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Whenever I look to the sky at night I succumb to the thought of the vast universe. It's inevitable to not bring forth the simplest thought of "whats out there?". The simple idea which comes from looking at a single star. In truth that star could be anything; is it a sun? a satellite? a planet? a different solar system? a white dwarf? Yes I know what a white dwarf is... sort off, I remember some high school teacher getting super excited talking about white dwarves. But that's not the matter in question, the thing is I find it impossible to look up to the stars and not mindfuck the shit out of my brain. Space fills me up with hundreds of questions and spurs my imaginationto think about anything and everything.

According to the basic theory of the Big Bang, (which I must admit I can't be considered an expert on) the creation of the modern universe is a simple chain reaction of particles and atoms crashing against each other building up mass. Crashing and Crashing on and on...

But these sort of explanations and so called "answers" only ask more questions. Then where do these small particles come from? What is the answer to that? Space and time. Because space and time have it's own rules and it's non linear. All those questions for a simple gaze at the stars.

A different thought, (maybe a simpler one) is the thought of looking down from space. How great it must feel to be out there. But also how scary it must feel to be in that which we can only comprehend to be an endless amount of space. It comes to show that even the biggest of beauties can suddenly turn into an empty void of nothingness. How long until that peace ans beauty turns into a dark eternity of silence.

For another thought, the thought about life being "out there".

Is it life as we imagine it? Which is more logical for it to be life or for there not to be. Is the thought of extraterrestrial life as we picture it? Or does it have to do with time? Is space just different meassures of times in which it all starts the same, but is changed due to everything taking a different turn within the different possibilities? Are you lost yet? Wherent we talking about stars? We were and here's the thing... that star brings the thought of posibilities. Is it this or that? Once we now what it is then we can know how it was made... which essentially comes from the same sea of possibilities. It started just like us; but instead of particle A crashing on particle B creating a chain of whatever; particle A crashed on atom C and fused with particle B. Some crazy explanation like that qhich is only resumed on... possibilities.

We live the same here, what if I do this or that, shall I go here or there? Why do some places have sand whilst others have snow? There are documented answers about these questions. But do we think the same about other planets? I can't help but to think so. Maybe we are the most interesting thing out there, then again maybe we're not.

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