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...The stars look exceptionally bright today. Yesterday they weren't this vibrant. I guess they have a choice to shine when they want to. Unlike some of us who have been forced into a lifestyle, we do not even have a say in. If only I was a star...

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Memory 1("I need money for the kids and to maintain this house. Give me something, just any amount at all. .... You know it takes two to tango " .(man says to the phone)" think that threat scars me?, I have seen worst. " Keep sending the money and I will lay off your back. You have just three hours Mrs Adams (he mocks). Unknown to him Tanya stood behind his office door listening quietly. Who is she? she thought. Dad has been weird lately. And why is he asking for money from someone? well. I'm going to be late for school. I better hurry and call Taylor and Toyar for school. Later that day after school, we got home to whispers and unknown guests in the living room. 'get into your rooms immediately ' He ordered with a stern voice. But before shutting my door a name caught my attention, Tiana Adams.)

Memory 2("Dad, why don't I have a mum? my friends at school laugh at me all the time because I take chips and juice box to school all the time. They say I don't have a mummy to make me real lunch and that I'm going to get sick and die from malnutrition" (cries the little girl)"Don't worry Princess, they are just jealous because they cannot afford a box of juice. Don't worry, I'll get Bertha to make nice meals for you to school." But she is mean to me all the time".No, she's not, yes she is dad, she hates me." SHUT UP AND GO TO YOUR ROOM!,... but.., NO BUTS TANYA, NOW GO!...I'm sorry dad. The little girl runs to her room with her stained cheeks and right before she shuts her door she hears him whisper" you have ruined me, Tiana ").

Memory 3 ("Tanya, meet Taylor and Toyar little siblings. They will be living with us from now on". "Hello there, I'm Tanya nice to meet you". The twins look up and wave shyly to their big sister. "Come, I'll show you around and you can now have all my toys because I'm a big girl now".As the twins run off with their big sister their father makes a call." You have brought more leeches to suck my blood now huh?" (says the receiver ). But I have no choice, please help me. (pleads the father).

Memory 4 (I heard crushing downstairs and rushed to see what it was, only to find dad on the ground passed out and a broken lamp. Well, I'm not surprised he came home drunk again, but I'm concerned. Ever since that 'day' he always comes home drunk. I rushed to him, cleaned up the mess and dragged him to the nearest couch and laid him down. I couldn't get him upstairs to his room so I spent the night there with him and went back to my room when it was dawn so he wouldn't notice. This has been my night routine for the past six months. But I'm not complaining because I love my dad and he's all I've got).

Memory 5 (There were loud police sirens outside the house." Geeez, they are going to wake the kids up. I just finished tucking my little siblings in ".(sighs). Bang! Bang! on the door got me startled. I run downstairs to open the door thinking it was dad, only to find the cops at the door." Hello mum, sorry to disturb you but are you Tanya Blakes?, one officer asked. I was confused but nodded anyway. "We are sorry to inform you that your father passed away a few hours ago. He was found hanging from the........." right there my heart skipped two beats and my ears began to ring, my lungs lost it's a function and my vision became blurry. My body began to give out as I fell into nothingness.

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wake up! you filthy pig, my customers need to be attended to!

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