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This is the story of a stupid little girl, with stupid dreams, who never learns. She can't stop being a doll. Being played around with is what she always chooses.

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Little Doll 22.OCT.2020

How many promises have you broken?

How many of those were to yourself?

And weren't those the most important ones?

You're still a doll.




Some time ago, someone used to keep you in a crystal box to keep you safe, to exhibit you. And when you finally broke free, it was only to let someone else play with you.

From admired, to recreational.

And isn't that your purpose little doll?

Entertainment is what you're built for.

Something to be left behind.

Something to discard after your means are met.

Remember your nature.

You had the game in your favor. But decided to resign the role of player.

And now?

Are you enjoying being the toy again?

Not taking part in making the rules, but just following them?

Are you happy now?

Can you breathe easily? or are you choking?

But how could you ever feel bad? isn't this the destiny you chose?

Enjoy the ride little doll.

It only takes forever.

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Ela Gonzalez I love writing in English and Spanish. Short tales have always helped me breathe again when I've lost air. Poetry is a passion of mine. Currently working on a book regarding one of my many unexpected experiences.

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