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a few months before the horror

to begin with, you have to go to december 2019 in china many people were getting infected by a disease called covid-19, it came from a region of china wuhan, it was said that it was because a man ate a bat obviously conspiracy theories came out that said that the virus escaped from a laboratory and even heard that the united states released it.

Months before the covid arrived in Spain, on January 31, 2019 I was like every year at my paternal uncles' house, celebrating New Year's Eve, the dinner consisted of several dishes there were croquettes, a crab that I do not know what it is called and the star dish of my aunt Laura, the turkey, she does it every year and we give it a strange name, it is very tasty. After the fantastic dinner we all sat down on the couch, prepared the grapes and put the TV on, it was getting to 2020, finally the tin tin chimes began to ring if twelve times each tin a grape to your mouth, we were already in a new year full of happiness joy and new things or so we thought.

A month later, we were already in February and a new illness was heard more and more but nobody gave it importance, a fortnight later the coronavirus was in Italy but we did not give it importance and we laughed as if it was something alien to us, a few days later the schools in Italy closed at that time we all said to see if they would close it to us too, one of the days I heard a child say on the stairs of the school in a month we are at home kids, I started to laugh, I thought and this one who says however was right but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Days later a man named Fernando Simon, whom no one knew, came out and said that in our country there would be one or two isolated cases. It was already the week of my birthday and on the radio in the mornings going to school, I heard that the cases appeared and every day more that weekend of March 7-8 there was a massive contagion, on Tuesday March 10 the community of Madrid announced that on Thursday schools, colleges and universities were closed and so it was the truth I will not lie to you we are happy, we were going to be a fortnight without school and without doing anything but on Friday and began to send many tasks of all subjects, but it was much work as I had a whole day to do I distributed the work and gave me to rest a lot of time of the day

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