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Part 1


Gavin was playing with cards he made when he had an idea, the dark haired man rushed over to his writing desk and placed all the cards in a neat stack to prepare for his plan, he drew a symbol around the cards and chanted something in an ancient language. Suddenly all the cards glistened in different colors before shooting out the window in all directions he was only able to catch one of his cards as all the others disappeared in the distance.

“ I have a feeling it’s going to take a while to find all these cards” Gavin brushed the dark hair out of his eyes as he set the card on the table.

“Hmm, it’s about 5:30 p.m. at the moment, I guess I can search for about one hour before it gets too late” he left the house in search of any cards in the area but after an hour of searching he had no luck, seemed as those all the cards had gone farther than expected.

“Damn it, looks like I’ll have to search tomorrow”

CHAPTER 1 Just A Game

Gavin sat up in his bed rubbing his eyes then laid there for about ten minutes before finally getting out of bed. He looked at his card, it seemed to shine in the sunlight.

“Well time to go over to my girl’s house and see what she’s doing before work” Gavin put on his favorite black shirt and blue jeans before leaving the house, He kept thinking about the cards that dispersed out his window far from his area.

“Still curious to why the cards reacted that way, didn’t seem to describe it like that when I was studying the spell” Just then his girlfriend opened the door, she had long dark brown hair and brown eyes with a shade of green.

“Hey babe” she said smiling at him, she gave him a big hug not letting go. The guy started to blush as his girl continued to hold on to him.

“Heh babe, this is a very long hug” she didn’t say anything but just snuggled her head into his shirt. Suddenly a girl let out an enormous screen out in the distance, Gavin felt something
“Heh babe, this is a very long hug” she didn’t say anything but just snuggled her head into his shirt. Suddenly a girl let out an enormous scream out in the distance, Gavin felt something in his pocket and quickly pulled it out, it was the card he had left on the desk. It seemed to have a purple aura swarming around itself.

“What the hell?” The ground shook as a dark purple beam shot down from the sky to one point, the guy hurried over to the impact point to see someone holding one of his cards that were lost.

“I have a bad feeling about this” the dark haired boy said to himself.

“Ah, I see you have a card as well, the cards of Gohidem are very unique, you never realize how powerful your creature is until the final moments of the battle”

“You are?” Gavin asked holding his card tightly in the palm of his hand.

“Oh yes, I must apologize for not introducing myself, I am Johnny Delmare and was surprised to find one of these cards just laying in the street” Johnny brushed the brown hair out of his hazel eyes with a smile.

“Look, for I hold the Alacaid card” The picture showed a giant kraken-like creature that had glowing eyes, it was if it was a mix of a kraken and a titan.

“Let us see who has luck in their favor” Johnny faced the card towards his opponent,

“Omega Kraken!” the card began to glow and the man tossed the card a few feet ahead of him. The Kraken emerged from the normal playing card and faced it’s target. Gavin was shaking in fear and quickly looked at the name of his creature,

“ psychic mind” as before the card began to glow so the guy copied Johnny by tossing the card in front of him as well. A giant skull made out of metal emerged, it’s robotic eyes were green and it stared at the Kraken.

“Heh, a noob like you has no chance of beating me with that type of creature...Omega, attack” The Omega Kraken let out an ear scrapping wale before reaching for the target with one of it’s massive scaly hands. The floating skull vanished at the last second causing the kraken to hit the street.

“Hmph, I’ll admit when it comes to speed, yours seems to show promise...however speed is only a fraction of what’s needed to win a fight!” Johnny pointed towards the boy signaling his creature to finish the battle. The giant sea monster made a fist and threw it straight down at the open opponent. Just as it seemed over, a flash of light blinded the giant kraken, it missed the final blow and struck a car with incredible force.

“What's going on!?” Johnny yelled shielding his eyes, Gavin's creature had come back, it charged up energy and shot green lasers out of it's eyes. The Gigantic monster cried out in pain until Gavin's creature halted it's assault. The beast hit the ground making a large crater from it's impact.

“No, I couldn't have lost...you didn't even know how to use the cards when we started!”

“Yeah, thanks for teaching me” Gavin responded pointing at his defeated foe. The skull charged up for another attack,

“Alright I'm going...but you'll see me again” The Kraken had gone back in the card but it wasn't glowing or shiny anymore.

“Looks like the glow represents the card's life force or power”

Gavin was about to sit and rest when he hard his girl running up to him.

