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Como conquistar o Broto | Yoonmin

Bom, vou me apresentar para vocês. Eu me chamo Park Jimin, tenho 21 anos e estou no segundo ano da faculdade de Letras. Tenho um melhor amigo chamado Kim Taehyung e sou considerado um bad boy pelo pe… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Lesson Learned

For a special lesson at the English language institute she works at, Agustina decides to bring one of her favourite songs to sing with her fifth-grade students. However, she doesn't expect the reacti… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Tangled Up in Blue: A College Romance

College is not what I expected. It's better. So much better. And worse. Agonizingly worse. All because I got tangled up in a boy named Blue. He's ignited a fire in me, body and soul. He's not lik… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Summer Programs For High School

There are many top summer writing programs for high school students, and it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Chat Professor

What if you have an online friend you've never met in your life, but you have feelings for each other? And what if that one friend is suddenly your new professor in the new school year? A love story … COMMENCER LA LECTURE