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An old woman in front of the unknown. Author's note: I'm not an English speaker so you are likely to find mistakes in my texts.

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An old woman, widowed, lives alone on a small farm far away. One dreary night the woman wakes up late at night with acute chest pain, she gets up and goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water, in front of her is the window and she sees through it a light human figure immersed in the wolf's mouth, a man whom she can barely make out clearly, such darkness makes her insecure, but despite such dreadful feeling, she opens the window and raises her voice, but receives no answer, he just stands in the middle of nowhere, looking straight at home. The hours pass and the night doesn’t go away, that guy remains in his place without moving, her nerves devour her head, so she decides to look for an alternative to end this torment than just waiting for the dawn. She goes at a fast pace to the basement and looks for the axe more exorbitant that once belonged to her late husband, and she goes after the guy. Once in front of him, she makes a threatening roar as she shows him the axe, but he remains stoic. The woman, already fed up with her tormentor, runs with all her strength towards him, raises the axe with both hands and as soon as the distance between them is minimal, she sinks it in the middle of his skull, when she sees he fall, she returns home in a panic. Once she sees a ray of sunshine leaning out of the window, she decides to go and watch that dreadful scene that now adorns her garden, however, the surprise and terror she takes away from the fact that there was nothing, not even the slightest trace of that dark being, only her axe that she found stuck in an old log.

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Nico Smrgl Amateur writer with a scriptwriter aspiration.

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