“Are you ok!?” She cried holding him tightly.

“I'm fine Marcia don't worry” she frowned still worried. He lifted her head up with his hand and looked into her eyes,

“Don’t worry” he repeated. She nodded with her head on his chest…

When Gavin finally convinced Marcia to go to work, he locked the house and went to search for more cards, it was around one when his card psychic mind began to give off it's aura once more.

“I must be near another card, that's probably what makes the cards act like this” The boy was in a field with just a farm and store in the distance. Finally he found the card on top of a bush. Once he slid the card in his pocket, the other card stopped giving off it's aura.

The card he found was called: “The blue demon” and it had a picture of a demonic creature with glowing blue eyes.

“Alright, at least now I have two cards, should make my way back before I get lost” After an hour or so of walking, The boy had made it back to his house. Gavin fell asleep as soon as he got in bed…

After a few hours of sleep he awoke and turned to his clock, it was six and the sun was beginning to go down. He looked at his cards for bit before setting them back on his desk. The next day the guy decided to just spend the day with his girl Marcia.

“Morning” the boy said walking over to his girl that was just laying on the couch watching TV. Gavin sat down next to her and she laid her had on his stomach.

“What do you want to watch?” she asked looking up at him with her head looking up at him.

“Up to you babe, I’m just glad we’re spending time together” She giggled and just turned her head back to the TV. After awhile Marcia was in the kitchen making lasagna, her boyfriend was on his smartphone researching the effects of the spell he had used:

“Whatever is affected by this spell will eventually have changes on the item that are unknown”

“Hmm, seems it’s unknown what’s going to happen to what’s ever affected by the dark magic” After about an hour the food was finally ready, Gavin sat down at the table as Marcia set a plate down in front of him.

“Thanks” he responded before picking up his fork. They ate every piece of the lasagna until there was nothing left.

“You have something on your face babe” She quickly grabbed her napkin and wiped the red sauce off her boyfriend’s face.

“Better she commented kissing his cheek” The guy blushed looking at her then picked up his plate, cleaning it off in the sink. When he was about to sit down, the two cards he had left on his desk down the street came soaring like two purple shooting stars. They were blocked by the window unable to get in. The boy got up opening the closed window. The two cards rushed in landing in his hands.

“He let out a sigh, I don’t wanna deal with this right now, I want to spend the day with my Marcia” Gavin quickly ran outside but couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary, the young adult checked all over but couldn’t find a card or any people around.

“This doesn’t make sense, my cards are giving off their aura again, that should mean there’s another card nearby” Just then Gavin heard a little kid cry out:

“Sweet I found some kind of playing card, it looks rare too!” The small light brown haired boy picked it up looking at it with interest.
“Oh no, if he figures out how to use it then I could be in a lot of trouble...I have to take that card from him before something bad happens” Gavin found a bush and hid in the empty part of it to get close before he attempted to take the card from the kid. The guy rolled out from the bush swiping the card from the child’s hand.

“These aren’t for kids, they’re deadly a kid was killed by them a few months ago” The small boy’s eyes widened before he ran off screaming.

“Well that solves that problem, might as well see what card I got...strange, this isn’t one of the card I had during the spell...could it be affecting all the cards in the city!?”

Gavin told Marcia he had to go home to do something, she nodded sad and gave him one last hug. Gavin kissed her forehead before rushing to his house.

“This can’t be possible, this card wasn’t in the circle I drew for the ritual or whatever you’d call it” He examined the card for a while before placing it by his others.

“That makes three he commented before falling asleep… The tired man did not awake until finally hearing his phone go off. He slowly grabbed it still barely awake, it was twelve in the afternoon. There were four texts from his girlfriend worrying about him.

Are you ok?
I’m worried about you
hope you’re safe I’ll drop by your house at five after work”

He spent the day studying his cards hoping he wouldn’t have to fight in a death match against anyone who found a card. It was five days before his cards released their signals once more.

“Great, another card or user is close” The boy literally rolled out of bed landing on the hard wooden floor on his back. He aimed his hand at the three cards and they drifted across the room into his hands.

“Good...I didn’t have to get up to get them” Once he had on new clean clothes the guy left the house to see if the user or card was in sight…

“Hmm, still no ray of light or anything that would easily catch my attention. These cards are going to take forever to comprehend” Just as the dark haired boy was about to take another step, a fireball flew past him, nearly touching the side of his cheek. The flaming sphere blew up a car on impact, sending a faint shockwave in all directions. He turned to see a tan skinned teen with dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

“Hello, my cards have alerted me that you also play the game of Gohidem, I won’t lose to you no matter what type of cards you have!”

