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Está na hora, Ren.

Ren é o tipo de pessoa que chamam de... suicida. Agora ele foi fazer seu último café. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

God Is A Red Woman

Recalling his troubled life, Ronald offers him an idea of realizing his dream, in the midst of a deal that puts his shinigami career at risk, Grell is tempted to realize his dream or risk the life of… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Heroin Tuesday and a Nine-Time Suicide

Dark and twisted narrative of a childhood trauma. Trigger warning for suicide, mental health, and drug themes. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

In The Company Of Death

"She was beautiful in the most artistic way, you could photograph her silhouette and it would still be as beautiful as the rest of her. You could lose yourself in her eyes and be happy when you don't… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Tempt My Trouble

Se havia uma coisa que o lendário doutor Faust tinha em abundância, mesmo sendo um poderoso e lendário mago, era azar. Todo o poder que possuía de nada parecia lhe valer, já que o que mais desejava e… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Eyes of a Dead Man

Four odd teenage boys who feel as if they're destined for nothing in life realize that tragedy will lead to an amazing adventure. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Vampire Victim Support Group

Even vampire victims need support. Hear their stories! Contains violence, sexual acts of varying types, suicide attempts, and debauchery. Cover by Svenja Gosen ( COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Zaylee (PAUSED)

A year ago I committed a suicide attempt, and I can assure you that I did it not because I was selfish, I did it because I just wanted to end the suffering, a nightmare from which I could not wake up… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

37 Days (Shawmila)

Alicia (Camila Cabello) is finishing high school, which for her would be a relief for not being able to endure Bullying anymore in her class, and the popular boy in her class, Matthew (Shawn Mendes),… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

4. Le tremblement Royal

Ambre se sent seule. Son caractère lui a fait perdre toutes ses amies. Elle essaye plusieurs fois de se suicider, en vain. A chaque fois un étrange ange fait de pierre vient la sauver. Partant seule … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

A Carta Sem titulo

Alerta de gatilho, se você for sensivel ao assunto abordado no conto não o leia. Essa historia e fictícia COMMENCER LA LECTURE


"Mi nombre es Maggie, pero... A veces me siento como Alicia". Maggie es una adolescente de dieciséis años con sentimientos suicidas, envuelta en su tristeza y soledad mientras se aferra a su único a… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Aunque No Sea Conmigo ଘOS KookVଓ

OS KookV, inspirado en la canción "Aunque no sea conmigo" de Enrique Bunbury. ∆ Éste OS se encuentra participando en el concurso "La única canción", organizado por la hermosa Samantha Wolf, con el ha… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Circe en Tierra S

Todos a veces pierden la esperanza y el camino a la redención es imposible cuando te has rendido, en esta aventura Circe y Balor recorren una travesía única en su tipo, donde todo lo inexplicable y t… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Come Back, Leto!

Depois de Jared dizer que não vai mais fazer o papel de Joker, Margot, a todo o custo, tenta fazê-lo mudar de ideias e voltar a interpretar o personagem. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


I know I said I wouldnt write if it wasnt for her, but I need to get these thoughts out. I fear they may consume me. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Fuck You

Charlotte a fourteen year old girl that has struggled with anxiety and depression ever since her and her parents were kidnapped, is finally free after constant abuse for twelve years! What will she d… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


This book an these writings are for educational purposes only… By enlightning American african men who dont understand wemon . COMMENCER LA LECTURE


"I'm just a painter and your just a man that sings little songs." Rose Della, a beautiful women with hands of magic, she paints to hide the pain and mixes colors to ease to her mind. Rose paints ab… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

La famille suicidaire

C'est une histoire un peu 😥. À vous de voire si vous aimez. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Love, Asher

Asher is a young adult who has gone through many things, desiring to live and seek answers to their life problems. A wise child who was and is bullied continuously through their lifetime because who … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Mis escritos

Escribo para no morir, eso es todo. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Have you ever felt Anguish, Agitation, Nervousness, Fear, Repetitive thoughts, Obsessive thoughts, Difficulty in learning and Excessive worry? It may contain more other subjects that you need to re… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


« Vivre, ce n’est pas attendre que l’orage passe. Vivre, c’est apprendre à danser sous la pluie. » - Sénèque Je n’existe pas vraiment. Mon esprit est mort il y a 4 an… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Sincerely yours - Larry

Onde Harry morre em um acidente e Louis, seu namorado, apenas não consegue ficar sem sua casa. This place feels no longer like home. AVISO: Antes de ler essa fanfic, você precisa entender que ela fo… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Stay Alive

Pain is temporary, stay strong my friend. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The place I belong

So your dead?You were probably expecting the bright kingdoms of heaven or reincarnation.But all you'll find is a train turns out we were both wrong.But where will it lead you COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Un suicida divertido

Típico como cualquier otro hombre que quiere suicidarse, pero si fuera una mujer... Justo a un paso de suicidarse alguien lo interrumpe y una serie de recuerdos lo llevan a descubrir el mensaje del d… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Out Of Control

Alex e Michael. Dois opostos. Duas pessoa completamente diferentes. Alex era um garoto carente que sofria bullying, e além de não ter amigos, era zoado pela escola inteira. Em casa, a situação não er… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Out Of Control

Alex e Michael. Dois opostos. Duas pessoa completamente diferentes. Alex era um garoto carente que sofria bullying, e além de não ter amigos, era zoado pela escola inteira. Em casa, a situação não er… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


A young woman decides to willingly become a social outcast, and reflects on her decision. COMMENCER LA LECTURE