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The Lays of Alentë, or Alententa, is how is called the set of stories that occur in the worlds of the Alentë Nebula, in Unir. These summaries are very short but contain spoilers. However, I do not consider that they should be viewed as spoilers, as the story is intended to be read as a mythology.

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Unirenta - Summary of The Lays of Unir

At the beginning of times, nothing existed. There were Assian and Emial, the Primordial Beings, who gave rise to the universe, called Unir, by means of a great dance that originated an initial fire, which exploded. After the great explosion, the universe expanded, and in the place of the explosion, a nebula arose, known as the Alentë Nebula. Here would be The Chambers, and it is where the entities would reside. The entities danced around the Nebula, and that is how the Children of Creation were born, called Anmatar, Eramila, Pirenhad, Aumilwa, Nialitel, Minhierr and Níssiriel.

The Primordial Beings entrusted each of them with the task of creating a world, and in the most beautiful, it would arise the civilization of the Children of the Stars. The Children created their worlds as if they were artists, gathering the matter from the cosmos, sculpting the reliefs, painting everything with colors, and playing music to call to life. Thus, Anmatar created Norgdgian, Eramila created Cilirima, Pirenhad created Asgaralad, Aumilwa created Miyanin, Nialitel created Estelinam, Minhierr created Helrriard, and Níssiriel created Assiria. In all these worlds, Assian and Emial placed a Replica of Alentë, great trees coming from the primordial seed. And the last of the worlds was the most beautiful, and this is how the Aelmë, the Children of the Stars, could arise.

However, Minhierr also wanted to have his own intelligent civilization. So he decided to allow the Helimard to exist. When the other entities discovered it, the Primordial Beings thought that it could be a good decision, and they made the rest of the entities to also allow the evolution of an intelligent civilization in their worlds. This gave rise to the Nordmar, the Caelfim, the Asgranes, the Misanye and the Estelima. The cultures believed that the entities lived in a world known as Elentë, where the entities watched over them, with Mount Elentai at its center, at the top of which would be the unreachable chambers of Assian and Emial. Thus, when this happened, Assian and Emial went to their Chambers, and they were unreachable for the rest of the creatures of Unir.

For a long time, Minhierr had been observing that the stars at the outer reaches of the universe were fading, and when this caught the attention of the other Creator Beings, Anmatar sent him to investigate. Minhierr came into contact with the Shadows, also known as the Nameless, dark creatures from somewhere in the far reaches of the universe, led by the Lords of the End. The Shadows influenced him, and Minhierr ended up thinking that the civilizations they had created in the worlds lived in prisons, and they had to obey those who had given them life. Upon his return, Minhierr tried to convince Nialitel to have the same ideas as him, without mentioning the Nameless, but she refused. After this, Minhierr decided to go to claim his own world, Helrriard, and that was how it succumbed.

This is how the Ruin of Helrriard happened. In the conflict known as the War of the Three Days, Minhierr completely devastated it, bringing the Helimard to near extinction. Few were those who opposed him and survived, since many, to evade death, ended up joining him. Once his world had been claimed for himself, his Companions realized this and set him apart. Nialitel rejected him again, and in this way, Minhierr planned the conquest of the rest of the worlds of Alentë.

Minhierr would take a beautiful form and he went to each world, and influenced the people of them to fall into darkness. His words were heard, and the corruption spread, as his followers became known as the Corrupts, and among them, he raised six as the most powerful, those who would conquer the worlds for him, and called them Aancë, the Children of the No-Stars, the Shadow Lieutenants. Their names were forgotten, but they became known on their respective worlds as Mossiras, Morgatald, Samanar, Durcarad, Maetou, and Niniran. Meanwhile, he would remain in his devastated world in corporeal form, and he would rule over it.

The power of the Nameless is unknown to everyone, even to Minhierr himself, and this is why the Creator Beings could not help their cultures, as they risked being corrupted or defeated. All they could do was watch over their worlds, and in small moments perhaps they could step in to help them in some way. It is said that those who die without the influence of the Shadows could become lesser entities and travel the universe. However, if the Nameless feed on your being and corrupt you, when you die, you would become one of them, guided by instinct and with an insatiable hunger for death.

The events that follow these events are narrated in the History of the First Era, the Era of Immemorial Times, and although the civilizations suffered, it would be they who would have to fight for their own survival, and achieved more than what the Creator Beings had dreamed.

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Unir - The Lays of Alentë / Las Baladas de Alentë
Unir - The Lays of Alentë / Las Baladas de Alentë

Ancient myths and legends happened in the Seven Worlds of the Alentë Nebula in Unir. When the Nameless came, the Lord of the Darkness was influenced, and the civilizations were corrupted. Is there any hope to prosper? En savoir plus Unir - The Lays of Alentë / Las Baladas de Alentë.