“How do so many people know about this game so clearly when I made it up except for the name!?” Gavin placed his Blue Demon card down in the center of the street in front of his new foe. A creature made entirely of fire came into view beside him.

“Wait, where’s your creature’s card?” the confused player asked.

“Heh, you need to learn more about these cards, certain level creatures don’t have a range limit of their card, also don’t have to go back in it either, even if low on power”

“Attack Blue Demon!” the user commanded, it flew straight for the teen but was protected by a wall of fire that shot up from the ground. Gavin’s creature ascended up into the clouds before opening its mouth. A powerful flash of lightning shot out of its mouth that avoided the fire wall, striking both the guy and his creature. The creature became three separate balls of fire before merging back together. The demon stayed high in the air, not keeping it’s eyes off the target.

“G-go firebayga!” The creature shot out a powerful fireball that went soaring straight for Blue demon. Gavin’s ally ascended up through the clouds attempting to escape the flaming ball of fire, the projectile was closing in each second, getting closer and closer. Blue Demon maneuvered back down towards the sphere, it was an inch from the monster’s face before it dogged the attack at the las second.

“W-wha?” the weak guy exclaimed as his foe’s ally flew straight towards him. It punched the open enemy in the chest, causing him to cough out blood before losing consciousness.

Firebayda let out a loud screech at the sight of it’s owner defeated. The flaming bird-like creature charged Gavin with a barrier of fire swarming around itself, the boy had an idea, he rolled out of the way with just a small scorch mark on his shirt’s sleeve. The dark-haired boy ran over to his out cold opponent looking through his pockets…

“I think this is what I’m searching for!” Gavin pulled out a card that was blank not having any creature or info on it. He aimed the card in the direction of the scorching beast, a ray of light shot out of the front of the card heading for the bird. The beam managed to make contact with the creature beginning to pull it towards the card. It struggled to escape the light’s grip but it proceeded towards the holder’s card. Finally Firebayda was sealed inside the card in a flash of silver light.

“It worked!” the proud boy cheered staring at the picture of the bird on the card. He pulled a cardholder out of the blacked out teen where the boy put his current cards.

“Good, at the moment I have four cards” He took out a miniature notebook and wrote down things he’s noticed so far:

1.) Cards release energy near other cards.

2.) High level creatures are capable of staying out of its card even when beaten.

3.) Blank cards can capture monsters by pointing the face of the card in the direction of the holder’s target.

Before he could finish writing, a light dragon appeared in dazzling rays with a noise pillar staff,

Don’t be comfortable with just four cards” let’s go find more. You may not have the opportunity of getting to the transparent card again. I mean master of all the cards. Whoever lays hands to them before you, believe me, he's going to bust you. I'm Zuaranda"

As the weeks turned into months Gavin had ten cards even though you're only able to use five in a battle. He didn’t see much of Zuaranda after that one conversation. The teen took out his small box that held all of his deck of cards, he took out a Carvance card that was a large lion type beast with three tails, each had an element on the end, one was a blaze with fire, another seemed to be made of water while the last had electricity.

“Says it’s a high ranking card capable of more abilities then the average single card”

CHAPTER 2 : The First Card Tournament

About ten years later, Gavin had received an invite to a card tournament at a large dome - like area. He was in his 30's now but still had his youthful personality. His wife Marcia was hesitant to go with him but finally gave in to make sure he’d be ok.

“Are you sure this’ll be safe?” she questioned. He placed his hands on her shoulders then kissed her forehead letting her know everything would be alright. Gavin entered the large dome building where a high desk stood with a women sitting there.

“Welcome, please fill this entry application so we may know who's arrived and entering this tournament” The contestant nodded Writing down his info then entering a large metal door that led to a large arena. Gavin had put his name down as his author name “Sinto” so he could also use it as a player name as well. The dark haired man could see multiple other people standing around which he expected to be contestants too.

Two hours later…

After waiting for so long all the entries were finally submitted, the host was a boy in his early 20’s that had dark red hair and purple eyes.

