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The Fall Of His Heart

He was gone for too long. He believed in her, like he always has done. It was his fault, and his alone.

Rakan kneeled down, shaking and with no strength at all in his arms. It hurt so bad, it physically hurt. His heart was beating so hurtfully and his lungs were burning because he wasn’t breathing right. He was already crying when he found her on the ground, left behind to suffer the fall alone.

Her beautiful feathers started to degrade to a purplish color, denied of life. It wasn't till her skin started to change too that he felt his own back aching, a different kind of pain. A pain that he never felt before. Something that made him instantly cold, not the cold like cold weather, but something devoid of heat. He looked surprised to his own feathers, his green was still there, but his pure white color was totally gone. It hurt, yes, but he knew he was alright. He wasn’t in danger. That kind of wound would heal over time and he would be back to normal in no time.

He felt more guilt. He couldn’t even fall with her.

Rakan hugged her body, waiting for the inevitable. She would awake, mindless, hungry and angry. She would kill him, and he would have died in her hands. But something changed. She stopped convulsing and her body felt a little warmer, his new cold side growled with that heat.

he color of her skin was back to normal, her hand was pressing hard his chest like her life depended on it. The core of his star. His light had stopped her fall. Her beautiful blue color wasn't back, but she was... normal.

Without a second thought, he reached his own core with his hand, and took it off his chest. It was a little broken, but not shredded. He put it on her hands, she breathed like she was being born. Her feathers were now carrying his pastel green. He smiled. He could save her.

His own core was feeling that something was odd, something was missing. He didn’t feel the ground when his head hit it. His falling has begun.

But he was okay with that.

As long as she lived, he would fall a million times.

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