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Everything is part of life. Death is inevitable. This shall too pass.

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The wave of death can erode any stone hearted. Why the word of death shakes human heart?. Because some processes are irreversible like past time, incidents etc. Death is one among those. Death does not create negative energy. Death is also a natural process like birth. The acceptance of death is difficult. But nature doesn't know either acceptance or negligence. It always do its job well.

The factors of death are due to natural phenomena accident, disease, homicide, suicide and some leading factors. It varies. Not all factors are reasonable or acceptable but death is inevitable. Death creates an emotion which every human faced in their life or going to face in their life .It is not form any negative vibration(it is not possible all time).But it slowed down the journey of the persons who are called intimate to the dead souls.

The four walls share bonding to lead a construction of room. If one wall destructed we could not say the room lose its stability. It creates vacuum and it would be replace. But depending on the bond, the walls might lose its stability. It is applicable to human life. And we, humans should not be the one who is depending completely on others. Inter dependency is one of the best process leads to positive journey called life.

According to the newton's law every action have a reaction. Every creation would also go through the process of destruction after the certain period of time. Here, comparing the human life with the lifetime of product . After the creation of products it went through different phases , finally reached it maturity and moved into the phase of dispose. Sometimes the products destructed before its expiry due to accidental damage or some other factor , so hitherto situation products disposed before its maturity. But products are always produced and come in to usage. If product damaged it would be replaced. In the similar way, once the soul of the human is went off ,it is replaced by another person . The variation is we can replace the product instantly and it is not involved into our emotion. Here the time period of replacement would create new emotion called pain. So back to this, death is not only the process of end but also it is created the vacuum for replacement.

Does death of a person creates pain to all? Death is just a news, sometimes information and sometimes it might be a disaster . Why it varies? because the emotional bonding we share to the one would cause the variation. Emotions are powerful that it can create and destroy anything.

Death would taught too many lessons. People would learn it in their life at some time. One of the lesson is " Death is uncertain and it is inevitable". Most of the people learnt it . But no one change their daily life. We humans keep disturbing fellow humans, creating troubles and difficulties. Yeah, It is part of human nature. Human brains are used to it too, that we often forget everything in span of time. But we should keep some lessons for life time. And knowing of the lesson of death would not be sufficient. Because knowing is different than doing. Reading a book is different than conveying it to someone that what we read in it. So we should learnt the lesson of death and act according to that lesson.

So finally what is the lesson??. A very simple in words. but hard to implement? Nah, very simple to practice. "" Love humanity"" . A very important lesson we should learn and practice regularly.

The most crucial part of death is pain. Our most intimate person's death is definitely creates pain. Yes, we are humans. So the emotions are natural, if it not we can't be the part of this human community. A chain of grief lead to self suffocation. Pain is fine but when it comes to self suffocation we should looked for solution. We can use the method of replacement.

There is a beautiful quote that" Too much of something will lose its originality" It is so true. When we express our emotions in the form love, care , belief or whatever it will lose its originality. Here, we love our family. It is really good and healthy. But when we love only our family, it is something leads to difficulty. Love humanity . Love those people around you. Our family is our responsibility and we should care them but we also spread love and kindness to other people who are not related to us by means of blood relation or neighbors. After all life is about moving, we should learn things and keep moving. We can be slow down but we should never be shut down. Everything is part of life. Death is not exceptional. Keep smiling..

P.S Here the lesson which mentioned hither above is something I learnt very recently , So It motivate me to share. I wish everyone who read this will also keep this lesson in their dairy of life. So it will lead them a very happy journey. I dedicated this to my little brother Thanush Raj Subramanian.

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