“I’m glad so many of you have come to participate in the first tournament, it took some time to create this official tournament especially since these cards were scarce up until a few years ago…now let us begin this epic challenge, the winner shall get this!” The boy revealed a card that glowed a light gold all around itself. “A rare card that contains one of the five divinity cards, in case any of you aren’t aware cards have been categorized into five sections:


Obviously like most card games they use it to keep it more organized or keep track of what type you’re looking for. Now for the first round…Gavin vs Terra” Gavin stood ready pulling out a random card from his deck, his opponent pulled the first card out from the top of her stack before summoning the creature within it.

“Go Simkai!” a tall knight-looking being appeared, it was in black armor with a height of seven feet. The boy felt a little un easy by the strong looking appearance of his foe but shook it off as he summoned his ally as well.

“Get ready, for my Incarta!” a tall creature in dark red and blue armor emerged with glowing red eyes, showing sharp nails about five inches long.

“Begin!” The announcer shouted, the knight pulled out a large sword aiming it towards it's opponent. Simkai swung it's blade straight for the armored foe when it suddenly caught the tip of the blade with it’s left hand.

“Go Incarta, show them your skills!” the armored being kicked the sword out of Simkai's hand sending it spiraling up into the air. Gavin's warrior put their fingers together like a dagger then proceeded forward to stab the combatant. The knight managed to stop it with both it's hands but couldn’t manage to do anything more, only keep the sharp nails away from their chest. Just then the sword was coming down fast about to hit one of them…Gavin's ally managed to brake the file’s position plus catch their sword. Before the knight could defend itself Incarta stabbed them straight through their body. Simkai began cracking apart like glass as a dark fog seem to leave their body as well. Terra's creature crumbled to pieces right before everyone while Gavin's went back into their card.

“Round one goes to Gavin!” the announcer responded from the boy's obvious victory. “Next: Michael vs Brandon!” Gavin walked past one of the upcoming contestants and noticed who they were…

“My wife's brother entered this tournament?” He sat in the rows of seats waiting for the battle to start soon.

“Round two…begin!” Michael opened a binder filled with cards ordered by the strongest to weakest of the category.

“Let’s see…how about Denkota” the short haired boy pulled out his selected card and aimed it at Brandon, “Come forth Denkota!” a lion – like beast appeared with blood red skin and purple eyes, it's tail was made up of ten thin but long tail -like parts. It let out a roar that seem to shake the entire dome.

“Wow, that’s some roar” Gavin commented. Brandon sighed as he slowly took out a card from his jean pocket.

“Your creature is no match for mine!” the card glistened with an orange aura as a large Golem emerged with lava inside it's hard shell skin. “Attack my Golem!” the large creature formed a ball of hardened magma, throwing it full force at their combatant. Michael’s beast waited as the attack went spiraling forward. Using it's tail, Denkota caught the ball before sending it back faster. Brandon watched as his Golem’s attack came flying back, impacting the monster's face. It fell backwards hitting the ground.

“Attack Denkota!” Michael announced, the creature opened it's mouth firing a large sphere of purple energy. People watched in amazement as the attack hit the creature's chest, half the golem’s shell body was blown off by the incredible force of their file’s attack.

“Damn it, can’t end like this…Golem, use your last resort” His ally stood up once more with magma oozing from the side of itself. It ascended with a massive jump before shifting itself into a ball like position.

“He's planning to impact like a meteor and take my beast out…Denkota vaporize him before the Golem can make contact!” His beast roared in reply before building up power. The red beast only had seconds until his foe landed, finally Denkota released an incredible blast that was far stronger then it's first attack. His opponent was completely obliterated in a wave of purple light. When it cleared the golem was completely gone with nothing left. Brandon waited for his creature to return to him but never did…

“I don’t understand, why hasn’t Golem returned to my card?!” His opponent Michael laughed with his hand over his mouth.

“Think logically, our creatures are made out of energy…but how can they return if no essence of their energy remains?” Brandon fell to his knees.

“No…this can’t happen…I won’t let it!” Brandon pulled out another card but was stopped by the owner of the Tournament.

“I’m sorry but I’m gonna need you to leave sir” Brandon gave Michael an angered glare before leaving the dome arena…

Next round was Ah vs Gavin…He stood ready brushing the dark hair out of his eyes looking straight at his new target.

“Let’s go” Gavin taunted waving a card he had randomly chosen from his deck. His opponent also held a card in between his two fingers. Both revealed their card's face as both creatures came forth at their side. Gavin had summoned a silver armored fighter with a katana for a weapon, while Ah had summoned a male vampire with long silver hair, red eyes and pale skin.

