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The Myth of the Creation of Unir and the Nebula of Alentë

At the beginning, there were Assian, the Thought, and Emial, the Faith.

They created the universe, that was called Unir, from the Original Dance.

They created space and time, and from the Primigenial Sphere arised the Alentë Nebula, their most perfect creation.

The fires spread through the universe, creating the stars.

They danced again, and with the Creational Dance, they gave origin to the Children of Creation.

They had the task to create Seven Worlds.

And the most beautiful one would have a civilization.

Anmatar Norgdmar created Norgdgian, the Land of Leaves, of grand nature.

Eramila Caemila created Cil-e-Lian, the Land of Sky, of snowy landscapes.

Pirenhad Assam created Asgaralad, the Land of Sun, of hot sands.

Aumilwa Minishana created Miyanin, the Land of Tears, of cold waters.

Nialitel Estela created Estel'inam, the Land of Light, of great meadows.

Minhierr Helcar created Helrriard, the Land of Energies, of immense mountains.

And Níssiriel Aëlma created Assiria, the Land of Hope, of everlasting beauty.

Níssiriel was the victorious, and in Assiria were born the Aelmë, the Children of the Stars.

But Minhierr also wanted to have a civilization in his world.

In secret, the Helimard were born, the Children of Energy.

After this, Assian and Emial decided to allow to the Children the arise of civilizations in their worlds.

So arised the Nordmar, the Caelfim, the Asgranes, the Misanye and the Estelima.

And in each world was created a Replica of Alentë, that gave life to the worlds, and whose corruption can mean the decay of the own worlds.

The cultures of the worlds prospered.

All was good until the shadow reached the Alentë Nebula.

Minhierr, Lord of the Emptiness, was sent to investigate their nature.

However, this was a terrible decision.

Minhierr was influenced by the Nameless creatures, and his spirit was all despair.

He ended thinking that the planets were prisons for their civilizations.

Nialitel did not listen to him.

Minhierr, full of anger and determination, went to his world to give a last warning.

He was not listened.

In year 232 of the First Era, Minhierr devastated his own world, in the known as the War of the Three Days.

The Ruin of Helrriard brought shadow and despair to the world, and the meaning of its name changed.

Helrriard wasn't the Land of Energies now, but the Land of the Devastated, and the culture of the Helimard was almost extinct.

But not all hope was lost, because the Helimard survived.

In year 234, the devastation reached the rest of the planets.

Minhierr went to the other worlds under a beautiful appearance, and influenced the inhabitants.

This is known as the birth of the Corrupts.

And among them, he rose Six Lieutenants that had the task to conquer the Worlds of Alentë in his name.

Their names are long forgotten, but they are known by other names.

They are the Aancë, the Shadow Lieutenants.

Morgatald of the Blood Hands arised in Norgdgian.

Samanar the Bearer of Darkness arised in Cil-e-Lian.

Durcarad the War Minion arised in Asgaralad.

Maetou the Hunger Caller arised in Miyanin.

Niniran the Pestilent arised in Estel'inam.

Mossiras the Deadly arised in Assiria.

And meanwhile, Minhierr would rule over the devastated world of Helrriard, in his dark fortress, surrounded by terrible creatures to protect his domain.

The war has come to Unir, and the Beings cannot help to the civilizations.

The nature of the Nameless is unknown.

What does the future hold for the cultures of Alentë?

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Unir - The Lays of Alentë / Las Baladas de Alentë
Unir - The Lays of Alentë / Las Baladas de Alentë

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