don't try to make me do anything with you," he said, clenching his teeth in a low voice.

"Oh really?"

"Well," she took that money from Nazaakat's hands, showing it to him "if there is a pain in your throat or mouth that is stopping you to apologise then you can leave from here, taking this money."

Clenching his jaws, he grabbed her wrist in anger to stop her to throw those notes.

Hayat always hated it and this time too, she didn't like his touch that was filled with hatred for her and she slapped him hard.

"You should be careful," she said.

He looked at her. His eyes were more red now. He wanted to cut her into small pieces. She was beautiful yet he hated her for her behavior. His hands were itching to press her throat hard to kill her right now but soon Nazaakat disturbed his dangerous thoughts, "Hayat, we should leave. Everybody is watching us."

Hayat also sat on her scootie and left but he was still looking at her till she disappeared from her way.

Everybody around them was still watching him. He wanted to crucify them all with her but he can't.

"What? Just leave! Go ahead!" He shouted them all and soon all left.

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