“Your foe stands before you” Gavin commanded. His warrior gripped the handle of the katana then bolted towards his target, Ah watched as his ally was slit across the torso, his blood seeping from a clear wound. The user was shocked when suddenly the cut began healing itself.

“Wow he healed himself in mere seconds!’ the announcer commented by the surprise. Once healed the vampire made a fist with a dark aura swarming around it before striking his combatant in the chest. Gavin quickly moved out of the way as his teammate impacted the edge of the ring.

“This is getting interesting” Michael commented from the audience pulling his hoodie off. The warrior gripped his sword tightly before again making it’s way in the opponent’s direction. It slashed him as hard and fast as it could before sliding the katana back to the holder. Wounds appeared all over the foe’s body with immense blood running down his body. Shockingly AH's creature still managed to heal itself completely even after nearly 20 slashes across his body. Gavin fell to his knees not sure what to do now, his warrior did his best but had barley any effect.

“Time to finish this” AH snapped his fingers, at first the vampire did nothing when suddenly he moved at new levels of speed when the vampire bit down on the armored warrior’s neck area. The enemy managed to bite through their armor with his powerful fangs. Purple energy glowed around AH’s vampire before he pushed the foe aside, letting him hit the arena floor. Suddenly a katana formed on the side of his waist Similar to the warrior he was fighting. The audience watched in surprise as the vampire slowly took out his new weapon. His foe was starting to rise to his feet when a surge of force swept through the arena, the audience could barley feel the force from the attack. Gavin watched as his warrior hit the ground, laying motionless on it's stomach. He let out a sigh of disappointment before pulling his creature back into his card.

“Good match” AH commented walking over to his opponent. Gavin looked away with an annoyed look on his face. “Don’t be like that, I’m not being sarcastic…I actually admired your choice of creature, maybe we can go all out some time instead of just one card” His friend nodded shaking his hand before both contestants left the arena for the next battle.

“Alright we'll have a short break before the next match!” The others sighed in relief that they could prepare a little longer.

“Damn, can’t believe I lost so easily” Gavin said to himself as he leaned back in one of the soft cushioned chairs that were all over the audience seating area. He sat looking through his cards, he manly had Chaos cards that had to do with fighters/creatures who could use destructive moves and hold their own again an enemy. He only owned one rebirth card but didn’t think about using it and revealing his both strongest plus favorite card of his stack. But with him defeated there was no point in worrying about that now…

1 hour later…

Finally the break was over, they were ready for the next battle: Michael vs Chris. Chris was tall with short blonde hair and dark blue eyes. The teen stood prepared on one side of the arena. The blonde combatant pulled out a card that seemed to shine from the arena’s lights.

“Behold my trump card!” Chris aimed his card, causing a zombie looking creature to appear with a bloody katana.

Michael summoned a tall creature with thick silver armor. It looked like a buff knight with red eyes.

“Let's begin” Michael commented as his creature pulled out a long silver sword. It slowly walked towards his foe with flames igniting with each step. Chris' zombie spat out a dark purple mist surrounding their target’s face. Suddenly Michael’s warrior pierced the undead’s torso with black gore flying everywhere. Just then he pulled it out as if fighting an invisible force or possessed. The warrior's eyes turned purple moments before stabbing himself through their torso as well.

“Are you kidding me!?” Michael complained. His being bled out and collapsed with it’s eyes going out. Gavin along with a few others applauded Chris as his zombie returned to it's card. Michael grinded his teeth in anger as the opponent pulled out another card, a white ninja emerged from his card attempting to kill Chris. Suddenly as the ninja went for a kill with hidden blades in both hands a pale skinned man with only shorts on and purple eyes materialized between them, catching both bladed with ease. Michael’s eyes widened as the unknown man head-butted his target, causing him to shatter to pieces. Michael began stepping back out of fear but was stopped by a duplicate of him blocking his way. It lifted the participant off his feet with purple flames swarming around his hand.

“You're disqualified” he shoved his fist into Michael’s mouth sending flames through his body before bursting into ash. The crowd went silent with surprised expressions on their faces…

“Time for the final match : CHRIS V.S AH” Chris once more brought out his zombie ready for yet another match. AH however pulled out a Similar card that reflected the light as well.

“Prepare for my. Corson Naberious!” A massive demon emerged with chains hanging from it's claws. His foe hesitated but signaled his creature to attack. Again his zombie spat at his target in an attempt to posses him. But just as it was about to make contact the large creature became transparent, causing the liquid to land on the ground. It grinned showing it's sharp teeth then slashed it's claws across AH’s creature causing more dark blood to come out of the zombie's chest.

