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Adventure and new friends

One day during summer vacation, some friends invited me and my family to a party at a ranch. And there was a friend of my sister who owned the ranch, we ate and then he invited us to go to see a river with his friends.
We all went there in a van, then we got off and it was a very big place; We crossed 2 small rivers and then it started to rain, and we all ran to the truck but the bad thing was that it was very far, it was hard to run because the ground became thick mud and your feet were buried but when we got to the truck we were all soaked and we did not all fit inside because there were many of us, but even so we all got on very tight.
Later, my sister's friend started the truck but there was a lot of mud and we almost got stuck but the floor and we left there, then we were going to run out of gas and we went to fill the tank, but we were so tight that we started to give heat and when we got to the gas station some got out.
When they finished filling the tank, we went back to the ranch and started talking with each other and I met two cool guys and one of them likes me.
That was a super fun adventure because I met new people and lived with them as if we had known each other for years. It was an incredible experience because I had not left since the quarantine began, but when I left I felt again what it is to be free.

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