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Chapter 1

This is not a normal story, like the other stories you might have read.

This is a story, doesn't have a happy ending, if you wanna read a story that has happy endings, you should look for another book. We are gonna be talking about 'The American family' that is a story of a rich really poor family. The name of the family is: 'Castro' which is a Brazillian surname.

The Castro's were a really rich family, there were one teenage girl, a teenage boy and the parents. The girl had 15 years and the boy was older, he has 17 years old, and they often used slangs, the boy had just taken his driving lessons, and the girl dated hot boys at school. The girl was really kind to everyone and she was very honest and hard-working, on the other side, her brother didn't believe in honesty, kindness and he often cheated on the tests. He was a bad student. He really liked Science because the teacher dawed on the board somethings and the students didn't have to copy anything. But the girl loved french, Portuguese and maths. She was good at everything but she was much better at French, Portuguese and maths, she liked the teacher and the own subject.

Their mother was a lawyer and their father was the boss of the best kind of clothing's factory.

They lived really happy when someone knocked on their door, saying:

-Hello, Castro's family, I have to give you this bad news, your bank account is broke, and you lost all the money there was.

- At least we still have our savings money under our bed. - Said, Mr Castro

-But you have to pay the bank, your son just brought a car, after taking his lessons. And I have to tell you that is not gonna be cheap because he brought a lot of things, uncountable things... - Said the Bank man.

Mr Castro wasn't worried because he could always take care of everything, but if he tells his wife, she would be out of her mind, and nobody wanted that to happen'.

So he just kept that to himself. He started working on Sundays and worked full time now, he had to work a lot to get all the money to create a new bank account, when he did it, he got really happy and acted like nothing ever happened. Castro's family was rich again, and he didn't want anyone to know about that. When Mrs Castro arrived from work she said:

-I got promoted. Now I must work harder.

And she really started to work harder. Then Mr Castro just created a bank account for his wife, then they would always have money safe, somewhere.

Charlie, the 15 years old teenage girl, had just arrived from school, and she was really happy because she got a good grade at school, she was a bit sad because her boyfriend had just broken up with her. But she didn't care much about the relationship, what she really cared about was studying and getting into a good college. But on the other hand, John, Charlie's older brother just arrived happily because he met a really cool girl and she was now his girlfriend. He wasn't said that he failed his test. But he didn't care about that. He just cared about having fun. That was all that was important to him.

Those were some really different siblings. Charlie could be a kind girl but she really liked pop and rock music. And John liked what his moment girlfriend liked.

So he actually didn't like anything at all. He was a really respectful guy, he could do what he wanted but he respected his girlfriends. And when he wanted to break up, he ended up talking nicely with her. Not over messages or phone calls. He was a very romantic guy, he loved sending love letters and chocolates. And some card phrases like: ''I am thinking about you right now. Love''

And he was really good at those things.

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