“Come on zomboa, you can do better than that” his user called out. His creature swung it's katana over and over but couldn’t seem to get a hit on the large demon. Suddenly Chris’ creature picked up the zombie with one hand and ate it. Few people in the audience throw up in their mouth while others called B.S on the creature’s action.

“What the hell was that!?” AH complained. Chris laughed looking back to his opponent.

“My demon has a special ability that isn’t banned in the rules, the ability is: whatever creature it devours, it gains their abilities…the only downside is my demon is only able to use that creature’s abilities a few times before it fades. I haven’t figured out how to extend the usage of their abilities yet…but I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually”

AH sighed in annoyance but put his hand out looking away from his target. They shook hands before the loser left the arena proceeding to the audience.

“Looks like we have our champion!” the host announced. Flowers were thrown from the rows of people while the host came up to him.

“Congratulations, here's your prize!” The man handed Chris a card that read : “200 GP”

“With this card you’ll be able to purchase cards from our machines that look kind of like an ATM” Chris thanked him and walked out to his car, Gavin caught up with him just before he left.

“That was a great tournament, I hope you and me can have another match Some time so I can see more of the type of cards you collect or at least have.

After a month a large creature appeared over the city, it was bigger then Chris' demon card, it had dark skin with a blue light barley shinning out of part of his body. It resembled a black cloud with blue light around it.

“W-what's that?” Marcia and Gavin asked starring at the large monster”

“It's the being from the Legion card, a powerful creature capable of destroying an entire city in one attack”

“Well what should we do?” Gavin replied still not taking his eyes off the massive being. Chris thought for a moment before replying: Two of us should detract it while we have another look for the card user”

“But who's that third? Marcia doesn’t use Pro-Gonda cards” Marcia made a fake cough getting her fiancé’s attention. They turned to see her holding three cards in her hand.

“I azure you, I can use these cards with barley any trouble” Chris smiled at her confidence.

“I guess we’re set then, let’s go” While Chris and Gavin made their way over to Legion’s position. Marcia began searching around the area for any signs of the user. Marcia looked over the city for anything suspicious…

“Hmph no sign of anyone abnormal…better try my Norbus Amber” She pulled out one of her three cards, a scaled unicorn appeared in front of her, it had dark blue scales with a purple horn and dark red hair on the back of it's neck.

“Norbus search for anything out of the ordinary!” Her creature bowed it's head slowly when a light blue wave of light shot out of the horn. The shockwave of light scoured throughout the city when suddenly a golden ray of light shot upward into the atmosphere.

“I have found the source of Legion master” her creature announced. Marcia mounted her creature as Norbus ascended into the air, soaring across the sky landing on the roof of a building near the found source.


Gavin along with Chris reached the coming threat while pulling out a single card from their decks. Their large target looked down on them with massive eyes.

“What do you want fools?” Legion asked not taking his eyes off them.

“Now!” one of them called out as they showed their card’s face towards the opponent. Chris’ creature was a purple being with gold wristbands along with a gold outline around his face. A purple aura swarmed around him. Gavin's was a red skeleton in a dark cloak.

“Vogan Dusk attack!” The dark haired user commanded, his red skeleton spun his scythe then released a bolt of lightning at his foe, it struck him head on but didn’t seem to have any effect. Just then Legion shapeshifted into a giant black creature made out of a type of steel. He clinched his fist throwing it straight for both creatures. Chris' being transported himself and the users a mile away while Vogan managed to slow the massive fist down with his scythe. The red being let go of his blade slowly using his energy to keep the blade in place so Legion couldn’t move his fist any closer. The colossal fighter pulled his arm back and threw another blow toward Vogan, the weapon was knocked away spiraling backwards until hitting the ground sticking into the soil. As yet another blow rushed in Dusk's direction, His ally emerged from a flash of light stopping the fist with his palm.

“Time to start the real fight!” He announced before pushing the creature back, it was forced a few feet back but managed to keep a stable balance.

“What rank is your card?” He asked his ally.

“He’s Rift Keogon, a four star Divinity creature, it’s a god-like card that’s one of five ultra-rare cards, the other four cards are unknown to normal or even long time experts like us. I assure you that these cards are either hidden or the users are keeping them hidden in their deck or possibly not even putting them in their deck” They turned back to the fight and saw Legion throwing faster blows aimed for Rift Keogon. Surprisingly the warrior stopped each blow with one wrist as if he were fighting a normal opponent.

“I’ve had it with you trash, prepare for me to go all out!” The giant monster changed into a smaller man size version of himself, along with a gold Light covering his body. Legion moved much faster than before, unleashing an onslaught of punches. Keogon dogged each one but could feel intense heat radiating off him. Once an opening appeared, the fighter struck their foe in the face head on. Legion staggered backwards while Rift began to feel a burning feeling in his fist, he looked down to see a similar light around his palm.

“What is this!?” He questioned…

Meanwhile Marcia had confronted the man responsible for unleashing Legion, his name was Acuris Nakomore. He had dark green hair with gray irises that was just dark enough not to blind in with his eyeball.

“So…you found me…but what is it you intend on doing?” kill me? capture me? or maybe slap me around a little before letting me go with a warning. Heh, so…which is it?” a grin grew over his face as he stood with his arms crossed.

“ Rasi Sanada, unleash your attack!” Her creature bowed and fired a thin but fast beam directed at the assailant. Acuris moved his head to the side with the attack just barley missing by an inch.

“Heh I must say this creature is fascinating, if I had moved even a second slower, you may have hit the side of my face” The villain pulled out a card from his jacket’s chest pocket and quickly turned it to show his foe. A white haired man with a red thin scarf around his neck emerged, he didn’t appear to have a shirt, but a gem was in the center of his head. Along with no irises.

“Go on Teganda, show her the power of my deck” Marcia watched as the man fired lasers from his eyes, the girl's unicorn attempted to absorb it into it's horn but was turned to stone once the attack made contact.

“Damn” she pulled her next card with two still remaining in her current deck. “Go Saramis!” A white female demon emerged with large black wings and red eyes faced her foe.

“Attack!” Marcia commanded, her creature let out aloud sonic scream sending the villain staggering back off his feet into a stop sign. His ears were ringing with a little blood running down the sides. “S-shit, surprised I didn’t go deaf” The assailant slowly got to his feet still disoriented and commanded Teganda to release another attack. His warrior took in a deep breath then breathed out a wave of silver flames in his target's direction, Marcia froze in place when her ally moved in front of the approaching flames taking it in by inhaling it like a vacuum. She didn’t stop until all the flames were gone. Saramis grinned then aimed her hand toward her enemies, shadowy creatures in the form of girls grabbed the card user and his creature by their arms and throat, about three dark girls had a grip on both opponents. Marcia watched as her creature’s eyes glowed…Saramis aimed two fingers straight out in front of her like a gun and released a purple beam, it began to become transparent as it looked like two faint beams. One beam was directed at the creature while the other aimed at its user…

The villain closed his eyes waited for the beam to pierce through his body…but nothing happened, he opened his eyes to see his warrior get struck with the attack, silver blood gushing from their torso before evaporating like smoke.

“Are you finished!?” Marcia yelled pointing at him with a confident smile on her face. He felt the shadow girls let go of him, letting him fall to his knees. He looked up at her then back at his Legion. “Legion come!” he shouted. The woman's eyes widened realizing that the enemy was calling his best fighter over. The golden evolved being took off toward his user with the others right behind him. Vogan shot a fire ball from his bony hand but missed just an inch from the enemy’s incredible reaction and speed. Keogon was nearly in reaching distance, the being attempted to grab Legion’s hand but just barley missed as his target darted down for his user landed next to him. The others reached Marcia with their creatures at their sides as well.

“Enough of this…Marcia, Chris, lets unleash everything our allies got!” They nodded as all three Pro Gonders commanded their creatures to fire their strongest attack. Vogan made a blast of fire that covered the street, Keokogan formed a sphere of gold light in one hand raised up in the air, lastly Saramis unleashed a much stronger sonic scream, Chris' ally watched as the two were engulfed in flames then the scream blowing the flames away reveling the user covered in burns while his partner had blocked it not taking much damage. Keogoan threw his sphere of light directed at the card user, he knew Legion would react by protecting his user which is what he did.

The being of light put his hands out slowing the sphere of light down but just barley, the others watched as their foe struggled with it.

“Now Me I” His user shouted. Chris' ally closed his palm into a fist and the large ball of light erupted in an explosion. Legion was utterly destroyed in the immense burst of power. Once everything was quiet they looked at their attacker who seemed to be having trouble staying conscious. Marcia walked up to him. “You've lost” he said nothing before hitting the pavement succumbing to his wounds.

“Finally he’s gone” Chris commented…

CHAPTER 3 The Card War

It was 2029, Gavin's 30th birthday was coming up when suddenly his phone began ringing. He answered quickly feeling as though something was off.

“Gavin we have a problem, hurry and get over to Slyborn!” His friend quickly hung up. Slyborn was a base like area that he and his friends hung out and practiced their cards to test their limits or strategies. The dark haired man rushed in seeing Chris and the others including AH sitting at a large round table waiting for him.

“Gavin we have a major problem…seems a group of card users like that unknown man” Their ally sighed placing his hand on the table.

“So what is our strategy?” They sighed. “That’s what we’re trying to figure out…its not that easy to locate them, at first cards gave off a energy source where we could track it…but some how the cards hold in their Ki to where we can’t use our cards or creatures to locate them” Just then Chris brought in a high tech radio and set it down in the middle of the table.

“Here's a radio we can use like a police scanner to hear any alerts of attacks throughout the city…

An hour or two went by when an alert came up telling them they had a large steel creature destroying the south part of town.

“Let's head out” AH said standing up pushing in his chair.

“wait we should have two people stay here in case something happens” Gavin suggested. In the end Chris and him stayed at the base as support while Marcia and AH left to check out what was happening down town…They reached the area and got out of the car to see a large dragon made out of steel breathing waves of blue fire all over the city. A few people were still running away in panic while the two card users pulled out a card each and aimed it toward the monster. AH summoned the zombie that Chris had used in the tournament, it stood in front of the massive creature with it's bloody katana. The dragon opened it's mouth and released another wave of fire directed at the undead being. AH and Marcia watched as the zombie was ablaze with flames but didn’t seem to have any effect as the flames slowly faded away.

“Attack” AH shouted to his creature, the zombie ascended up and drove his katana deep into the creature’s neck. It let out a loud roar that shook the city. The users nearly lost their balance. Purple blood dripped from the creature’s wound. Just then a girl appeared on top of a building just a few feet away from the dragon.

“How dare you injure my monster!...I Crystal will make sure you and this city is burned to the ground” AH had his zombie continue the onslaught against the attacking monster. Meanwhile Marcia summoned A fairy like creature that was human size and took her up to the roof of the building where the girl was. “Where are your partners!?” Marcia questioned.

“What are you talking about?” Crystal smiled. The girl frowned ordering her fairy to attack, suddenly the girl was covered in green light, she tried to move but realize she was paralyzed. “Damn…I can’t move!” She forced her head in her ally's Direction and commanded the dragon to attack. The large beast was bleeding severely but began shooting fire in every direction. The fairy simply made a barrier of light protecting her from the fire. AH slowly backed up to get some distance away from the attacking creature when suddenly a large wave of fire headed in his direction, just before he wasn’t going up in flames his zombie landed in front of him and moved his Katana in a fast motion creating a purple ray of light the purple light seem to cause the fire to disappear.

“That was close” the user responded lowering his hand from his face. Crystal continued struggling to regain control over her body. “Finish this!” AH shouted pointing at the already injured beast. His zombie let out a loud screech before jumping at the dragon. It breathed out yet another blaze of flames but just barley missed as the undead warrior stabbed his sword deep into his enemy's chest as it slowly went down slitting the creature’s body. The beast roared out in in pain as it began to bleed out more until finally evaporated.

“Finally” Marcia commented. She turned to see her foe slowly begin to force her hand towards one of her pockets, AH stayed out in the street in case something happened on the room, the user saw Crystal attempting to pull out her deck of cards, but Marcia commanded her fairy to attack. The ally shot multiple beams from her fingers piercing through the villain’s body. Blood dripped from her body as she hit the pavement of the roof they were on, she wasn’t paralyzed anymore but her body was badly wounded.

“Now tell us who and where your allies are!” She shouted. Her assailant looked up at her as a pool of her own blood began to form underneath her.

“N-never, I’d die before betraying my friends!” The girl looked at her creature and the fairy nodded aiming her finger at their target's head shooting a beam straight through the center of her head. Marcia looked away and jumped down to the street.

“Who knows how many of them there are, but she did give away that there are others”

After hours of researching occurrences online and listening to the radio, they finally knew where they were, by what they knew, there were four, three guys and one girl, they caused destruction and stole cards from any one they found after defeating them and wiping out the entire area.

“Let's go and end their sick game”…


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